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Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA Service Provider

Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA Service ProviderToday I’m going to share with you Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA Service Provider.

Telephones have come into our lives to change them for good. Today, everything can be done on a delegate be it talking, texting, video calling, watching movies, etc. This is solely the gift of technology.

In the late 1990s, telephones were not much advanced and we’re mainly used for talking only. Today it Is a  magic box. 

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With these changes, the carriers, types of technology and capacities have also changed. You need to be up to date with these technologies if you want to extract maximum utility from this investment.

This is why this article is here to answer all your questions regarding phone carriers and their usage. 

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If you have used phones for a long period, you know that there are two types of cell phones available in the market primarily. One is CDMA and the other is GSM. GSM here stands for Global System for mobiles.

On a GSM phone, you don’t have to get the number updated on your phone when you buy it, you simply need to insert a SIM Card and get it activated to use the network mobile services.

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CDMA on the other hand is an older technology which inputs a number on a phone. CDMA is short for Code Division Multiple Access, which is controlled by Qualcomm. It is more regulated and doesn’t use SIM cards to insert network services.

GMS carrier is much more preferred these days since a SIM card can be inserted any time anywhere without any problem. It is a relatively accessible option these days.

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There is another type of network carrier known as 4G LTE which is much faster and reliable in terms of technology. They are used by many companies worldwide and in the US as well.

Companies don’t restrict their customers to one carrier, so they give an option for all three for the customer to choose from.

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Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA?

Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA

Cricket Wireless provides a variety of phones for customers. It has been around for a long time and has learned to evolve with technology. Cricket wireless is owned by AT&T. You might be thinking whether cricket is GSM or CDMA, and the answer is, they provide both types of carrier services to their customers.

They don’t want to keep you restricted to any one option. If you have read somewhere that Cricket is using LTE services these days, you might have got confused on what carriers are compatible with cricket. We will say, all of them, so you don’t need to worry about it.

One important thing to be noted here is that CDMA has not been in use by cricket for a long period. The original circuit network carrier was CDMA but this project was dismantled since the technology has become obsolete.

Even GSM is becoming obsolete these days since it works on an Old 2G technology. Most of the network service providers these days don’t use it anymore.

However, they are still working with GSM carriers and using SIM cards. So if you are wondering can I put my cricket sim card on another phone, the answer is yes.

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GSM vs. CDMA vs. 4G LTE:

GSM vs. CDMA vs. 4G LTE

CDMA is an obsolete technology in today’s world, as we have explained above. It was introduced when SIM cards weren’t. They came with the first phones in the market. They are electronic telecommunication criteria.

The phone is hardcoded at CDMA and it will understand which network to join, and which one to not. On the other hand, a GSM phone uses a SIM card to find the network connectivity.

Both of them serve the same purpose, but GSM is relatively a newer technology. CDMA provides exceptional voice quality and connectivity. The cost of data on CDMA is very high since during the day’s data was not much in demand.

GSM on the other hand is better in data and cost-effective.

LTE is a very new technology that entered the market recently. It is not a similar technology to CDMA and GSM.

It works on the same SIM Card technique where it is used to know which network to connect to, however, it also has a voice component that utilizes the standard ESN registration to work.

Therefore, LTE phones use data and voice simultaneously in the form of two technologies. LTE is becoming increasingly popular due to the high level of mobile data trade that can be done on it.

It also contributes to better cell phone batteries. It also sparks the system used on the phone better which ultimately leads to lesser load on the system. Therefore, 4G LTE is a very good choice among customers these days.

GSM is a very convenient network with great transmission quality. It has SAIC and DAIC which utilizes GSM process large transmission quality. It is also easy to use GSM together with CDMA and LTE networks, and it works great with repeaters as well.

The talk time in GSM is significant due to the pulse character of its transmission. GSM is also known for not having detoriations. It has a restricted data usage capacity, something which is very difficult to do these days since our lives revolve around the internet.

Social sites need heavy data to operate, which GSM is unlikely to handle.

While LTE as technology is rapidly gaining popularity, it has certain drawbacks. It’s a relatively new technology therefore its coverage area is not as vast as other conventional carriers.

Moreover, older versions of your phone will not be able to support this technology, as it works on specific latest models only. Another drawback is that if there is any problem you won’t be able to solve it mechanically.

Skilled professionals are needed to deal with this technology. So apart from investing in a new phone to use it you might also have to pay for its repairs and fixes that might occasionally occur.

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How to Know Whether Cricket Is GSM or CDMA?

How to Know Whether Cricket Is GSM or CDMA

We have provided you with all the information regarding CDMA and GSM. Now you must be wondering which one to choose, or which one to switch to. For this, you need to first know which carrier your phone supports.

So this information is regarding that question. We have provided you with a  detailed explanation below on how to find out whether your phone is GSM or CDMA.

  1. Go to Your Phone Settings: If you have a cricket wireless phone, you can go to its setting to figure out whether it is GSM or CDMA. There are two different user interfaces generally used in phones, iOS and Android. IOS is used by Apple and Android on other phones. So we are going to tell you one by one for each interface.
  2. iPhone:  Go to the settings and then click on “General”. After this look for the MEID or IMEI number which will be at the bottom of the menu, you will find. If you have a MEID number or an ESN Number, it is a CDMA phone, on the other hand, if you find both of them, your phone supports GSM technology.
  3. Android: Go to Settings on your phone and look for system settings. After this, there will be an option for “About phone” where you will get the MEID, ESN or IMEI number. Similar to iPhone, if you have any one of them, it is CDMA, however, if you have both of them, it is generally GSM.
  4. Check for a Sim Card Slot: one of the easiest ways for finding out whether your phone is GSM or CDMA is by checking out the SIM card slot. GSM telephones have SIM card slots, while CDMA phones do not have them. On the other hand, 4G LTE technology also uses a sim card and even CDMA for its carrier option. One thing to be noted for sure is that if your phone does not have a SIM card slot, it is CDMA.
  5. Checking Out the Model Number: Another easy and convenient way to find out whether your phone is GSM or CDMA. When you go to the settings, you will find the configuration and model number there. If you locate this model number on the phone, go to Google search and put that number. The google search will simply show you whether it’s GSM or CDMA.

These are the four best methods to know whether your phone is GSM or CDMA. You can choose any one of them to know whether your phone carries CDMA or GSM or 4G LTE technology.

Now that we have explained everything to you, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions related to the topic at hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Frequently Asked QuestionsCan I Put My Cricket Sim Card on Another Phone?

well, yes. If you have a GSM cricket phone, it means it has SIM card technology which is preferred over CDMA because of its flexibility.

You can easily change phones with It without the worries of getting the number installed on another phone. You can simply insert it and get it activated by the company.

  1. What Carriers Are Compatible with Cricket?

As we have mentioned above, not one but different carriers including GSM and 4G LTE are compatible with it. The only thing to be noted is that although cricket used to have CDMA phones as well, it doesn’t anymore because the technology is obsolete and not much preferred by the customers.

So you have both options of GSM and LTE for your cricket phone.

  1. Does Cricket Support 4G Technology? 

Yes of course it does. As we have mentioned earlier, cricket has started supporting all kinds of technology and has shifted to the latest one, which is 4G LTE. if you want to buy a 4G LTE one you just need to know which models support this technology, you need to research a bit.

For example, Apple iPhones do support it and if you buy a cricket iPhone you will have the technology for you. 

  1. Which Network Companies Work on CDMA Now? 

It’s a bit technical to understand the science behind this. When the phone connects to a 4G network, it uses either GSM or CDMA or it may use GSM to communicate to the 2G CDMA network for talking purposes.

If your phone works on Sprint or Verizon, it could be a CDMA carrier as both of them still use these network carriers In their business model. 

  1. Which Network Companies Are GSM? 

Some of the companies still use GSM carriers as it is not an obsolete technology and works fine in remote areas especially. It has high reliability and connection strength that 4G technology is yet to offer in many remote areas.

T mobile or At&T still use GSM carriers for their mobile phones. If you are thinking of buying a GSM, go for these companies as they are both reliable and good.

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Ending the Article:

Sometimes, terms like GSM, CDMA or LTE confuse all of us. It is not unjustified since they are different technologies using different platforms to operate, and also function differently in a phone.

It is very important to know the difference between them since they have their own pros and cons on which you need to decide which one to opt for. If you Don’t know the difference you might end up with a carrier not suited to your needs. 

This is why we have explained the difference between them and have also provided you with adequate information regarding cricket phones using these carriers.

You can just use any of the four methods mentioned above to know which carrier your phone is operating on, and can proceed forward with an informed set of facts.

We hope all this information was useful to you. Whenever you need to make a decision regarding which carrier to use, always weigh the pros and cons to ensure you’re not making a mistake.

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