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All Types Of Verizon Discounts For Seniors 2023

All Types Of Verizon Discounts For Seniors 2021

Today I’m going to share with you All Types Of Verizon Discounts For Seniors.

One of the main issues bugging seniors today is the issue of money. Sometimes senior citizens of the country face difficulties in paying their bills and often are not able to afford many things which would help them live a better life.

There is a large percentage of seniors living below the poverty line as we. Sometimes pensions don’t help them and the benefits are inadequate compared to the needs.

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Moreover, these allowances are used up in coping with the daily life bills such as groceries, rents, etc.

Health care also takes up a large portion of their income through different allowances, thus leaving them with little or no money to spend on other items such as electronics. However, this does not mean that the seniors of this country are left behind.

The United States of America has a very unique way of telling its seniors that it respects them, loves them and cherishes their wisdomous presence in the country. What is this way? Well, not one but there are many things done specially for them.

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It helps to make their love easier. One of the most frequent actions taken for seniors is making technology more accessible and easier for them. Since when the seniors of today were young, most of the technology used today had not been invented or was at a very nascent stage.

Seniors are not very much familiar with the new gadgets, wireless services, electronics items etc. The country, its state, organizations and the profitable sector aims to provide services that help them cope with these changes in a much more elegant manner.

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There are so many benefits and schemes dedicated solely to the seniors. These include affordable health care, account limits increment, senior discounts, insurance, tax deductions.

These deals are fair and equitable and ensure that seniors who do not have a regular income source are not made to pay the regular price of living. One of the schemes also includes discounts on phones, electronics and mobile plan discounts.

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Network service providers such as Verizon have come up with different schemes and discounts on their monthly plans aimed only at seniors. This makes it very easy for them to access these plans at a low cost.

These Verizon discounts for seniors are appreciated and well-received all over the country.

In this article, we are going to talk about these Verizon discount for seniors and tell you all about them. We will provide information on what time Verizon wireless discounts for seniors are available in the market, and what Verizon deals for seniors are in motion currently.

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We will also try and answer some frequently asked questions on the topic to clear away any doubts.

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All Types Of Verizon Discounts For Seniors:

All Types Of Verizon Discounts For Seniors

Cutting straight to the chase, we are going to discuss different Verizon wireless discounts for retirees that might be able to help you in choosing the type of plan you want for yourself or your loved ones.

Verizon offers a lot of discounts for seniors which include cheap service plans, lifeline program discounts, senior phone plans etc. They also provide cheap and discounted mobiles to the customers including flip phones that are senior-friendly and easy to use.

Let us tell you about some of these plans and schemes that may benefit you. 

1. Verizon 55 Plus Plan:

As the name suggests, this is one of the most popular Verizon deals for seniors. It is an affordable senior citizen plan which offers discounted services to people eligible for it, which is, anyone who is above 55 years of age.

In this plan, you get unlimited talk and text along with unlimited 4G LTE data. It also offers good speed and rewards to the customers. Since it’s Verizon, it offers nationwide coverage which extends to Canada and Mexico as well. 

The original plan comes for $60 with an autopay discount per month. This applies to single lines, and if you require multiple lines, then it costs $80 per month with a discount. These don’t include taxes and other fees.

The other standard plan which is not for seniors costs $75 per month and $130 for two lines. So you can see the difference in the prices for seniors and other people. 

This plan is available in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Detroit, Texas Missouri. It doesn’t matter if you are a potential customer or an existing one, you can opt for this plan. The only requirement is that the customer should be 55 years or older. 

These are the latest Verizon specials for seniors that are very affordable and cheap for seniors.

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2. 65 Plus Plan:

As the name suggests again, this plan is available for people who are more than 65 years of age.

This is not an exclusive but an additional plan to the previous one. It comes with a two-year contract. There are certain limitations attached to it which you should know about. 

It comes with a two-year contract and is only available for the existing customers. New customers are not eligible for this Verizon wireless discount for seniors. It provides unlimited services at a lower cost than usual.

This plan is also popular among seniors because it has no charges for long-distance domestic calls.

It also provides unlimited minutes to Verizon mobility customers. It has other features of data, call waiting, caller ID and so much more which provide help to the seniors. 

The activation cost of this plan is $35 and you can get voice options at this cost. Apart from this, you can also buy additional texts and data if needed. 

At this cost, the customer can get two choices in voice plans. The single line has 200 minutes of voice and 500 nights minutes for the customers.

It costs $30 per month. The two like plan comes with 450 minutes anytime, and 1000 night minutes to the customers. It costs $60 per month. 

In addition to the voice plans, data and texts plans are also available at Verizon. These are also available in single and two lines. 

Customers can choose to pay per message which is 20 cents for normal and 25 for multimedia texts, the customer can also get 1000 texts per month at the charge of $10 per month. You can also choose to have unlimited texts for $20 per month. 

Similarly, you can also have data plans for the same. You need to pay $2 per 1 MB or have 75 MB for $10. You can repeat this plan as many times as you want. Moreover, You also get a monthly data plan of 2GB at $30 per month if you own a smartphone.

This plan is very affordable and fulfilling for seniors who do not need too much data for their smartphones and only need it for checking their emails or surfing the internet sometimes. 

The second data plans come with 5GB of data at the cost of $50 per month. It has an overuse charge of $10 per GB. You can also update to other plans if it doesn’t satisfy your internet requirements. 

Moreover, there are additional plans offered for seniors. However, these plans are a bit pricey and a better option would be to switch to the 55-year plan for low cost especially if internet usage is a  factor to be considered.

In terms of restrictions, the plan is only available in certain areas of the US. These plans are not available for new customers. Only existing customers who pass the eligibility criteria can benefit from these plans.

The plans are available for customers with basic feature cell phones. If you pass all these requirements, you can go for this plan anytime. It is a  decent plan which gives more flexibility and coverage to the existing customers.

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AARP Discount:

Verizon also provides AARP discounts for seniors. AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons, and it has more than 38 million customers over 50 years old who have been granted opportunities and schemes to help better their life and living.

It also provides financial advice to the members, and insurances on travel, car, dental etc. They also have AARP cell phone discount schemes.

They pair up with big wireless service providers like AT&T, Cricket Wireless and Verizon and provide discounted plans to the members throughout the country.

Just like the other names mentioned above, Verizon also has partnered with AARP to provide great schemes and discounts to seniors. They offer jitterbug phones, cell phone discounts, public plans etc that are discounted from the carrier.

Some of these plans are already very affordable and combined with this, they provide a unique cost-friendly opportunity to seniors.

There is a Go unlimited Plan which is offered by Verizon at a reasonable price. This plan is available in many states including Missouri, Texas etc.

The territory of this plan is likely to expand soon. There is another Go Unlimited 55+ plan which we have already described above. These plans are available at discounted rates if you are a member of the AARP.

The best thing about these AARP Verizon wireless discounts for seniors is that you can get heavy discounts when you choose a plan which is already discounted for seniors.

Moreover, not only in data plans, or talk plans, you can also get discounts on phones and other devices if you are a member of AARP.

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Other Verizon Specials for Seniors:

Other Verizon Specials for Seniors

Verizon is a large company and so it does not restrict itself to just one form of deal or discount for the seniors. It has partnered with good mobile phone companies as well and provides discounts not only on cell phone devices but on the internet etc too.

If you are an employee of the company, you can get heavy discounts from them on their products and plans. You can get the details about these schemes on the customer service.

They have also paired up with other companies for internet services, mobile phones etc, and they also offer discounts to the members of those companies as well.

You just need to gather more details on this project and avail of the discount if you are an employee of Verizon or any other company that has partnered with Verizon.

Similarly, it also offers a Retiree phone program, also known as RPP. These discounts are offered for Corporate Management, wireline management and Verizon wireless retirees. If you have retired from any one of these branches, you will be eligible for this scheme.

The discount offered to the retirees under this program is 25% on wireless services and data plans, and on other accessories as well. You must be enrolled in the Employee phone Program to be eligible for this scheme.

If you are not enrolled already, you must enrol yourself now. You can then receive benefits and schemes discounts without needing to take any further steps.

Another great deal offered by Verizon for seniors is their discount of around $ 300 for switching from one company to Verizon and trading their old phone with a new Verizon phone.

If you are in the process of changing phones and wireless network providers, this is a great offer and provides an additional cost-benefit to everyone.

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Device Discounts:

Device Discounts

As we have mentioned earlier, Verizon provides a whole lot of discounts on different plans, schemes, devices. These are all available to seniors.

You can also have discounts on various flip phones and smartphones which are available in the market. There are many Verizon flip phones and smartphones offered which are available at a discounted rate to the seniors. 

These discounts are not just available to the senior people but to another category of customers as well.

There are different schemes with different eligibility requirements set for customers with different backgrounds. These include Seniors, AARP members, students, disabled etc. 

Many brands offer Verizon phones. These Include Lg, Samsung, iPhone etc. This gives a large choice to the customers to take the device they want at a cheap price. They can also decide based on their preferences of functions, screens, battery and types of phones.

These devices can also be accessed with the help of installments, as Verizon has a flexible payment system. You can either pay upfront the whole amount or sign up for the installment contract.

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Internet Discounts for Seniors by Verizon:

Internet Discounts for Seniors by Verizon

Yes, the list of discounts offered by Verizon to seniors doesn’t end so easily. As it is, data plans and schemes at Verizon are very flexible and cheap. Most of the senior citizens choose the 55+ plan for seniors generally due to its efficient functioning and low cost.

It has unlimited 4G LTE data available as well. There are other options such as a 65+ plan as well for phones that do not need much internet. There are other plans as well such as the $65 unlimited data plan per line.

Which plan you choose will depend upon the amount of internet usage, and the purpose of the internet by the customer. It also depends upon the type of phone on which the internet will function.

If it is a flip phone or a normal phone, it will not matter much since they use very little internet. However, if the phone is a smartphone then internet usage might be more and the 55+ plan may be beneficial.

However, seniors often tend to buy smartphones but don’t use all the features. They are not equipped with the technological prowess that a smartphone today demands, so they learn basic features such as video calling, email, surfing the internet etc.

In such cases also, internet users might not be that much.

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Other Discounts for Customers Eligible for State Schemes:

Other Discounts for Customers Eligible for State Schemes

Verizon wireless has numerous other schemes as well where they allow discounts to eligible customers. This is not limited to senior citizens. However, if you are, it is an added advantage.

They offer a monthly discount for Lifeline to the customers who are receiving a government benefit through a federal or state assistance program such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc.

These discounts are not available to everyone in all the states. The conditions and prerequisites also vary from one state to the other. However, you can be assured of getting a discount of around $10 monthly in some states.

If you are eligible for a Lifeline discount, you will automatically receive a discounted monthly bill from Verizon wireless.

Now that we have covered all types of discounts offered by Verizon, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions to clear away the doubts.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Benefits of Taking Verizon Wireless Over Other Cell Phone Service Providers?

Well, there are many benefits to be accrued on customers who choose Verizon. It has great discounts and offers specially curated for the customers, however, the even better part is that overall they are a very reliable company with excellent services and great customer care.

For your information, we have outlined their advantages and how they could benefit you –

  • Availability and Accessibility: Verizon is one of the biggest network service providers in the country. This makes their services readily available to all the customers, anywhere they want. Their stores, services and products are available in many cities and states and you will not have to travel far away for using these services.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Another great advantage of this company is that they provide good coverage to certain states. It will not matter whether you are in the countryside or the city, you will always get great coverage. Concerning seniors, this is a very important advantage since it will ensure their safety and accessibility all the time.
  • Good Customer Service: Another great factor to be considered here is that the customer services offered by Verizon are one of the best in this country. They have partially trained personnel who know how to deal with and solve your problems efficiently. Moreover, they are available 24×7 for the customers.

2. Does Verizon Offer Senior Discounts in All States?

No, as we have stated above, Verizon senior discounts are often restricted to some states including Texas, mission etc. However, you don’t have to be disheartened since they are planning on expanding to other states very soon, and your state might be on their list too.

Nevertheless, it is not the case that they have very restricted coverage. You can visit their website to know which states offer these discounts for seniors, and which states do not.

3. Does Verizon Give Senior Discounts on Phones Also?

Yes, of course. As we have mentioned above, Verizon offers discounts to seniors, members of the AARP etc on devices also. These include flip phones, smartphones and basic phones as well.

You need to visit their website or their store to see which phones are available at discount. They have LG, Samsung, Apple in their stores ready to be taken home.

4. How to Get a Verizon Senior Discount?

It is very easy, all you have to do is get the plan which provides the discount. If you can show that you are eligible, you will be granted the discounted plan without any hassle. Just show your age certificate to prove your eligibility.

To get any type of discount, all you need to do is buy the product or the service like any other day, and give your age certificate.

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Ending the Article:

We hope we were able to provide enough relevant information on different types of discounts offered by Verizon wireless to the seniors. It is a great way of saying thank you to them, for making the country what it is today.

If you’re looking for a phone or a scheme or even a plan for your loved ones, who are above the age of 55, then you can surely consider these Verizon discounts, at your disposal, ready to make them happy.

You can also buy them new phones at discounts, and exchange the old ones.

Overall, Verizon often offers some great deals on phones and plans, and it is hard to miss them.

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