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3 Ways to Get Low-Cost & Free Cell Phones for Seniors and Disabled

3 Ways to Get Low-Cost & Free Cell Phones for Seniors and Disabled

Today I’m going to share with you 3 Ways to Get Low-Cost & Free Cell Phones for Seniors and Disabled.

When technology evolved, it didn’t give us time to adapt to it. This is true especially for senior citizens of our country. They had to deal with the evolving technology in an unprecedented manner.

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From telephones to smartphones, much has changed. The interface and experience have been drastically enhanced to suit the consumers’ needs. This is why it becomes extremely difficult to find good cell phones for seniors.

If you are one of the people who have been trying to find good cell phones for seniors we are here to walk You through the process.

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford high-end mobile phones, so we will be informing you about free cell phones for seniors and free cell phones for seniors and the disabled.

This will help you gain a deeper insight Into the schemes, workings and methods on how to get a free phone for anyone.

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Eligibility for Free Cell Phones:

Eligibility for Free Cell Phones

The US government offers numerous offers on free cell phones for senior citizens. Most of their schemes make eligible senior citizens and disabled people in them.

This does not mean that every senior and disabled person can acquire free cell phones. Certain eligibility criteria need to be considered before giving out free cell phones for seniors.

One of the first eligibility criteria is that the person should be enrolled in one of the government programs. this means they should be enrolled on a federal program and should be benefiting from it.

Another requirement is that the person should have 135% income below the poverty level to be eligible for the scheme. If you qualify both these criteria you are likely to get free cell phones for seniors and the disabled.

Another requirement is that you must be above 65 years of age to be eligible. If you want a free cell phone for seniors, you must fulfil these criteria. 

Now that we have told you about these two requirements, we will proceed on how to get a free phone.

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Steps on How to Get a Free Cell Phone:

Steps on How to Get a Free Cell Phone

Thé US government provides cell phones on certain terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled by the recipient. we cannot tell these terms and conditions with exact precision since they vary geographically.

One of the first conditions is that you must be eligible for it, and for that, you need to look at the sections above. 

The annual income of an individual should be below the poverty level and he should be enrolled on a federal program. When these requirements are met, you can search for different cell phone providers that provide a free cell phone for seniors.

They provide such schemes in partnership with the government. For example, SafetyNet, InTouch etc all provide free cell phones in partnership with the government. 

We are going to provide you with some of these names that might help you in your search for free phones for seniors.

1. Safelink Wireless:

If you want the best option for free phones for seniors, this is the one. They have got some amazing cell phone plans with free phones that you can choose from. One of the best plans is a free cell phone plan with 250 voice minutes for free per month.

For senior citizens, this is more than enough since they don’t like talking much on phones generally.

2. Safetynet Wireless Provider:

They also provide some excellent smartphones for free to all the people who are eligible for them in America. This means that if you satisfy the eligibility requirement mentioned above, you will be eligible for this scheme too.

Their cell phones plans with free phones offer 750 voice minutes for free along with 500 messages and free cellphones. It is certainly one of the most economical and abundant schemes in the market. 

3. Entouch Wireless Providers:

This company also offers one of the best offers for seniors. They are almost similar to the safelink schemes. They have cell phones for seniors that are designed to give better aid to seniors.

If you want to get it, you must visit their website and know more about their schemes.

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What to Look for in Cell Phones for Seniors:

What to Look for in Cell Phones for Seniors

If you are planning to buy cell phones for senior citizens, certain factors must need to be looked into before you decide.

When these phones are chosen to be considered for free schemes, it is ensured that they have features compatible with the needs of elder citizens and disabled people.

So we are going to highlight some features like these that you just look out for while buying these phones. 

1. Long Term Batteries

Long term batteries are very important for senior citizens since they would not want to charge their phones again and again. This is why you should consider a phone that has a battery backup of 24+ hours in it.

Unfortunately, when you opt for a free phone you don’t get to choose the features. However, long term batteries are anyway a feature present in cell phones for seniors.

2. Tracking:

One of the most important features of a phone meant for seniors is its tracking system. Most of the devices that are meant to be a part of the free government phone schemes have good tracking devices built in them for security purposes.

Whenever the owner of the phone will go, it will track and if notified, it might send the trackings to another recipient who is authorised. It might also be helpful for seniors or disabled people who get lost and are not able to find their way back.

3. Health:

Another important feature is the health tracker. Usually, these phones have an application that tracks heart rate, blood pressure and often notifies in case of emergency medical situations. These are very helpful for disabled and senior people who live alone.

4. Display:

To make it easier for senior citizens to use the phone, display settings are kept Bright, with large fonts and decent lighting that does not strain their eyes.

This is a very important feature and helps them use the phone without damaging their eyes but also assist in the navigation of several features without putting too much strength in seeing it.

A good display with decent fonts should always be looked for while considering phones for seniors. 

5. Speakers:

Speakers are also an important feature that must be present. Since many seniors have hearing disabilities, good speakers and microphones help them navigate the phone and talk to others easily. It also helps them to listen to music if they want. 

6. Emergency:

All the phones that are meant for seniors have an emergency call option that calls relatives or family or neighbours at the time of emergency. It may also include the police or the hospital if necessary.

This is a very important feature since it secures the safety of the user, especially for seniors and disabled people.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have explained different plans and companies that provide free cell phones for seniors, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions. 

1. Which Is the Best Service Provider for Free Cell Phones and Plans?

All of them have their perks. However, if you have to choose one, we may suggest Starlink Wireless and its plans. They have good talk time and provide free cell phones. If you are eligible for their plans and schemes, please go ahead with it. 

2. What Are the Disadvantages of Having Free Cell Phones?

There are no disadvantages as such since you are getting a phone with plans free of cost. One drawback however is that you don’t get to choose the device model and you need to take what is there in the scheme.

This deprives you of choosing some features over others that might be more beneficial to you. However, choice in free goods is hardly a logical way to think about it.

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Ending the Article:

Cell phones for seniors are a great way to tell them that you as a family care about them. Similarly, it also shows that we as a country have not forgotten them in this technology race, and we are trying to do everything possible to relieve them of this stress.

These free cell phones schemes provided by private service providers in partnership with the government are proving to be very useful these days.

People who are below the poverty line are finding themselves up to date with technology and can connect with the people they love.

If you also want to gift your loved ones a phone for their safety, needs or entertainment and can’t afford to do that, don’t worry, we are here for you. All you need to do is choose the company from which you want to have the service.

Our list provided above is going to be a great help in it. Make sure you are eligible or your parents are eligible for the scheme. After this, one way or the other you are going to end up with a good phone for your loved ones.

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