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Times Square in New York Set to Broadcast Live the Historic Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony

In a significant move that underscores the global resonance of India’s cultural heritage, the consecration ceremony of Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, scheduled for January 22, is set to be telecast live at the iconic Times Square in New York City.

Times Square In New York Set To Broadcast Live The Historic Ram Mandir Consecration Ceremony

This event marks a historic moment, not only for India but for the Indian diaspora worldwide.

A Ceremony with International Reach

A Ceremony With International Reach

The ‘Pran-Pratishtha‘ ceremony of Ram Lalla, a much-awaited event, will be streamed across India at the booth level and at various Indian embassies and consulates overseas.

This global broadcast is a testament to the widespread appeal and significance of the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to address all devotees of Bhagwan Ram, both in India and abroad, marking a unifying moment for followers of the faith worldwide.

Previous Global Recognition

Previous Global Recognition

This is not the first time that the Ram Mandir has been featured on a global platform. In August 2020, a digital billboard of the Ram Mandir was displayed at Times Square during the ‘Bhoomi Pujan‘ ceremony.

This earlier recognition at one of the world’s most famous commercial intersections highlights the temple’s growing international prominence.

Engaging the Community

Engaging The Community

In anticipation of the ceremony, the ruling BJP has instructed its workers to set up large screens for the live telecast at the booth level. This initiative is designed to offer a platform for the general public to witness the consecration of Shri Ram Lala.

Additionally, party workers are encouraged to distribute blankets, organize community feasts, or contribute through donations, further fostering a sense of community and participation.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance

51 Inch Tall Krishna Shila Idol Of Lord Ram

The event is not just a religious ceremony but also a cultural phenomenon. The 51-inch tall Krishna Shila idol of Lord Ram, chosen for the ceremony, symbolizes divinity, royalty, and innocence.

The involvement of Varanasi priest Lakshmi Kant Dixit in officiating the main rituals adds to the ceremony’s spiritual depth.

Preparations for the Influx of Devotees

Sri Ram Janambhoomi Trust

To accommodate the expected influx of devotees, numerous tent cities are being erected in Ayodhya. The Sri Ram Janambhoomi Trust is preparing for a crowd of 10,000-15,000 people at the grand ceremony, indicating the massive scale of the event.


The live telecast of the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony at New York’s Times Square is a moment of pride and significance for India. It represents the global recognition of India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. This event is a celebration for devotees and a symbol of India’s soft power and ability to connect with a global audience.

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