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How to Get Free Government Internet and Laptop: April 2024

How to Get Free Government Internet and Laptop for Low Income Families

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you How to Get Free Government Internet and Laptop for Low Income Families.

Do free computers for low-income families sound too good to be true? Well, the provision of a free laptop for low-income families is an actual and feasible opportunity. Let us look into it.

Laptops and the internet have now become a necessity for everyone, next to food, shelter and money. With the pace of the world changing so fast, it has become imperative to catch up with it. And how do you do that? By being connected to the world and shifting the way of doing things.

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In the online world today, everything can be done with a laptop, be that investing, financing, working, earning, studying, teaching and so much more. But this also brings us to a pertinent question, what if you don’t have a laptop? Well worry not, we are here exactly for that.

Today, we are going to explain to you the different benefits and programs available in the US, and their eligibility criteria, through which you can get yourself a free laptop and internet services. Whether you know it or not, as a US citizen, there are many benefits applicable to you that you can enjoy.

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As a taxpaying citizen, these benefits, as they are termed are not “free” in the real sense. You have worked for them; you have paid your hard-earned money into taxes so that the government can initiate such schemes to restore equality and access to services for the needy and less fortunate.

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Every citizen needs to know what kind of benefits they are eligible for. One can even end up getting one of the free laptops for people on benefits.

State-run benefits are sometimes coming from the federal government, or the state government. Usually, the federal government in the USA provides funding assistance to states to run these programs individually according to their needs.

Some state might need better healthcare benefits, while other might need technological benefits more. Thus, it is usually left to the states to decide what kind of benefits they want to run.

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In terms of these free government benefits, one of the most popular schemes is for free laptops and internet by the government. In these tough times of Covid, if there is anything that has assisted people while sitting at home, it is their laptop and a good internet connection.

Whole companies, markets and everything went online. This sudden yet very strategic change has allowed people to reconsider the importance of having a good internet connection and a laptop with them.

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Every benefit granted by the government requires a certain amount of credentials and eligibility requirements for you to pass. This may include veteran status, students, children, income levels, age, ethnic or social background and so on. Different classes are categorized differently.

There are a few ways to obtain one of the free computers for low-income families. Wondering how to get a free laptop from the government? You are at the right place, let us take a look into it.

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The Eligibility Process

The Eligibility Process

Thinking of filling out an application for free laptop from government? The first step is to check the eligibility.

There are healthcare programs, medical aids, student aids, available to different citizens based on their needs. The free phone program is also initiated for lower-income earners which helps them cut costs and save more for healthcare and food.

Other programs that the government-run are LIHEAP – Low-income home energy assistance program or SNAP – supplemental nutritional assistance program meant for food stamps primarily.

These programs have some eligibility rules that you need to qualify, in order to take the benefits. Most of these benefits have some income limits, for example.

Beyond a certain income you will not be eligible, which is logical. US citizenship is mandatory in almost most of them, except those which are aimed towards refugees and immigrants specifically. Then, marital status or academic status also plays an important role in many of them. These free laptops for people on benefits can prove to be a life-changing opportunity for many.

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Who All Are Generally Eligible for Free Government Internet and Laptop?

Let us talk about the eligibility for a successful application for free laptop from government.

Free internet and laptop are bliss for anyone who wants to pursue their dreams today. Especially with covid 19 forcing us to stay indoors, it has not only become a source of entertainment but studies, job, earning as well.

So, if you cannot afford a laptop, you might as well see if you are among one of the people listed below and can get a free laptop or free internet services from the government or non-profit organizations in the US.



There is a legit program for the provision of a free laptop for college students from government.

Students are generally in dire need of laptops due to their academics. Today most of the colleges and schools are running online, with examinations, extra circulars, co-circulars everything happening online. In these times if any student does not have a laptop, it becomes a life changing obstacle for them.

But the government and various good Samaritans know this problem exists today, and therefore the government has come up with various schemes, and various non-profit organizations are running programs that enable students in the US to get free laptops and internet services from the respective authorities.

A free laptop for low income students can prove to be an life altering resource.

Low Income Families

Low Income Families

Is it possible to get a free laptop with food stamps? We have talked about free laptops for people on benefits, let us further explore that.

Most of the government programs including food stamps, Medicaid, and other benefits are targeted at lower income families only. This is because the government believes no one should be left behind because of their wealth.

Numerous programs are going on in all parts of the country, that focus on lower-income families and provide them with free laptops, internets etc. For this, the family needs to be below the poverty indication as set by the government.

Different states have different criteria in deciding this. However, if you belong to a household where meeting daily expenses are trouble, don’t worry, various government and non-governmental organizations are there to help you achieve your dreams. Get one of the free computers for low-income families today!

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US Citizens

US Citizens

This is the most obvious thing you need to know. In order to be eligible for any such benefits for free laptops or internet services, you need to be a US citizen. Some schemes target immigrants and refugees as well, but they operate in a different area than that of US Citizens.

Moreover, students from other countries who come to the US to study are also targeted through special benefits. For free laptop and internet schemes that we are going to explain, being a US citizen is common to most of them.

Take advantage of the program for free laptop for college students from government today to take a monumental step up for your education!

Specially Abled People

Specially Abled People

The government schemes and benefits use the term disabled, but we prefer to use the term specially abled for people who are different than us. They might need a little help with their life due to certain inherent inconsistencies compared to the normal world, but that should not stop them from achieving their dreams and being connected to the world.

That is why, there are many benefits for such specially abled people, run by non-profit organizations and government as well. Free internet and laptops in many schemes are provided for specially abled people, provided they give proof for it and submit the documents required.

If you are specially abled and are looking for a free laptop to continue your work in this pandemic, do take a look at the schemes and benefits mentioned below, both by the government as well as non-government organizations.

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Community Participants

Community Participants

In some states, churches and other social communities also distribute free laptops and internet to those in need in their community. This might come as a surprise to you, but if you are lucky enough to be in that community, you don’t need to look anywhere else, your own community will be standing with you. You can receive one of the free computers for low-income families. Keep in mind these come in varying conditions.

Free Internet Benefit

Free Internet Benefit

One of the most popular schemes provided by the state today is the free internet scheme. As already explained, the internet has changed the way people function today, especially during the pandemic. If you don’t have internet, you are basically disconnected from the world.

Be it for reading the news, talking to loved ones, watching movies, series, studying, conducting meetings, getting your job done, or anything else, the internet is a must.

If someone cannot afford internet today or has struggled to pay for its access, it becomes a huge burden for them today to run daily household even. Because of this, there are many programs designed to benefit such people, and take care of their living in a standardized manner.

Some of these programs are fully cost covered, some are partial, but nevertheless, they ease the burden on you for internet access. Some of these programs are also offered by private internet providers.

Get your hands on a free laptop for low income people by applying today with excellent internet benefits!



Lifeline is one such program that will enhance the welfare of low-income people trying to their hands-on technology and coping up with the world-changing so fast. It is a commission that is established by the Federal Communication Commission.

It runs a subsidy program which provides broadband and internet connection to Us ci eligible citizens or it. These internet services can be provided in two forms, phone services or proper computer internet services. Whichever one you are eligible for, you can be granted.

To be eligible for this program, your income must be within the 135% poverty line, or equal to that. Keep in mind, that apart from your own individual income, the authorities can also check on the income of other family members in your household.

The income of the household must not exceed $34000 for a family of four. If it goes beyond this, you may not be eligible.

You need to choose from a service provider in your area, and sign up at their area office for such a program. You should also come under the support of other federal program benefits such as Medicaid, SNAP, LIHEAP etc. They provide $9.25 assistance per month to cover your internet service cost.

So it is not that you will be provided with a free internet connection at home, but rather you will be provided with financial assistance every month which you can use for the internet services of your choice.

There is a bit of flexibility involved in this since not all service providers are available elsewhere. You can choose the best plan or internet service provider in your area, albeit, within the budget.

Your free laptop for low income individuals requires an affordable plan too and this is the place to find it!



Other internet service providers also provide for benefits, with or without the program as well. These include Xfinity and similar providers. Xfinity for example, assist their clients in providing them internet essentials worth $10 maximum in a month.

It is usually very beneficial for students and households below the poverty line. There is no credit card check required in it, and an internet speed of 15mbps is provided to the users.

To be eligible for this program, you need to have one child who is benefitting from the National school lunch program. This internet can be for their use or your use. This does not matter.

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Free Government Laptops

We are almost through with the ‘How to get a free laptop from the government?’ question. Let us further look into it.

Now that you know that free internet can be grabbed if you’re eligible, you might also be interested in getting a free laptop. Most of the activities today, including work depend on laptops and personal computers.

Having internet on the phone is going to help you be connected to the rest of the world, but if you really want to be more than that, having a laptop is essential.

Especially for students, when colleges and schools have opted for online teaching classes, the laptop is essential as home or food. This is where the program for the free laptop for college students from government comes in.

Not everyone can afford a laptop. This is because it doesn’t come cheap. The difficult times have pushed us into changing the way we live our lives, without giving us a cushion to adapt to it. Low-income families are left out of the loop because they don’t have personal computers.

If you are also someone who is struggling with getting laptop funding from your household, various government programs can help you get one free or at a lesser cost comparatively. Even non-governmental organizations and entities can offer this if you are eligible.

In order to be eligible, one needs to come from the federal poverty line classification. You should be eligible for other government free programs and subsidies as well, such as Medicaid, food stamps or rental assistance.

The basic criterion for eligibility for a free laptop or low-cost laptop program is mostly similar to other assistance programs as mentioned above. For some more specific ones, we have explained a few programs to help you do your own research.

These programs have different eligibilities, but they have some factors in common that we have already discussed above.

Start filling up your free government laptops application form today!

Komputer 4 R Kids

Komputer 4 R Kids

It is a non-profit organization based in California. It provides laptops for southern Californian kids. This organization is usually run from government donations, business donations and refurbished companies. It helps children in getting low cost laptops for schools.

It works both on school as well as individual levels. The main aim of this organization is to allow children to educate themselves, and steer academic rigour among them. It is specially designed for students who come from low income families and cannot afford a laptop of their own.

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Computer with Causes

Computer with Causes (1)

Wondering how to get a free laptop from the government? Look into organizations it has tied up with!

This program is specially designed to provide a laptop for low-income families and less privileged children. The basic eligibility criteria that you need to show is that you are eligible for other government programs as well. The decision is taken by them and factors like the number of benefits received income, household members can be taken into consideration.

Computer with causes program is run in collaboration with the government, that is why you need to show that you are eligible for other programs as well, to ensure your eligibility for this one. If you are from a low income family or if you are a student,t you will be eligible for most of these programs, and ultimately for this one.

The ON IT Foundation

The ONLT Foundation

How to get the free laptop for low income individuals from On It?

In order to be eligible for this program, the child must be registered with a K-12 school grade. This is a very unique feature in the scheme. Other factors such as free education, food stamps, lunch program benefits can also help them decide on the application.

People who attend public schools and live in the US are given preference in this program. If your child is eligible for this, or if you want a laptop for yourself, you can try out this foundation as well.

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This is a program that offers free tablets to families with lower incomes. The government assists this program directly. There is an application form for free laptops, and you need to fill it to be considered. This program is run in many states in collaboration with state governments and non-profit organizations as well.

The eligibility criteria may vary according to the state you live in. For example, people in California need to have an income of less than $45,000 to get the benefit of this program.

5. Seattle community network – Another great way of finding top class laptops along with internet compatibility is through the Seattle community network. It offers minimum effort and free PCs and laptops for students studying in college and lower income families.

Similarly, there is a Washington access fund that provides admission and allows minimal rate assets for people living in Washington. It is a non-profit organization, working for lower-income families in providing them better access and opportunities.

These organizations also provide free laptops for the disabled. Their good work has made them very popular among the lower income group and college students, as well s the disabled people.

Especially for College Students

If you are a college student, then you have come to the right place. We will now provide information about students from lower families and their ways on how to get a free laptop for studies and extra circulars. These programs are provided by the government itself, to ensure better access.

The Open Education Database

The Open Education Database

It is an organization administered by the government. It works for providing free laptops for low income families, especially students. Poor college students who cannot afford laptops are eligible for this scheme. It is totally free of cost.

It is also now planning to provide iPads, PCs and other such high-tech equipment to lower income families. If you want to be eligible for this, you need to be enrolled in a college. The organization works in collaboration with enlisted colleges and provides laptops to its students.

The list of colleges enlisted with this organization can be seen on their website. If you are one of them, you can look for other eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documents for further assistance. This provision of the free laptop for college students from government can be the pump up to the future of your dreams!

Notebook for College Students

Notebook for College Students

Don’t get confused by the name. NoteBook here does not mean something on which you write with a pen, but it’s an organization that provides free laptops to individuals and low income families.

Brand new or even refurbished laptops are provided to families that qualify as low income. You can easily enroll yourself in the program on the website. For more information and details, you can visit the website.

These benefits are present to help students maintain the pace with changing world today. If you are a student, grab one laptop or free internet now, and claim what is rightfully yours.

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Ending the Article:

Covid 19 and shutting down of the world helped us realize that laptops and internet is not just a tool for entertainment. It became the sole source of earning and studying for many. At this time, it becomes imperative to realize that such expensive technologies are not available to everyone.

However, thanks to government schemes and non-profit organizations, these are available for people who cannot afford them.

Be it for specially abled, for students or households with lower income, free laptop and internet is available for everyone. It has become a necessity, and our society has realized that. These schemes and benefits are a good step towards bridging the technological gap which threatened to disrupt the equality prevailing in America.

Today, with the help of these schemes, people are not only able to connect beautifully with the world but can run with it and live their dreams, all while sitting at their homes.

Still wondering how to get a free laptop from the government? The many ways described above ensure that you can get your hands on one of these free computers for low-income families if you really need it.

In the end, it all depends upon the individual on how they want to shape their lives. In a country like America, no dream goes unnoticed.

If you want to do something, but your financial status is in the way of it, do not get disheartened, and look for what all benefits are provided to you. This way, you will realize that you are worth much more than what you may realize.

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