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AARP Landline Phones For Seniors – Best Choice in 2023

AARP Landline Phones For Seniors


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you the AARP Landline Phones For Seniors.

Senior citizens have seen everything in a much worse state than us. They have gone through wars, disasters and have still managed to make this world a place better than yesterday. They are actively participating in society even today. 

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AARP Landline Phone for Seniors

Now we are going to tell you about AARP Landline Phone for Seniors that you can buy. We have listed them accordingly here: Vtech CS6419, Panasonic KX TG 7875S, AT & T CL 4940 Landline, Panasonic TGE433B, AT & T EL52313, Panasonic KX-TGD532W.


As a society, we must respect their contributions and make it easier for them through all the ways possible.

Technology has taken leaps and bounds in just a few decades. 20 years ago, there were hardly any smartphones or touch phones, leave alone Siri and artificial intelligence on those phones.

Due to this, it often becomes difficult for seniors to comprehend these changes and live. For this, technology has provided a solution too.

If you are looking for home phones for seniors, you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about the phone for old people that you can gift them and make their life easier.

There are many phones in the market that advertise themselves as senior citizen phones, we are going to tell you all about those phones and choose wisely among them.

These telephones for seniors will help them call their relatives and family members any time without hassling with the technology too much.

Read through the end to know all about aarp landline phone service for seniors.

What Is AARP Landline Phone for Seniors

What Is the AARP Landline Phone for Seniors

Let us begin by understanding what these AARP landline phones for elderly actually are before we dive into how to get this aarp landline phone service for seniors.

We are going to talk about the AARP landline phone for seniors in this article, which is also known as the American Association of retired persons. It is one of the few organizations that work to empower senior citizens in society.

Along with providing phones, it builds up the community sector through education, lobbying, research etc. This is why it is ensured that AAP phones for elderly are authentic to their advertisement.

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How to Become Eligible for AARP

How to Become Eligible for AARP

The first thing to do while obtaining this aarp landline phone service for seniors is to check the eligibility. There are some concrete requirements you need to fulfill to be eligible for AARP landline phone for seniors as well as their other programs. Firstly, you must be above the age of 50 years to get the full benefits of their schemes.

The services are available for people below 50 years as well, but they are comparatively less than for those above 50. You need to pay an annual fee of $12 and a $16 renewal fee. This fee is pretty affordable considering the main base is made up of senior citizens only.

In order to become a member of AARP and use their telephones for seniors, you need to follow certain steps.

  1. Visit the official website of AARP and click on their membership section.
  2. After clicking, go to the “Join Now” option where you will be able to create an account by providing details of your name, address, email, birthdate etc. If you have a spouse, you should fill in their details as well.
  3. After the account is made, you will have to select the payment method and modes of payment. There are different payment mechanisms on this website which include one year, three years and five-year subscriptions.
  4. Your money deducted will depend upon the number of subscription years. Usually, the 5-year plan is the most economical however it might be a bit overwhelming to pay that much at the start only. If you are confident enough, you can go for it. After this, read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them.
  5. Once all this is done, you can submit your form and enjoy the benefits of this membership instantly.

Yes, it is that easy to get these landline phones for elderly.

Now we are going to tell you about some amazing home phones for seniors that you can buy. We have listed them accordingly here:

1. Vtech CS6419

Vtech CS6419

This is one of the best landline phones from AARP. It operates on DECT 6.0 Technology which enhances its quality range and signals.

It has a fairly large display screen with a bright LCD, perfectly suitable for seniors. It has a caller ID option, call blocking features as well as well-lit keypads. All these features make it easier for seniors to use it without any hassle.

2. Panasonic KX TG 7875S

Panasonic KX TG 7875S

One of the best aarp cell phones for seniors is this Panasonic piece! These cordless phones for seniors have some very complicated names, but contrastingly very user-friendly features. This one here is a great AARP phone for seniors. It comes with five extra handsets for added convenience.

You can also link two smartphones with each phone through Bluetooth. You can easily make calls or reply to texts from this phone. It also comes with a digital answering machine and a voice message feature which makes it extremely convenient to use.

It also has Caller ID features along with a bright display and large buttons, things that turn out to be a blessing for seniors. It has advanced noise reduction technology for enhancing call quality. Users can save up to 3000 contacts on this senior citizen phone.

Apply for these aarp cell phones for seniors today!

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3. AT & T CL 4940 Landline

AT & T CL 4940 Landline

This is an amazing landline phone for seniors with a cord and a simple answering machine. It is especially suitable for seniors since it has a well-lit display with a large keypad and easy to use interface.

It is not very advanced, and very helpful for visually impaired seniors. It has good quality speakers which allow for enhanced hearing capabilities. Users can use the phone book and store up to 50 contracts on this home phone for seniors.

This aarp landline phone service for seniors can be a game-changer!

4. Panasonic TGE433B

Panasonic TGE433B

This is another AARP phone that you should consider for your loved ones. It has a DECT 6.0 technology and serves as one of the easiest cordless phones for seniors. It can be used in multiple handsets and has a large keypad with a well-lit screen.

It has a good quality speaker and microphones with noise reduction technology. It also has a baby monitoring feature that ensures the safety of a baby at home. It can block up to 250 unwanted calls with its single-dial block button.

It has gathered a good market for senior citizens and will continue to do so in the future.

Apply for aarp cell phones for seniors today!

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5. AT & T EL52313

AT & T EL52313

This is one of the most user-friendly cordless phones for seniors. It serves as the perfect phone for old people with its large fonts, great display and speed dialing buttons. It has an LCD display which makes it even better.

It has noise reduction technology along with a directory that can store up to 50 contracts. It is surely one of the easiest phones to get your hands on for senior citizens.

6. Panasonic KX-TGD532W

Panasonic KX-TGD532W

This is another excellent choice as a home phone for seniors. It is provided by AARP and has two handsets that can be extended to more than six to ensure that your loved ones don’t have to roam around the house looking for the ring when a call comes.

It has a modern answering machine and a bright 1.6-inch display. It features noise cancellation technology along with hearing aid compatibility for seniors.

It has a call blocking feature and caller ID features as well. These, along with their exceptionally friendly user interface make it one of the best telephones for seniors.

Different Discount Policies for AARP Phones

Different Discount Policies for AARP Phones

Thinking of getting an aarp landline phone service for seniors? Know all the best details!

If you are a member of AARP you will get some added benefits. These benefits come in many forms, one of them being discounts on phones for seniors. AARP works in collaboration with different cell phone service providers to provide discounted deals to seniors.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap, affordable and resilient phone for old people, this list provided below is all you need. Use them and apply for these landlines for seniors today!

1. Sprint

If you want a discount on an AARP phone, sprint is the company for you. It provides a landline discount if you follow the company’s policy. For this, you need to have an online account with sprint and fill out the discount program form provided on the website.

After this, you will need to provide eligibility proof and wait for approval from the executives. This proof will be in form of your membership proof with AARP. Once this is done, you will get a discount from them. 

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2. Cricket Wireless

This is also a viable option for people looking for a discount on AARP phones. It provides a $20 visa promotion card which allows the customers to buy a phone at a discounted price. You must present your eligibility proof of being an AARP member to avail of this discount and promotion card.

3. Verizon Wireless

Verizon wireless provides a discount of $40 or similar to the users and AARP members. They have some specially curated deals for landline calls and messages that can be available by AARP members on their landline phones. If you want to Avail of this service, you need to show them your proof of membership from AARP.

4. T-Mobile

T-mobile has many programs that provide discounts and promotion cards. AARP members receive a lot of benefits from these programs since they are prioritized over others.

For example, the essentials unlimited plan for $27 or the magenta plus unlimited plans at $45 are two different yet uniquely compatible plans for seniors. AARP members can save more than $30 a month with these phone services provided by T-Mobile.

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5. AT & T Mobile

You can save more than $10 per month with these beneficial discount plans by AT & T. You need to apply online on their website for such discounts along with proof that you are an AARP member.

If you need more information, you can always call their customer care number and gather information from them.

Apply for these aarp cell phones for seniors today!

Now that we have provided you with all information needed on AARP landline phones for seniors, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions to clear any related doubts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Landline Better Than a Smartphone for Seniors?

You can’t compare the two since they both serve different purposes. However, depending upon the level of technology a senior citizen is comfortable with, both can be very good and decent options.

Landlines are much easier to use for seniors as compared to smartphones. They perform all the necessary functions of a phone as well. If a senior doesn’t have much need in terms of a phone, a landline is a very good and safe option out there.

Which Is the Best Phone for the Elderly?

We recommend Panasonic KX-TGD532W, as mentioned above. This is because it has some extra features that are not found on other landlines such as hearing aid compatibility. It is made keeping In mind the need for seniors.

Other than this, Panasonic KX TG 7875S is also a great option with loaded features and a big directory. Both these phones are suitable for seniors and have features that make their tasks of calling and texting easier.

Is It Difficult to Get AARP Membership?

Not at all. It is not difficult to get an AARP membership provided you have complete documents and proof that show your age and other details in the correct format.

If you are above 50, you will get extra benefits from the program, but you need not worry if you are not over 50 as well. They give memberships to people below 50 and you can apply for it by following the simple method provided above.

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Ending the Article:

We have tried to provide you with all relevant information regarding AARP phones that you can use when you go out to buy a phone for your loved ones, or yourself. We have also listed out some great phones that come loaded with features especially for senior citizens and provide them with a smooth experience.

We have also listed down companies that provide discounts on AARP phones, so you don’t have to worry about added expenses also. 

This information is all you need before going out to buy yourself a landline phone. AARP is a great organization that provides varied benefits to its members. Its services can be and should be availed by people who want it.

Avail their education, family, health and entertainment services by being a member of this organization. You will not be disappointed with the experience at all. Additionally, extra discounts have never harmed anyone. Apply for the aarp landline phone service for seniors today!

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