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Does Naruto Use Sage Mode in Boruto

Did you know that in Boruto, Naruto still has access to his signature Sage Mode, but he doesn't use it to its full capacity? It's quite a puzzle, isn't it?

On one hand, he frequently uses the Six Paths Sage Mode, while the Toad Sage Mode makes only sporadic appearances. It's a stark contrast from his previous exploits.

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The decrease in Naruto's power levels has sparked much speculation among fans. What's the rationale behind this narrative choice?

Let's engage in a lively discussion and try to unravel this intriguing aspect of Naruto's evolution in Boruto.

Key Takeaways

  • Naruto retains and effectively utilizes Toad and Six Paths Sage Modes in Boruto, demonstrating his mastery of the technique.
  • The Seventh Hokage's Sage Mode is strategically used in various scenarios, including locating Boruto's chakra.
  • Despite possessing formidable abilities, Naruto's powers are noticeably subdued in Boruto, creating a sense of mystery about his true potential.
  • Naruto's use of Sage Mode significantly impacts the narrative and adds depth to the evolving storyline in Boruto.

Understanding Naruto's Sage Mode

mastering naruto s sage powers

Exploring Naruto's Sage Mode, it's vital to mention that he still wields both Toad and Six Paths versions even in the Boruto series. Despite being underutilized, this power, harnessed from natural energy, isn't lost.

In fact, Naruto used Sage Mode to locate Boruto's chakra in Chapter 64. So, don't get confused by its unique application; it's a variation, not an entirely new Sage Mode.

Naruto's Abilities in Boruto

ninja skills in boruto

In Boruto, you'll notice Naruto's powerful abilities, including his renowned Sage Modes, are seemingly restrained, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation for fans familiar with his full potential.

Despite possessing Six Paths and Tailed Beast powers, Naruto Uzumaki doesn't display them often. His abilities seem underutilized, leaving you yearning for more of the formidable prowess he wielded in his heyday.

Sage Mode's Role in Boruto

naruto s iconic power returns

You might be wondering how Naruto's Sage Mode comes into play in Boruto, given his restrained use of abilities.

Well, Naruto cleverly uses Sage Mode to locate Boruto's chakra in a confusing chapter. This isn't a new form, but a variation, showcasing his mastery over this potent technique.

Naruto's Battle Instances in Boruto

naruto s battles in boruto

Let's explore the high-intensity battles in Boruto where Naruto pulls out his Sage Mode, revealing not only his continued mastery of this unique technique, but also its strategic importance in specific situations.

As the Seventh Hokage, Naruto used it to:

  1. Locate Boruto's chakra (Chapter 64)
  2. Confuse the enemy
  3. Employ a unique variation
  4. Control Kurama's chakra.

He's not just using Sage Mode, he's refining it!

Sage Mode Influence on Boruto's Storyline

naruto s legacy in boruto

Moving on from Naruto's strategic use of Sage Mode in battle situations, we now turn our attention to how this powerful ability influences the overall storyline in Boruto.

Naruto's Sage Mode plays a pivotal role, particularly when locating Boruto's chakra, causing a stir among fans.

This unique application showcases Naruto's enduring connection to Sage Mode, impacting Boruto's storyline and keeping audiences on their toes.


So, does Naruto use Sage Mode in Boruto? Absolutely. Though not as flashy or frequent as in his prime, he cleverly leverages his abilities to shape the narrative. It's a proof to his evolution and strategic brilliance.

But hold on, that's not all. Watch closely for subtle hints of Sage Mode's influence on Boruto's storyline. It's a thrilling mystery waiting to unfold. In the world of ninjas, nothing is as simple as it seems.

Stay tuned, folks!

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