Know the People Behind the Scenes! Our Team

Our team is one of the most experienced and dedicated in the industry.

LivingTricky’s team, led by Neal Caffrey, is deeply committed to delivering journalistic excellence. Each member brings a unique blend of experience and expertise.

Jennifer Wunsch and Bell Hill drive digital visibility, Kenneth Beer enriches content quality, and Jerry Abbott dynamically engages the community. Together, they uphold LivingTricky’s ethos of insightful and impactful journalism.

Our Team consists of 5 members.

1. Neal Caffrey, the founder and head editor of “LivingTricky,” a dynamic and influential news website, is a paragon of innovative journalism in the digital age.

With a background steeped in both traditional and modern media practices, Caffrey’s visionary approach has propelled “LivingTricky” to the forefront of online news platforms. His keen eye for uncovering the underreported and his unyielding commitment to journalistic integrity set him apart in a crowded field.

2. Jennifer Wunsch, the Head of Search Engine Optimization at LivingTricky, is a luminary in digital marketing. Her expertise in SEO strategies has significantly elevated the website’s online visibility and user engagement. Wunsch’s innovative approaches and deep understanding of algorithmic trends have been instrumental in LivingTricky’s digital success.

Not only is she super smart and knows her stuff when it comes to SEO, but she’s also an amazing leader and motivator. She’s always pushing us to be better and to keep learning, and she’s always got our backs when things get tough. We’re really lucky to have her on our team, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the future.

3. Bell Hill, serving as the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) provider for LivingTricky, plays a pivotal role in amplifying the site’s online presence. Hill’s mastery in SEM strategies and data-driven campaigns has been crucial in driving targeted traffic, enhancing LivingTricky’s reach, and ensuring a dominant position in the digital landscape.

4. Kenneth Beer, the esteemed Content Specialist at LivingTricky, brings a creative and analytical edge to the platform. His exceptional talent in crafting compelling narratives and his adeptness at content optimization have been vital in enriching the site’s editorial quality and engaging a diverse readership effectively.

5. Jerry Abbott, the Social Media Head at LivingTricky, is renowned for his innovative and impactful social media strategies. His expertise in engaging audiences and amplifying content across various platforms has significantly boosted LivingTricky’s online presence, fostering a vibrant and interactive community around the brand’s journalistic endeavors.