How to Get a Free iPhone and Avoid Scams

How to Get a Free iPhone

Today I’m going to share with you How to Get a Free iPhone and Avoid Scams.

‘Get a free iPhone’ sounds like such a scam, but it is not. Having an iPhone is a big deal because Apple doesn’t sell anything cheap. So, getting a free iPhone might be a dream come true situation.

Why go for offers to buy cheaper iPhones when you can get free iPhones without offers.

Well, do not go to cloud nine already. Nothing comes free, and you may end up paying a cost later rather than immediately. This is why you must understand which deals are real and which are not.

Therefore, give us the chance to guide you through this complicated maze of deals, discounts, and scams. And while we are on the topic of scams, we should dive deeper into it.

Scams and More Scams:


Google tries to give you the most relevant results, but that doesn’t mean they check scammers or understand them. So, when you do search for ‘how to get a free iPhone?’ and searches pop up with opportunities, they are not filtered.

While some websites and contests are genuine, and the prize of entering the contests is an actual iPhone, they are rare. Most of the other results are behind the veil of an attractive opportunity and work for their profits. These websites collect information such as email id, phone number, address, and name.

You may be thinking, ‘What harm can they do with this kind of information?’

Well, for starters, they can very well call you and lie about how you’ve won the contest and now need to provide your bank details. These sites are also capable of selling or stealing your personal information or your identity. As a result, you must exercise caution!

Verify that every site you give your email address to is legitimate before giving it to them. Some websites are conducting giveaways, i.e., free iPhone, no surveys or offers. Even with legitimate pages, though, you don’t stand a good chance of winning.

Instead, concentrate on these more effective methods for obtaining a free or discounted iPhone.

How to Get a Completely Free iPhone Without Offers:

How to Get a Completely Free iPhone Without Offers

From Amazon Vine:

From Amazon Vine

Amazon vine also offers the best chances to get a free iPhone without making a bid. Let’s take a look at what the amazon vine is. This Amazon initiative rewards consumers with free products in exchange for positive reviews of their purchases.

Amazon will notice and entrust you with the task of reviewing their products if you purchase an item from them and leave a good and honest review.

There is no complex procedure for getting a free iPhone from Amazon Vine. Create an account and place an insightful and positive review. After that, Amazon will remember you and ask you to be a product reviewer in return for the item you need.

Here, it’s an iPhone. It’s okay; you can scream a little in excitement.

Posting a Review on Product Testing Au:

Posting a Review on Product Testing Au

You could get lucky and get a free iPhone without a bid from product Testing AU if you’re the best reviewer or surveyor. You must do the following to participate:

Fill in your correct personal information, such as your email address, home address, and cell phone number, to register for free. When you are selected as a reviewer, you will receive an email notification.

After that, you’ll complete your offer-related questionnaire. You will be asked to write a 500-word summary of the product and include photographs and a video review.

Upon receiving a mail for being the best reviewer, you can now receive and test your new iPhone. See, you can get a free iPhone with no surveys or offers required.

Become a Marketing Agent:

Become a Marketing Agent

Any business must market its goods. The same can be said for the mighty Apple corporation. This company always gives away free iPhones without asking users to sell them.

For example, if you have many traffic or followers on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, you might be considered for a free iPhone from Apple.

If you have exceptional marketing skills, you might be eligible for a free iPhone from Apple. They give you the phone for free and charge you with getting in more customers to buy the app.

Participate in Apple Giveaway:

Participate in Apple Giveaway

One way to get a free iPhone without deals is to participate in a free iPhone giveaway. Everybody wants to own and use an iPhone. It is clear, however, that not everyone can afford it.

Apple iPhones are costly, but there is still excessive demand. Some people dream of owning an iPhone but cannot afford it. Now and then, Apple holds a giveaway contest on sites like Re+ public.

The vast majority of people want to know how to get a free iPhone without signing up for something. What exactly is a giveaway competition? This is a competition in which participants compete for a chance to win a free iPhone.

Like Apple’s payment plan bad credit, this rivalry has terms, conditions, and a procedure to follow.

Terms and Conditions:

How to Get a Completely Free iPhone Without Offers (1)

  • Visit the giveaway page and follow provided instructions. Fill in relevant and correct details in the spaces provided to register.
  • Try to stay active on Twitter.
  • Tweet and share about the product as much as possible

Once you’ve entered the contest, all you need to do is wait and hope you are one of the lucky ones. Every month on the 10th, all winners are announced. You will get an email from republic lab if you are the winner.

The winners are announced on all social media platforms. The names of the winners will be announced on the giveaway’s main page.

Getting an Almost Free iPhone:

Getting an Almost Free iPhone

Some people are fortunate. They could even get a free iPhone if they win a real promotion. Alternatively, they could be lucky enough to receive one as a present. However, there is no such thing as a free iPhone for the rest of us.

Almost every online giveaway is a con intended to steal your personal information.

Rather, stop the threats to your protection and privacy by following the guidelines below. You can get “free” iPhones from major telecom companies if you find the right carrier and schedule.

Store Discounts:

Store Discounts

iPhone deals are popular at Best Buy, Walmart, and other big-box stores. These can vary depending on the season—usually before and after the holiday season and back to school and a few other occasions.

Look around to see whether there’s a sale right now and where. Many can also offer a price match.

Similar offers are also available that are linked to carriers. With an eligible trade-in, Best Buy often provides discounts tied to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Carrier Deals:

Carrier Deals

Free iPhone offers are popular on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. These aren’t truly free. They’re free if you sign a deal for a minimum of 24 months.

The telecom company provides the phones as an opportunity for you to sign long-term contracts. You might also be paying for the phone in monthly installments in some situations.

That isn’t to say that these aren’t viable options. They’re ideal if you don’t want to pay something upfront or want to spread the cost of your phone over a few years.

In most cases, you’ll only have to pay a $30-50 system activation charge, which is often waived during promotional periods.

You’ll also see many exclusive offers, such as “Buy one iPhone, get one free” or something similar. Find a family member or friend who will join you in a plan if you want to get the most out of these. You’ll be able to get a lower monthly fee and other benefits for each user you sign up for.

Trade-in Deals:

Trade-in Deals

The two most popular ways to get a free iPhone are through telecom carriers. They’re either a free iPhone with a new plan or a trade-in offer of some kind. In any case, you’ll have to deal with a carrier.

The value of your trade-in and the phone model you choose will determine if you get a free iPhone.

Buying Refurbished:

Buying Refurbished

Other solutions have more versatility. You won’t get a free phone, but you will get a substantial discount. Not only that, but you’ll be able to use any SIM card and carrier with an unlocked handset.

Taking advantage of offers on Swappa, Gazelle, or even Amazon is the perfect way to do this. Here you’ll find a range of well-known retailers selling refurbished iPhones at steep discounts.

While finding great offers on this generation’s iPhones will be difficult, older iPhones will be available at incredible discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are All the Deals Fake and Exploitative?

Not all deals are fake and exploitative, but rarely are they legitimate. So being alert and making sure the sites you are on are not a threat to your security is an essential task.

2. How Would One Know Which Sites Are Legitimate?

Most sites that are not legitimate seek opportunities for data theft or monetary scams have some characteristics such as grammatical errors or pages saying the user would be charged with a minimal fee for entering a contest. These are clear red flags.

3. What Is the Average Price of an iPhone?

Different iPhone models cost differently, but the average cost of an iPhone is higher than 50,000. This is either unaffordable for many, and thus, people dream of deals or chances of getting a free iPhone.

4. How to Enter the Apple Giveaway?

Different sites conduct apple giveaways, but you can always be sure of the Re+ public site. Enter their giveaway for a legitimate chance of winning. The terms and conditions, as well as the process, are stated above.

5. What Information Needs to Be Provided for Giveaways and Deals?

The legitimate giveaways only require information such as email id and contact information along with your name. Refrain from sharing bank details or any other sensitive information that can be exploited.

Ending the Article:

Ending the Article

The cost of an iPhone is very high. As a result, receiving an iPhone for free without any form of promotion is akin to winning the lottery.

Getting a free iPhone directly from Apple without any deals is difficult, but not impossible. Thus, there are different ways to get a free iPhone without making a bid.

If that never works out, there are legitimate deals always available. So, if you want an iPhone but don’t have the funds, you can take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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