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Things to Do in London School Holidays

Did you know that London, brimming with world-class attractions, receives over 19 million tourists every year?

As school holidays roll around, you might be wondering how to keep the young ones entertained in this bustling city.

From interactive museums and sprawling parks to exciting day trips, London offers a plethora of activities designed to cater to kids’ varied interests.

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But with so many options, where should you start? Get ready to uncover the best spots that will make your child’s school holiday in London an unforgettable one. Stay tuned, we’ve got some great suggestions coming up.

Key Takeaways

  • London’s museums, such as the British Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and Victoria and Albert Museum, offer a wide range of educational and interactive exhibits for children to explore during school holidays.
  • London’s parks, including Sark Gardens, Kew Gardens, and the Horniman Museum, provide opportunities for outdoor fun and educational experiences, with activities like picnics, nature trails, wildlife spotting, and outdoor cinema screenings.
  • Artistic hotspots like Shrek’s Adventure, KidZania London, and the London Dungeon offer interactive and educational experiences for kids, and it is important to plan ahead and book tickets in advance for a smooth experience.
  • Day trips from London to places like Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath, Oxford, Warwick Castle, Brighton, and York offer opportunities to explore historic sites, gardens, and outdoor theaters for additional adventure during the school holidays.

Exploring London’s Museums

london museum exploration adventure

Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a family with inquisitive kids, London’s diverse range of museums have something to pique your interest.

If you’re spending your holidays in London, the British Museum’s vast collection spanning over two million years will captivate you.

For science lovers, the Science Museum offers interactive exhibits. It’s a great choice especially during school holidays when there’re summer activities for kids.

The Natural History Museum’s dinosaur exhibits and life-sized blue whale model are a hit with little ones.

Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Victoria and Albert Museum or the Tate Modern.

And don’t forget North London’s RAF Museum, with its brand new interactive gallery.

Outdoor Fun in London’s Parks

parks in london s outdoors

If you’re craving a breath of fresh air, London’s parks offer a delightful opportunity for outdoor fun during school summer holidays. From picnics and games, to nature trails and wildlife spotting, and even outdoor cinema screenings and events, these green spaces are bustling with activities.

Make the most of these landmarks like Sark Gardens, Kew Gardens, and the Horniman Museum. These parks not only provide fun, but also educational experiences for children. They have diverse flora and fauna, as well as stunning water features that are sure to captivate you.

Park Activity Features
Sark Gardens Picnics, games Green spaces, water features
Kew Gardens Nature trails, wildlife spotting London landmarks
Horniman Museum Outdoor cinema, events Educational exhibits

London’s Artistic Hotspots for Kids

exploring london s creative scene

While enjoying the lush greenery and outdoor activities in London’s parks, don’t forget to add a dash of creativity and imagination to your holiday by exploring the city’s artistic hotspots, specially designed to entertain and educate kids.

One of London’s best is Shrek’s Adventure, an interactive journey on the South Bank.

Got little ones? They’ll love KidZania London, where they can play single or multiplayer roles in a fun, educational environment.

The London Dungeon offers theatre shows featuring live actors, perfect for the whole family.

Planning ahead is key for your school summer holidays in London, so research and book tickets early.

Also, consider family-friendly day trips for additional fun.

Your London family holiday is sure to be memorable!

Adventure-Filled Day Trips From London

exciting day trips near london

Don’t limit your adventure to the city limits; there’s a host of thrilling day trips just waiting for you to explore, all just a short journey from London.

Imagine sipping afternoon tea at the historic Windsor Castle, or experiencing the mystique of Stonehenge and the Roman Amphitheatre in Bath.

Here are five must-visit locations:

  • Windsor Castle: Take a tour of the Queen’s beloved residence.
  • Stonehenge and Bath: Explore these historic sites and unwind in the Roman baths.
  • Oxford: Visit the Docklands International University and the stunning Oxford Botanic Gardens.
  • Warwick Castle: Step back in time to the Middle Ages.
  • Brighton or York: Enjoy a Rooftop Film at an outdoor theatre or visit the fascinating London Mithraeum.

These free things to do are perfect for holiday events.

Adventure awaits, as Andrew Henderson says, ‘the world is a playground.’

Finding Family-friendly Restaurants in London

family friendly dining in london

Navigating the bustling city of London with your family can be a breeze, especially when you know where to find restaurants that not only serve delectable food, but also cater to the unique needs of families with children. A perfect introduction to finding family-friendly restaurants in London is to look at our guide.

We’ve got a stellar family choice like the InterContinental London O2. We’ve rounded up options ranging from hotels with special children’s menus to self-catering apartments giving you dining flexibility.

Take a look at the International Festival at Seven Dials Market or the performance children can enjoy at Mercato Mayfair.


So, when the school bell tolls its final ring, don’t let the fun end there. Dive headfirst into London’s vibrant offerings. From the hallowed halls of museums to the leafy oasis of parks, there’s a world of adventure waiting.

Unleash your inner artist, embark on thrilling day trips, and feast in family-friendly eateries. Plan ahead, make the most of your London school holidays, and let this city leave you with memories as iconic as its skyline.

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