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How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor Internet Connection

How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor's Internet Connection

Today I’m going to share with you How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor’s Internet Connection.

Internet access has become one of the most important assets in the world today. In the wake of Covid 19 and the world shifting online, anyone without internet access can miss out on a lot. Jobs, education, work, communication, everything has been shifted online, and almost all of them need a stronger wifi signal and good internet access.

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Are you also one of the people who have not been able to accommodate this shift due to a weak wifi signal or no internet at all? Well, that’s unfortunate.

One of the main reasons why people are losing out on more than usual due to lack of good internet connection is, that while the consumers have shifted, the service providers are yet to make it as accessible as needed.

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The prices have not changed in proportion to the use, and inaccessibility due to geographical terrains, economic restraints etc still remain a good possibility. So, what to do?

Don’t worry, the world is yet not taken over by selfishness and greed. You might also witness the same in a good samaritan who happens to be your neighbour and is willing to share his wifi with you, maybe for free or at a much lower cost share than a normal service provider.

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But he is your neighbour, which means there are various walls and doors between you too, this may lead to a weak wifi signal. So what do you do in such circumstances?

Let us get to the point, the main aim of this article is to explain to you and answer your question of how to get a better wifi signal from my neighbour, if you are thinking the same, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will explain steps on how to get better Wifi signals from neighbour which will help you increase wifi signal and maintain the pace of the world.

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Steps to Get a Stronger Wifi Signal:

Steps to Get a Stronger Wifi Signal

You need to know how to get neighbour’s wifi signal better if he is willing to share his service with you. This is because due to walls and distance, the signal might not be strong.

This can hinder even basic utilities like browsing or downloading. Ultimately if you don’t know how to get a better wifi signal from neighbour, you will not be able to use the access properly. That is why we have brought some tips and steps for you to consider.

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1. Get a Modern Router:

Steps to Get a Stronger Wifi Signal (1)

In order to increase the wifi range, you can consider getting a modern router with better specifications. These work well when wired connections are weak. In order to get better signals, you need to update the router.

Modern routers have inbuilt updating software on their administration interface. If you are questioning yourself how do I boost my wifi signal, this is the answer.

Modern routers are increasingly being used to get better signals. If in case your neighbour is asking your opinion in choosing routers, which you might also get to use, tell him to pick the most modern one. It will help you both!

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2. Wireless Repeater:

Wireless Repeater

A wireless repeater is one of the best options to boost wifi signals. It boosts the signals when they drop and thus increases the speed. This is especially useful when you are a bit far away from the main router. It is one of the best ways to get a better wifi signal from your neighbour.

If you have access to your neighbour’s password with consent you can install this repeater at your home, and it will catch those signals. It acts like a wifi router signal booster in terms of functionality.  If they are weak, it will strengthen them for you and let you enjoy your gaming, browsing, streaming and working efficiently.

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3. The Position of the Router:

The Position of the Router

One of the most efficient ways to enhance your neighbour’s wifi signal is to place your router in a strategic place. Location plays a vital role. It might be the reason for you receiving weaker signals than you should normally. This is because wifi signals are not equally distributed, and they work better with fewer interruptions, both physically and technically.

The location and distance can thus highly affect the coverage. So, place your router at a place where it is closest to the neighbour’s house but still not far away from the usual place you work at. Keep a minimum distance from both of them. Also, don’t keep them in enclosed spaces as it greatly hinders the coverage and transferability of signals.

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4. Check Wifi Settings:

Check Wifi Settings

Sometimes, the most simple way to improve wifi settings is to check the settings on your device. Open the network administrator interface and configure it for best performance. Usually, wifi uses 2.4GHz frequency however this can be interfered with due to distance or technical connections.

This setting can be changed to 5GHz as well. If your device can do that, it will ensure you get better performance. 5GHz is rarely used, therefore it will allow you to increase wifi range but also reduce interference. If you are asking yourself how do I boost my wifi signal without spending any money, this is one of the most efficient answers.

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5. DD-WRT Software:

DD-WRT Software

Another great answer to how do I boost my wifi signal is the DD-WRT Software. You can install this third-party software on your router. Usually, routers come pre-installed with the software but additional third-party software like DD-WRT help in enhancing the strength of the signals.

It allows the users to adjust better to the frequency by fine-tuning and change the technical capabilities of the router as well. It unlocks these technical abilities, which can then be changed by you, suited to your needs. If you want to experiment on how to get a better wifi signal from neighbour, you can check this method out.

However, make sure you do not overuse your router when third-party software is installed because unlocking and enhancing the capabilities lead to overheating sometimes. It may damage your router if used heavily and for a longer period.

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6. Change the Type of Network:

Change the Type of Network

Another solution of how to get better wifi signal is to change wireless networks. The most commonly used network is the 802.11g with lower speeds due to lower bandwidth. A better version of this standard is 802.11n which is now replacing the older ones.

If you get to chose between these two, chose the latter since it offers more coverage and provides faster speed. Moreover, you also need to check that your router’s operating system supports this type of network. So next time your neighbour wants your opinion on which network to get, advice them with this one.

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7. Antenna Router:

Antenna Router

The antenna acts as a wifi router signal booster as it affects the strength of the signal received. Most of the routers come with two antennas, which should work sufficiently fine for you. If you are still experiencing distress in catching your neighbour’s wifi signal you might consider changing the direction of the antenna.

If you have a 2.4 router, the router needs to be perpendicular to the antenna. It should make an L shape. If you are using a 5GHz router, then the antennas should be placed at a 45-degree angle. This angle helps them get better signals.

Modern routers also use internal signals to catch signals, but additional antennas physically might help increase the strength, especially when you are using your neighbour’s wifi. Do not remove the antenna for whatever reason as it will hamper the signal strength you receive.

The internal omnidirectional antennas, do not focus on one direction, in particular, that is why changing the location does not change coverage in them. In such cases, an external antenna helps ease the work of internal ones by catching signals exactly from the direction they are supposed to come from.

These are some of the ways through which you can increase the wifi signal considerably. You can try one or more of them to get that desired speed and access and use the internet, for just anything.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we come to some commonly asked questions people have regarding getting signals from neighbour’s wifi.

1. What Is the Reason My Wifi Signal Is Weak?

Well, there are many reasons for this. Mainly, we focus on three proven grounds.

  1. Obstructions between the device using the wifi signals and the one emitting it is one of the main reasons. These may include walls, doors, windows etc. These tend to lower the signal strength and cause a barrier between the emitter and the receiver.
  2. Distance is also a prominent reason for the same. Distance is inversely proportional to the wifi signal strength. The more the distance, the weaker the signals.
  3. Sometimes, despite having closer routers and no obstructions, signals can be weak. This may be because of the router. It might have some internal faults which hamper its speed and connection consistency.

2. Which Is the Best Way to Enhance Wifi Signal Strength?

Well, this is a tricky one! We have already pointed out 7 different ways of enhancing the strength of signals and speed of wifi from your neighbour. But if we have to recommend just one option from the same, we might go with the Repeater.

It is one of the most common devices used to enhance wifi signals and does not need technical changes. Especially when the context is using neighbour’s wifi when you may or may not have the permission to make necessary changes, buying a repeater is the best choice out there.

Ensure that the repeater is at the line of sight with the router. For example, if your neighbour has a window, you might want to place the repeater at the window, or near it.

3. What If You Are Using Mobile for Wifi?

If you are not working on your PC and instead of using a mobile to get the internet connection through your neighbour’s wifi, you have three options to optimize the connection stability and strength.

  1. Phone case- Sometimes, harder phone cases tend to block the signals of wifi. Especially when the router is already far away from your device, make sure you don’t have a cover on while using the internet. Of course, also make sure you don’t drop the phone!
  2. Choosing the right access point can enhance your signal strength in mobile. You can install a Wifi analyser app and check which spot at your home has better point for access. You can use your device at that point or near it for a better connection then.
  3. Old and conventional, the best method is to choose the room closest to your neighbour. This will automatically create fewer obstructions and distance, thus provide greater strength to the wifi signals.

Ending the Article:

Well, we have tried to provide everything there is to know about how to get better WiFi signal from neighbour. We have outlined 7 great methods that might help in enhancing the strength and capability of the internet connection.

We have done this because we realize the internet has become an important part of today’s world. Be it connecting with your families, knowing what’s happening around the world, giving that job interview, everything requires an internet connection.

If you are not able to pay for your internet connection, just ask your neighbour if he is willing enough to let you use it. These are tough times, and people are helping each other in whatever way they can. To ensure that you have decent signal strength from your neighbour’s wifi, we have given some tips and tricks that you might want to use.

We have also answered some commonly asked questions about using the internet on the mobile, and one of the best ways to enhance the strength of neighbour’s wifi.

We hope all this will help you in achieving your dreams, connect with your friends and live a life you want without feeling worried about paying for the internet bills and going broke.

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