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9 Celebrities That Play Magic the Gathering

You might know Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his acting chops, but did you know he’s also a fan of Magic: The Gathering? That’s right, many celebrities, from actors to musicians to athletes, have found a passion in this popular trading card game.

It’s quite intriguing to see the varied interests of these individuals we often place on a pedestal. As we take a closer look at more of these celebrities, you’ll discover not only their love for the game, but also the interesting ways it has influenced their lives and careers.

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Celebrities That Play Magic The Gathering

Now, wouldn’t you be curious to find out who else among your favorite celebs might be shuffling decks and casting spells in their free time?

Key Takeaways

  • Felicia Day and Joe Manganiello are part of the growing trend of celebrities openly embracing Magic: The Gathering.
  • Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt break conventional celebrity images and enhance the visibility of the game.
  • Post Malone’s deep love for Magic highlights its broad appeal to diverse individuals.
  • The involvement of these celebrities goes beyond casual play and influences their lives and careers.

Felicia Day’s Magic Journey

Felicia Days Magic Journey

Diving into Felicia Day’s journey with Magic: The Gathering, you’ll find her not only as a celebrated actress known for The Guild and Supernatural, but also as a fervent player who frequently shares her zeal for the game on social media platforms.

She’s part of the growing trend of celebrities who openly embrace the game, showcasing Magic’s appeal to diverse individuals like herself.

Joe Manganiello: A True Planeswalker

Joe Manganiello A True Planeswalker

You might know Joe Manganiello from True Blood or Magic Mike, but did you know he’s also a passionate Magic: The Gathering player?

He’s not just playing a few hands here and there; Manganiello hosts game nights, shares his favorite deck strategies, and engages with the Magic community on social media.

This isn’t a casual hobby for him – it’s a true obsession.

Manganiello’s Magic Obsession

If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering, you’re in good company – renowned actor Joe Manganiello isn’t just a casual player, but a true Planeswalker, deeply immersed in the game’s community and events.

He’s seen playing the game with Nathan Fillion, Josh Barnett and even members of the Minnesota Vikings.

Learning to play Magic isn’t just for comedy shows, it’s for all walks of life.

His Favorite Deck Strategy

Imagine sitting down for a friendly game of Magic: The Gathering with Joe Manganiello, only to find out that he’s not just an actor, but a seasoned Planeswalker who’s been strategizing with a black-red deck since he was 10 years old.

He’s been playing MTG for years, honing his skills. He prefers a black-red deck strategy and dislikes playing blue decks. In fact, he’s so dedicated to the game that he regularly hosts MTG game nights for fellow celebrities.

His love for MTG goes beyond casual play; it’s a lifelong passion.

Seth Rogen’s Unexpected Hobby

Seth Rogens Unexpected Hobbby

You might be surprised to learn that Seth Rogen, renowned actor and comedian, is also a dedicated Magic: The Gathering aficionado.

From how he discovered the game to his favorite MTG cards, Rogen’s hobby offers an intriguing twist to his Hollywood image.

Let’s explore how this unexpected passion impacts his persona and resonates with fans and fellow players alike.

Rogen’s Magic Discovery

Renowned for his roles in hits like Pineapple Express and The Interview, Seth Rogen isn’t just an actor and comedian – he’s also an ardent fan of Magic: The Gathering, frequently seen engrossed in the strategic game with friends and discussing his passion in interviews.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Rogen openly expresses his love for the game.
  • His unexpected hobby has captured the interest of fans and fellow celebrities.
  • He’s shared about his early fandom in interviews.
  • Rogen’s admission has added to the list of celebrity Magic players.

His Favorite MTG Cards

While Rogen’s unabashed love for Magic: The Gathering is well-known, what might surprise you is his particular fondness for certain cards, such as his all-time favorite, Time Walk.

This card, iconic in MTG lore, reflects Rogen’s strategic approach to the game.

Even Brandon Routh, another celebrity MTG enthusiast, has noted Rogen’s affinity for this card, adding another layer to Rogen’s unexpected hobby.

Impact on Hollywood Image

Surprisingly, Seth Rogen, best known for his comedic prowess, is also an avid Magic: The Gathering player. He challenges traditional Hollywood stereotypes with this unexpected hobby. His love for the game breaks conventional celebrity images. Additionally, it enhances the game’s visibility via his interviews and social media. Seth Rogen’s involvement demonstrates the game’s influence on diverse individuals and encourages broader acceptance for niche hobbies within Hollywood and beyond.

Patton Oswalt and MTG

Patton Oswalt And Mtg

Beyond the glow of the Hollywood spotlight, Patton Oswalt, known for roles in The King of Queens and Ratatouille, immerses himself in the intricate world of Magic: The Gathering, a pastime that showcases his diverse interests and passions.

His dedication to the game extends beyond his career in entertainment, reflecting his deep passion and adding diversity to the celebrity MTG community.

Post Malone’s Love for Magic

Post Malones Love For Magic

In the dynamic world of Magic: The Gathering, Grammy-winning artist Post Malone stands out as a passionate player, often sharing his love for the game with fans on interviews and social media.

Involvement in the Magic community engagement includes:

  • Attending Magic events
  • Showcasing his card collection
  • Playing games with friends and celebrities
  • Actively participating in community discussions

His deep love for Magic highlights the game’s broad appeal.

Comedy Duo Key and Peele

You mightn’t know this, but the award-winning comedy duo Key and Peele, known for their sharp wit and versatile character portrayals, also share a passion for Magic: The Gathering.

This shared hobby adds another layer to Key and Peele’s comedic genius, showing that their creativity extends beyond the sketch comedy stage.

Their wit and humor undoubtedly make for some entertaining MTG games!

Alan Tudyk’s Card Collection

Alan Tudyks Card Collection

While Key and Peele are cracking jokes and casting spells, actor Alan Tudyk has been quietly building an impressive and diverse collection of Magic: The Gathering cards. His collection reflects:

  • Trading values in the form of rare vintage cards
  • Dedication to the game’s history
  • Strategic and powerful cards coveted by players
  • A deep appreciation for the game’s aesthetic and strategic aspects.

Wil Wheaton: From Star Trek to MTG

Wil Wheaton From Star Trek To Mtg

Shifting gears from his Star Trek fame, Wil Wheaton has carved out a notable niche for himself in the Magic: The Gathering community. He has earned respect for his deep understanding of the game and his unwavering enthusiasm. Wil Wheaton is a regular at MTG events and his passion is infectious.

Wil Wheaton’s impact on the game’s popularity, particularly among fellow celebrities, highlights his commitment to the MTG community.


So there you have it! From Hollywood heavyweights to comedy kings, the charm of Magic: The Gathering knows no bounds. It’s practically an epidemic in Tinseltown! Whether it’s Felicia Day’s epic quests or Post Malone’s undying love for the game, these celebrities are head over heels for MTG.

Who knew that slinging spells could be so star-studded? So, go dust off your decks, because you’re in absolutely stellar company. Magic: The Gathering isn’t just a game, it’s a celebrity sensation!

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