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Matthew Perry Reportedly Deceived Young Women to Obtain Drugs

Newly revealed details have surfaced, shedding light on Matthew Perry’s tumultuous battle with substance abuse, which came to light following his untimely death.

Matthew Perry

At 54, the actor tragically passed away due to a combination of ketamine use and drowning. Reports suggest that Perry, contrary to his public claims of sobriety, frequently used the dating app Raya to discreetly bring drugs into his residence.

Matthew Perry Used Dating Apps To Sneak In Drugs

Matthew Perry Drugs

Investigations reveal that Perry was actively using drugs while working on his memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.” In this book, the renowned “Friends” actor narrated his journey to sobriety, claiming to have spent millions in his battle against addiction.

However, it has emerged that Perry’s claims of sobriety were fabricated. He had developed a covert method of smuggling drugs into his $6 million home in Pacific Palisades, despite the presence of a 24/7 nursing team and a live-in sober companion.

Sources indicate that Perry would arrange meetings with young women, primarily aged 21 to 25, through Raya, who would then bring drugs to his home. “Mostly it was Oxycontin [a potent opioid painkiller]. He also sourced illegal drugs through a network of former girlfriends,” revealed an insider about Perry’s alleged activities.

The Actor Never Maintained Any Long Term Sobriety

Matthew Perry Drug Addict

Further insights into Perry’s life reveal how these women managed to smuggle drugs into his home. “In a private setting, unlike a rehabilitation facility, nurses or companions don’t have the authority to search visitors for drugs,” an insider explained to Dailymail.

It was also reported that Perry would manipulate these women into bringing drugs by claiming he needed them for pain management. Once he exhausted their usefulness, he would move on to the next individual.

According to sources, Perry struggled with maintaining long-term sobriety. His brief periods of recovery were often interrupted by relapses.

Matthew Perry’s Cause Of Death Was Ketamine And Drowning

Matthew Perry Death Cause

Perry’s demise was ultimately caused by an overdose. He was discovered unresponsive in his hot tub on October 28, initially leading to speculation that drowning was the primary cause of death.

However, the autopsy report clarified that drowning was a secondary factor, with a significantly high level of ketamine in his system at the time of death. “The concentration of ketamine was high enough to cause loss of consciousness, leading to his inability to stay afloat,” stated medical toxicologist Andrew Stolbach in an interview with The Associated Press.

Stolbach warned about the extreme risks of using sedative drugs in a pool or hot tub, especially when alone, noting that in Perry’s case, it was fatal.

Matthew Perry Became Hooked On Ketamine After It Was Prescribed For Therapeutic Purposes

Matthew Perry Became Hooked On Ketamine

Perry’s autopsy indicated that his ketamine addiction stemmed from its initial prescription for therapeutic purposes.

Documents obtained by The Blast revealed that his last medically advised use of ketamine was approximately 1.5 weeks before his death. The amount found posthumously was inconsistent with therapeutic use, considering ketamine’s short half-life of under four hours.

The methods Perry used to extend his drug use beyond the recommended therapeutic doses for depression treatment remain unclear.

Sources close to Perry suggest that his denial of addiction in his memoir was not a deliberate deception. “He wrote the memoir as a form of self-motivation to overcome his addiction,” an insider shared. “He was projecting a future state of recovery, writing the narrative he aspired to live.”

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