About LivingTricky

The founder of LivingTricky is Neal Caffrey, a senior content manager who has experience of over 10 years. He has prominently worked in various fields like Grants and Legal helps. You can read more about him on Neal Caffrey’s Bio page.

The site was founded on 13th April, 2021 with an aim of helping poor and destitute people.

LivingTricky is a website that provides tips and tricks for living a better life. It covers topics such as Grants, Legal Help and Tech Helps.

The site’s goal is to help people make the most of their time and resources. One of the most popular sections of LivingTricky is the section on Grants.

Our Office is located at 14665 Metz Summit, New Brianshire, Nebraska, 36240-2029. Our team consists of 5 Members.

The site offers tips on various grants like “211 Motel Voucher”, “Churches that help with motel vouchers”, “Grants for Window Replacement”, “Free Hospital Beds for Elderly” etc. It also provides information on how to reduce debt and how to live within one’s means.

The Tech section of LivingTricky provides tips on various tech subjects like “How to Win a Free iPhone”, “How to Get Free Government Internet and Laptop”, “Free Government Phone Stands Near Me”, “How to Get a Free Government iPhone” etc.

LivingTricky is a website that provides valuable tips and advice for living a better life.

Whether you’re looking for ways to get various things for free via grants, improve your relationships, or Tech helps, LivingTricky has the information you need.