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5 Crazy Things to Do in Rockingham School Holidays

Did you know that over 60% of families in Rockingham are already planning their school holiday activities?

You’re probably part of this statistic, searching for the best ways to keep your children entertained during the break.

There’s a vast array of options, from outdoor adventures to enriching cultural experiences.

Let’s move forward together, exploring the numerous possibilities that can transform these holidays into an unforgettable time for your family.

Key Takeaways

  • Rockingham offers a wealth of outdoor attractions, such as kayaking along the stunning coastline and hiking through picturesque trails.
  • The local museums in Rockingham provide interactive exhibits and activities, including engaging workshops and guided tours tailored for children.
  • There are plenty of family-friendly dining options along the Rockingham Foreshore, with beach views and a variety of delicious meals available.
  • Rockingham also offers engaging workshops and classes during the school holidays, designed to enrich children’s skills and prepare them for their educational journey.

Exploring Rockingham’s Outdoor Attractions

rockingham s outdoor adventure awaits
  • With an abundance of outdoor attractions, Rockingham offers a wealth of opportunities for you to dive into, from kayaking along the stunning coastline to hiking through the picturesque trails.
  • Start your adventure at Rockingham Beach, where you can enjoy activities like stand-up paddleboarding, or simply revel in the beauty of Rockingham foreshore.
  • From there, make your way to Penguin Island, a haven for local wildlife and a must-see spot for nature lovers.
  • For a family-friendly day out, the Baldivis Children’s Forest offers engaging activities for all ages.
  • Don’t forget to explore the walking trails, where you’ll uncover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Rockingham.

Each step you take is an opportunity to discover something new.

Interactive Learning at Local Museums

engaging education through museums

Dive into a world of discovery at Rockingham’s local museums, where interactive exhibits and activities invite you and your family to engage in hands-on learning experiences. Whether you’re a visitor or part of the local community, these museums offer unique opportunities for interactive learning during the school holidays.

Here are 4 activities that you won’t want to miss:

  • Engaging educational workshops and guided tours tailored for children.
  • Interactive displays and tactile artifacts that bring history and culture to life.
  • Multimedia presentations that encourage exploration of diverse topics.
  • Interactive storytelling sessions and historical reenactments that stimulate imagination and critical thinking.

Make the most of the 28 days of Rockingham school holidays. Explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories at local museums.

Family-friendly Dining Options in Rockingham

kid friendly restaurants in rockingham
  • After a day of exploring Rockingham’s museums, you’ll find a plethora of family-friendly dining options along the Rockingham Foreshore, offering everything from beach views to a variety of delicious meals that cater to every palate.
  • The Rockingham area is a hub for family fun, especially during the Rockingham Beach Cup festivities, where you can enjoy family-friendly entertainment and dining options.
  • If you fancy a delicious treat, try Jaffelato café’s sweet and savory toasted jaffles and artisan gelato. And what’s a beach visit without indulging in classic fish and chips? The beachside cafés also serve this family favourite.
  • For the sweet tooth in the family, enjoy chai tea and artisan ice cream for a delightful finish to your family-friendly dining experience in Rockingham.

Engaging Workshops and Classes

interactive and informative learning

Often during the school holidays, Rockingham offers a range of engaging workshops and classes designed to enrich your child’s skills and prepare them for their educational journey. The City of Rockingham has designed these fun, educational activities to keep the kids entertained and learning.

Here are some of the workshops and classes to look out for:

  • Kindergarten transition workshops: interactive and educational, preparing children and families for school.
  • Lunch box nutrition classes: practical advice on preparing healthy, appealing meals.
  • School routine workshops: helping establish effective morning and after-school routines.
  • Toilet training workshops: providing tips for successful, stress-free toilet training.

These engaging workshops and classes during the school holidays are sure to provide your child with an enriching experience.

Fun-filled Adventures at Rockingham’s Parks

exciting escapades in rockingham

Stepping into Rockingham’s parks, you’ll find a world of fun-filled adventures and activities suitable for families and kids of all ages, offering a perfect blend of play, learning, and exploration. Each public park boasts a unique charm, making every Fun Day different.

  • For the little ones, the jumping pillow and concrete slide will surely be a hit. The parks also offer an ideal setting for picnics and outdoor games, creating an active and enjoyable lifestyle.
  • You can also take part in digital scavenger hunts, turning your exploration into an educational experience. With numerous parks to choose from, they provide perfect locations for family outings.


So, pack your bags and seize the day, because as the old saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

From nature’s beauty to thrilling adventures, Rockingham’s holiday offerings have something for everyone.

With so many enriching activities, it’s not just about keeping the kids busy, it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Rockingham, with its charm and variety, truly is the perfect destination for an unforgettable school holiday.

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