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9 Celebrities That Play Call of Duty

You’ve probably noticed that our stars from the screen and stage have been spending a fair amount of their ‘leisure time’ immersed in the world of Call of Duty. It’s not just you and your buddies who are hooked on this popular video game; celebrities like Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Mila Kunis are also part of the gaming community.

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They’re not just endorsing the game – they’re actively playing it, sometimes even admitting to a light addiction. The question that begs to be asked is, why are they so drawn to this game and how does it shape their off-screen persona?

9 Celeb Fans Of Call Of Duty

Stick around, you might just find the answers intriguing.

Key Takeaways

  • Justin Bieber’s endorsement and active playing of Call of Duty: Black Ops contributed significantly to the game’s popularity, showcasing the ability of the game to attract diverse and high-profile players.
  • Snoop Dogg’s dominance in Call of Duty: Modern adds excitement and engagement to the game, highlighting the trend of celebrities who play and bringing his own flair to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Mila Kunis’s dedication to Call of Duty, particularly Modern Warfare and Black Ops, signals a shift from her previous addiction to World of Warcraft and showcases her evolving preferences and dedication to the game.
  • Eminem and Robin Williams’s deep obsession with Call of Duty exemplify the game’s broad appeal and ability to attract celebrities from various industries, further highlighting its addictiveness.

Justin Bieber: Pop Prince Gamer

Justin Bieber Pop Prince Gamer

Often spotted in interviews mentioning his fondness for Call of Duty: Black Ops, pop prince Justin Bieber hasn’t only amplified the game’s visibility among his massive fanbase but also contributed significantly to its soaring popularity.

Bieber has talked about how he plays Call of Duty, sparking interest and broadening the game’s player base.

His involvement exemplifies Duty’s ability to attract diverse, high-profile players.

Snoop Dogg’s CoD Affinity

Snoop Doggs Cod Affinity

When you dive into the world of Call of Duty, you’ll find that legendary rapper Snoop Dogg isn’t just an enthusiast; he’s a dominating force on the virtual battlefield.

As a celebrity who plays CoD, Snoop Dogg brings his unique style to Call of Duty: Modern, making it more exciting and engaging.

His presence in the game highlights the trend of Celebrities Who Play Call of Duty.

Mila Kunis: Hollywood Gamer

Mila Kunis Hollywood Gamer

You may know Mila Kunis for her Hollywood roles, but she’s also a dedicated gamer, particularly fond of Call of Duty.

Offscreen, gaming plays an integral part in her life, providing entertainment and social engagement.

Let’s explore her favorite COD versions, delve into the passion she has for gaming, and revisit some of her most memorable gaming moments.

Kunis’s Favorite COD Versions

Mila Kunis, a renowned Hollywood actress, has a penchant for Call of Duty, particularly the Modern Warfare and Black Ops versions, signaling a shift from her previous addiction to the time-intensive World of Warcraft.

As a fan, she plays these versions, showcasing Call of Duty’s appeal to both casual and dedicated gamers.

Indeed, Kunis’s favorite COD versions illustrate the game’s broad appeal and manageable gaming experience.

Gaming: Kunis’s Offscreen Passion

Shifting focus from Kunis’s favorite Call of Duty versions, it’s worth exploring how the actress’s offscreen passion for gaming has evolved, turning her into a veritable Hollywood gamer.

Like many celebrities, she’s talked about playing Call extensively, highlighting the game’s social appeal.

This shift in play represents a broader trend, with more celebs finding the video game to be a thrilling, addictive pastime.

Kunis’s Memorable Gaming Moments

Transitioning from her previous addiction to World of Warcraft, it’s intriguing how Kunis has found solace in less time-consuming games like Call of Duty, creating memorable gaming moments that highlight her evolving preferences.

As celebrities play these video games, Kunis stands out as a dedicated fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops. She invests hours of Call of Duty gameplay, showcasing her passion for this less demanding form of entertainment.

Eminem’s Call of Duty Obsession

Eminems Call Of Duty Obsession

When it comes to Eminem’s leisure time, he’s known to lose countless hours immersed in the captivating world of Call of Duty. His favorite, Duty: Modern Warfare, has him playing video 57, Black.

Eminem’s Call of Duty obsession showcases not only his deep obsession with the game but also the game’s potent allure. It demonstrates the broad appeal and addictiveness of Call of Duty.

CoD Enthusiast: Robin Williams

Cod Enthusiast Robin Williams

Just like Eminem, the late Robin Williams was another celebrity who found immense joy in the electrifying world of Call of Duty.

Known for his role in Hollywood, Williams was a noted COD enthusiast. He’d spend hours immersed in the game’s multiplayer mode, showcasing a passion that extended beyond the silver screen.

Among celebrities that play Call of Duty, Robin Williams’ dedication stands out.

Michael Phelps and His Gaming Habit

Michael Phelps And His Gaming Habit

Moving into the realm of athletics, you’ll find that Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, isn’t just passionate about swimming but also an avid fan of Call of Duty. His gaming habit includes:

  • Endorsing Call of Duty, which boosts its popularity.
  • Appearing in trailers for the game.
  • Advocating for the game’s appeal to celebrities like himself.

Phelps’ love for Call of Duty is undeniable.

Zac Efron: A Halo and CoD Fan

Zac Efron A Halo And Cod Fan

Switching from the pool to the big screen, you’ll find that Zac Efron, best known for his roles in hit movies, isn’t only a fan of the Halo series but also enjoys playing Call of Duty.

Efron’s passion for these first-person shooter games may surprise you. This addition to his public persona solidifies his place in the gaming community and broadens the list of celebrities who share this hobby.

Will Arnett’s CoD Gaming Group

Will Arnetts Cod Gaming Group

Diving into the world of celebrity gamers, you’ll find that actor Will Arnett, a huge fan and big fan of the Call of Duty franchise, even lent his voice to Modern Warfare 2.

Based in Los Angeles, Arnett:

  • Plays Call of Duty online with celebrity friends
  • Boosts the game’s popularity with his involvement
  • Enjoys the game’s social aspect, connecting with others while gaming.

Michael B. Jordan’s CoD Endeavors

Michael B. Jordans Cod Endeavors

From Will Arnett’s CoD gaming group in Los Angeles, we turn our attention to another equally passionate player, Michael B. Jordan, whose love for Call of Duty has made waves in the gaming community.

This top-tier celebrity is reportedly a big fan, often expressing his CoD endeavors on social media. Indeed, Jordan’s engagement has made him a prominent figure among celebrities that play Call of Duty.


So, next time you’re battling it out in a Call of Duty match, remember, you could be squaring off against Hollywood royalty or music legends.

From Bieber to Snoop Dogg, Mila Kunis to Eminem, these celebrities are as hooked as the rest of us, proving that Call of Duty isn’t just a game, it’s a global phenomenon.

Who knows, you might even be the next to ‘kill’ a celebrity in a virtual warzone. Now, wouldn’t that be a story to tell!

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