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Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto Opening Chapter Explains

You've followed Naruto's epic journey, you've witnessed his transformation from a mischievous prankster to the respected Hokage, and now you're steering the turbulent waters of Boruto's teenage angst.

The opening chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations not only offers a fresh perspective of a new generation, but it also touches upon the intriguing question: Why does Boruto hate Naruto? This dynamic, steeped in a blend of resentment and yearning, begins to reveal the complexities of their relationship.

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Revealing the intricacies of this father-son bond promises to be an enriching journey, inviting you to peel back the layers as the story unfolds.

Key Takeaways

  • Boruto's initial resentment towards Naruto stems from a deep-seated longing for his father's attention and rejection of the Shinobi ways.
  • The burden of Naruto's legacy and his constant absence creates feelings of neglect and fuels Boruto's resentment.
  • Boruto's struggle for identity and validation is overshadowed by Naruto's legacy, leading to internal conflict and resentment.
  • A pivotal turning point is when Boruto's hatred turns into admiration, understanding the true meaning of being a Shinobi and embracing his father's legacy.

Understanding Boruto's Initial Resentment

boruto s initial feelings analyzed

Diving into Boruto's initial resentment, you'll find it rooted deeply in his longing for his father's attention, a craving that paints a picture of a neglected child yearning for a more conventional family dynamic.

This hatred towards Naruto Uzumaki, his often-absent father, becomes a symbol of his rejection of the Shinobi ways and the Hokage role.

As you'll see, Boruto's feelings evolve with maturity, lending depth to his character.

The Burden of Naruto's Legacy

naruto s legacy weighs heavy

Grasping the weight of Naruto's legacy, Boruto finds himself wrestling with feelings of neglect and the looming shadow of his father's Hokage duties. This struggle fuels his initial resentment towards Naruto. As any Naruto manga fan knows, this burden isn't easy to bear.

It's not just about living up to a title, but also coping with the absence of a father too consumed by his duties.

Boruto's Struggle for Identity

boruto s search for self

Moving from the burden of Naruto's legacy, let's explore Boruto's personal struggle for identity. Feeling overshadowed, Boruto grapples with resentment and a craving for validation.

His identity is blurred by Naruto's immense legacy and the high expectations placed on him. This struggle, fueled by his father's absence and demanding Hokage role, becomes a central issue in Boruto's journey towards understanding his father's sacrifices.

Naruto's Absence in Boruto's Life

impact of naruto s absence

A gaping hole in Boruto's life, Naruto's consistent absence from family events and personal moments has left his son feeling neglected and longing for his father's attention.

In the Naruto series, Naruto's Hokage duties often take priority, leaving Boruto feeling secondary.

This absence hasn't only strained their relationship, but also fueled Boruto's resentment, creating a unique, yet frustrating dynamic in this father-son bond.

The Turning Point: Boruto's Realization

boruto s realization and growth

Undeniably, the pivotal moment in Boruto's turbulent relationship with his father comes when he finally understands the immense sacrifices Naruto makes as Hokage. This turning point is transformative.

  • Boruto's hatred is replaced by admiration
  • He sees Naruto's actions in a new light
  • Understanding the true meaning of being a Shinobi dawns upon him
  • He realizes the importance of Naruto's role
  • This insight inspires him to follow in his father's footsteps


So you see, Boruto's resentment isn't just teenage rebellion – it's a cry for recognition. Living under the weight of Naruto's legacy, grappling with his identity, and feeling his father's absence, it's no wonder Boruto is frustrated.

But stay tuned, because Boruto's journey is just beginning. As he learns to understand Naruto, he'll also find his own path. This is more than just a story of father and son – it's a tale of legacy, expectations, and the struggle for individuality.

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