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What Towers Does Boost Mobile Use

What Towers Does Boost Mobile Use

Today I’m going to share with you What Towers Does Boost Mobile Use.

Boost mobile is a prepaid cell phone carrier Mobile Virtual Network Operation (MVNO), a telecommunication company that functions in the US and Australia. It uses T-Mobile’s network coverage to provide seamless wireless service to its customers around the world.

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It provides unlimited text, data and phone calls to the customers, which has made it one of the most popular prepaid companies in the US and Australia.

Prospective customers in the US are sometimes confused and have some pertinent questions with respect to Boost mobile and what services do boost mobile use. Since there are other big players in the market, it becomes imperative to highlight certain facts about Boost mobile, and what functions does it offer to the customers.

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In light of this, certain common questions are answered to provide a clearer picture to the customers regarding what towers do boost mobile use and what services do boost mobile use along with other relevant facts.

These questions are answered from the perspective of a customer, keeping in mind the working and efficiency of the company as a whole.

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We Aim to Answer the Following Questions for Customers:

  1. What Towers Are Used by Boost Mobile?
  2. What Is the Coverage Area of Boost Mobile?
  3. Is Boost Mobile Reliable?
  4. What Are the Limitations of Boost Mobile?
  5. What Are the Advantages of Using Boost Mobile?
  6. How Is Boost Mobile Different from T- Mobile?
  7. Does Boost Mobile Use Gsm or Cdma Network?
  8. How Can You Improve Your Call Reception on Boost Mobile?

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What Towers Are Used by Boost Mobile?

What Towers Are Used by Boost Mobile

The Boost mobile uses T-Mobile’s towers, to provide cell services to its customers. For the next seven years, it is expected to do the same. This is because being an MVNO, it provides a wireless network without its own network infrastructure. Apart from T-Mobile, it also uses Sprint’s LTE Network towers to provide wireless service.

These two companies merged in 2020, and Boost Mobile was thus acquired by Dish. In terms of the question of what services does boost mobile use, the answer lies here. Now, after acquiring boost, Dish is now considering building its own 5G services, but this plan will not be functional till the next 7 years, since they have secure access to the network of T-Mobile for the upcoming time period.

The advent of 5G technology in the US is being highlighted by Boost mobile by providing the best services up till now. These services are only expected to increase in quality with time since the project is still developing.

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What Is the Coverage Area?

What Is the Coverage Area

Depending on what services does boost mobile use, the coverage area is determined for the consumers. Since they use T-mobile towers, they offer a speedy and reliable 4G network to the US residents, which is accessible to almost 99% of the population.

It includes densely populated areas, as well as unpopulated or sparsely populated areas as well. In the eastern states, it is more reliable. Nevertheless, a prospective consumer should look into the specifics of whether they will get clear signals from boost mobile in their area or not depending on their location.

They tend to have relatively lesser coverage in the western areas when compared to the easter ones. You can visit their official website to see the nationwide coverage area.

T-Mobile is also building its 5G network, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, as of today, they have managed to provide 5G network access to more than 80% of the US residents as well. Their 4G network is more reliable as compared to 5G since their coverage area is almost 99%.

The reason for this is that 5G is a developing technology, and is being developed continuously. In the next few years, this coverage is expected to increase. If you are considering buying their 5G services, make sure you fall within that 80%. You can check this by visiting their official website.

With respect to the coverage, it depends on what services does Boost mobile use and you can expect more network coverage and better connectivity in urban areas of the US. In any urban city, you can rely on it for providing seamless coverage for your internet and phone signals, arguably better than others as well.

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Is Boost Mobile Reliable?

Is Boost Mobile Reliable

Boost mobile network offers networks and towers that are reliable for the users. It has widespread coverage, covering almost 99% of the US population. They provide access to 62% of the territory in the US, which is the third-best coverage in the US.

With respect to 5G services, it provides 80% of the coverage in the US population which is roughly 36.7% of the territory. It has undoubtedly the best 5G coverage in the coverage, better than other companies.

The reliability of 5G services in Boost mobile is much more than any other service provider. It is an ambitious project and aims to develop more in the future. You can totally rely on it that you will not lose reception. This is especially true in urban areas.

In rural areas, the coverage isn’t bad either, but a bit patchy coverage. This can be dealt with by improving the reception, which we have discussed later in this article. Overall, It provides good service and reliable signals evenly across the country.

Are There Any Limitations of Using Boost Mobile?

Are There Any Limitations of Using Boost Mobile

Boost mobile is one of the best mobile networks in the US and Australia. It has managed to provide a flawless experience to its users, especially in the US. It uses the T-Mobile’s towers, which enables it to offer the best 5G coverage in the country, and the third-best 4G coverage as well.

It provides faster download speeds, a strong and reliable signal in urban areas, and a huge variety of Expended Data network-capable mobile phones.

If you want to talk about the limitations faced by the customers, there are a few which might affect the seamless coverage they give. One of the main problems customers have complained of is, that compared to the other three bigger mobile services provides (since Boost mobile is the 4th), the 4G coverage fares less.

The other three offer a wider variety of devices, which are not supported by boost mobiles. Another limitation is that it has comparatively lesser coverage in terms of customer service. As compared to the other three, it has lesser stores, devices and a smaller service network as well.

What Are the Benefits of Using Boost Mobile?

What Are the Benefits of Using Boost Mobile

We have described certain limitations that consumers face while using boost mobile’s 4G coverage, especially when compared to the other three. Now we will explain the reason behind these limitations. Cost. Compared to the other three mobile networks, boost mobiles offers cheaper prepaid plans to its customers.

They do not need a credit check, and annual service contracts as well. Therefore, limitations that are imposed by other mobile networks are flawlessly eradicated by Boost mobile for their consumers.

Other services that are an added advantage to Boost mobile customers are unlimited music streaming, better prices and competitive offers. When we compare these services to the limitations, it becomes clear that within the prices paid, it is much cheaper and better to opt for boost mobile.

The higher prices of others are not exactly worth the services they offer, as compared to Boost mobile.

The decision, however, ultimately depends on the preferences of customers. If they want seamless services and more stores, Boost mobile might not be the best choice, relatively. This does not mean that customers will be at a high disadvantage for using Boost mobile.

It might mean they will have to travel a few more miles to receive these benefits that the other three companies offer at higher prices. If the customers are more focused on mobile services, better coverage areas, music and less expensive alternatives boost mobile is always the best choice for it.

As we have already mentioned above, Boost mobile provides greater flexibility to the customers by offering a range of plans suited to their needs.

It has both limited and unlimited plans for the customers starting from $10 a month with 1GB of 4G Data and ranging up to an unlimited 34GB HD streaming plan which goes towards $60 per month. This includes 35GB of 4G data, and unlimited 2G data, with unlimited talk and text as well.

Boost mobile offers a plan for each segment of the customers. Unlike other companies. It does not create an exclusive customer base and targets them only. From student to a rich business owner, everyone can use these plans and chose the one that fits them perfectly.

This flexibility is not offered by everyone. This is also the reason it faces some of the technical limitations as compared to other mobile service providers. These limitations, however, can be justified by the diversity and inclusion of all segments in their services.

How Is Boost Mobile Different from Metro T Mobile?

How Is Boost Mobile Different from Metro T Mobile

As we have mentioned before, Boost mobile uses T-Mobile’s network for wireless communication services. Metro by T-Mobile, which was formerly known as MetroPCS is not very different comparatively. Both of them provide good services and in-store mobile data services. T

he major difference between the two lies in the variety of plans they offer. Metro just has three data plants, while Boost provides a more variety of plans ranging from smaller to larger unlimited ones as well. Boost plans serve better for customers when money expenditure is a factor involved.

When it comes to money-saving plans and good data coverage, boost mobile Is always a viable option for the customers. It helps in cutting down costs of owning a mobile phone, and also provides services flawlessly

Does Boost Mobile Use GSM or CDMA Network?

Does Boost Mobile Use GSM or CDMA Network

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Acess, while GSM stands for Global System for mobiles. These are two different types of network services. If you remember, CDMA was used mostly in the 90s and was one of the most popular networks in the US.

With the advent of technology, nowadays, GSM is more used. CDMA is known for carrying a relatively smaller footprint than GSM.

Boost mobile uses both Sprint Mobile’s and T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile uses a GSM network while Sprint mobile uses CDMA network operation along with multiple access. Now that the two companies are merged, as mentioned above, boost mobile work both on GSM and CDMA.

LTE network as well. Different devices use different networks. Older phones now may not be able to work on T-mobile’s network.

How to Improve Boost Mobile Reception?

How to Improve Boost Mobile Reception

Boost mobile is the fourth largest coverage provider of 4G-related services to the customers. As we have mentioned earlier, there are certain areas, specifically rural, where reception might not be at its best.

One of the best ways to improve your boost mobile reception is by upgrading to higher and advanced technology. New phones that are supported by better technology are designed to cath signals faster and in a much more enhanced manner than previous phones.

They are designed to get faster signals and spectrums. If you are on a 5G network, you might prefer phones that support 5G in a standard manner. Even in 4G, older models can support them much, and thus the signals are weak and troublesome. If you are experiencing the same problem, consider upgrading your cell phone.

To avoid this problem, you can always visit the website and check the network coverage in your area before buying it. If the coverage in your area is low, you can try out the option mentioned above, or simply shift to areas where all carriers provide better coverages.

Ending the Article:

We have tried to answer many frequently asked questions, that are purely based on what tower Boost mobile use and what service does Boost mobile use.

Ultimately, it is the decision of the customer. Seeing the trend of expansion adopted by Dish, it is likely that boost mobile will see better services and coverage in the coming years, both in 5G and 4G networks.


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