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Things to Do in Xmas Holidays

Like a child eager to unwrap their gifts under the Christmas tree, you’re probably itching to plan your holiday activities.

There’s an abundance of things to do during the Christmas holidays, from traditional celebrations to unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. You’ll find joyous performances, enchanting light displays, and festive markets that transform the city into a yuletide wonderland.

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But that’s not all. Stay tuned, and you’ll discover a world of holiday activities that’ll make your Christmas holidays truly unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Christmas Markets and Festivals like the Home for the Holidays market in Old Town Spring and Dickens on the Strand festival in Galveston offer festive shopping and entertainment options.
  • Festive Family Activities such as Christmas Train rides, Zoo Lights events, and opportunities to take photos with Santa Claus provide fun experiences for families during the holiday season.
  • Holiday Outdoor Adventures including ice skating at Houston’s Discovery Green, visiting the Houston Zoo and Moody Gardens, and exploring various holiday light displays offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and the festive atmosphere.
  • Cozy Indoor Entertainment options like the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market, Christmas movie nights, musical performances at Alley Theatre, and special events like the Sinatra Christmas special at Marriott Marquis provide indoor entertainment and cultural experiences during the Xmas holidays.

Exploring Christmas Markets

festive holiday market exploration

Delving into the festive spirit of Christmas, you’ll find enchantment as you explore the charming Home for the Holidays market in Old Town Spring. This Texas-style Christmas market offers a unique holiday shopping experience. Its festive holiday atmosphere is filled with arts and crafts stalls, food and beverage vendors providing a taste of Houston’s culinary delights, and a plethora of unique gift options.

Next, immerse yourself in the magical Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens. This holiday tradition illuminates the holiday season with stunning light displays.

Finally, step back in time at the Victorian-themed Dickens on the Strand festival in Galveston. Here, holiday tradition meets historical charm, offering a distinctively different festive experience.

These markets truly embody the vibrant spirit of a Texas holiday season.

Festive Family Activities

holiday fun for everyone

After soaking up the festive atmosphere at the Christmas markets, you’ll find there are plenty of family-friendly activities that add an extra sprinkle of holiday magic to your Texas Christmas experience.

Start your adventure by hopping aboard the Christmas Train, a ride that the whole family will enjoy under a symphony of holiday lights.

Next, make your way to the Zoo Lights event, where you can play games and bask in the festive spirit among the lighted animal displays.

Don’t miss out on the photos with Santa Claus, a timeless tradition that’ll fill your hearts with joy.

Finally, indulge in a cozy Breakfast with Santa, creating unforgettable memories.

These Christmas events are sure to ignite your holiday cheer!

Holiday Outdoor Adventures

thrilling outdoor activities for holidays

Pack your mittens and lace up your skates, because Houston’s Discovery Green invites you to glide across its outdoor ice rink, offering breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. This holiday outdoor adventure isn’t complete without the twinkling Christmas lights. Don’t worry if you don’t have skates, a skate rental is available.

Here are more adventures to add to your list:

  • Visit the Houston Zoo or Moody Gardens for a unique experience.
  • Enjoy the Marvin Gaye tribute at the zoo.
  • Explore Galaxy Lights at Moody Gardens.
  • Check out holiday light displays.
  • Gaze at the Reliant Lights Mayor’s Holiday.
  • Stroll through Lights Downtown Holiday Magic.

Cozy Indoor Entertainment

indoor comfort and amusement

Once you’ve had your fill of outdoor holiday adventures, it’s time to cozy up indoors with a variety of warm, enchanting experiences that Houston and beyond have to offer. Consider the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market for unique shopping or catch a Christmas movie at the Marquis Houston. For live performances, the Alley Theatre and Houston Symphony at the Hobby Center offer world-class entertainment.

Venue Event Description
Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market Unique holiday shopping
Marquis Houston Christmas movie night Cozy cinema experience
Alley Theatre Motown Christmas Vibrant musical performance

Don’t forget the Marriott Marquis for a Sinatra Christmas special and the Houston Museum for a dose of culture. No matter what you choose, you’re in for a cozy, memorable holiday treat.

Unique Christmas Experiences

unconventional christmas celebrations

For an unforgettable twist on your holiday festivities, delve into unique Christmas experiences that include everything from magical candlelight concerts to Harry Potter-inspired adventures, dining in complete darkness, and skating under the starlit Houston sky.

You can even venture into the Giant Gingerbread Village, or get lost in the enchanting Magical Winter Lights.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Christmas Festivities:
  • Dickens on The Strand: Step back in time with Victorian-themed holiday markets.
  • Mayor’s Holiday Spectacular: Don’t miss the Houston Ballet’s rendition of ‘A Christmas Carol’.
  • Space & Science:
  • Lights At Space Center: Delight in a cosmic Christmas light show.
  • Ice at Discovery Green: Glide on the ice under the starry Houston night.

Wrap up your holiday adventure at Kemah Boardwalk, a lively waterfront destination.


In the heart of Houston, a Christmas wonderland awaits!

There’s an avalanche of activities that will have you jingling all the way. Whether you’re chasing the thrill of outdoor adventures, or cozying up for indoor festivities, Houston has it all.

From magical candlelight concerts to enchanting Harry Potter-inspired forests, Houston is your ticket to an epic Christmas adventure.

So, buckle up, holiday lovers, it’s going to be a yuletide ride you won’t forget!

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