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ED’s Money Laundering Probe Finds Tamil Nadu Farmers with Just Rs 450 in Account

The article reports a peculiar case involving two Dalit farmers from Tamil Nadu’s Salem district, Kannaiyan and Krishnan.

Eds Money Laundering Probe Finds Tamil Nadu Farmers With Just Rs 450 In Account

The piece delves into the circumstances surrounding the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summons received by these farmers in a case of alleged money laundering.

Background of the Case

Background Of The Case 1

In July 2023, brothers Kannaiyan, aged 72, and Krishnan, aged 66, received summons from the ED. The summons were related to a case of alleged money laundering. However, what made this situation unusual was the financial status of the brothers. According to their lawyer, Dalit G Pravina, they had only Rs 450 in their bank account.

Land Dispute Involvement

Land Dispute Involvement

The case gains complexity due to the brothers’ involvement in an ongoing land dispute. They were engaged in a conflict over agricultural land with G Gunashekar, a senior leader of the BJP’s Salem East wing. This dispute has led to mutual complaints between Gunashekar and the brothers, with accusations of land grabbing. The BJP state spokesperson, Narayanan Thirupathy, confirmed the filing of these complaints, although Gunashekar was unavailable for comments.


The case of Kannaiyan and Krishnan raises questions about the circumstances leading to the ED’s involvement and the nature of the allegations against them. With only Rs 450 in their account and their involvement in a land dispute with a political figure, the case presents a complex scenario that intertwines financial, legal, and political elements.

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