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Your Favorite Celebrities That Play Destiny 2

Just like stars twinkling in the vast night sky, there’s a constellation of celebrities who are ardent players of Destiny 2.

You’d be surprised to find out that these well-known figures are not just dominating the big screen, music charts, or sports arenas, but they’re also conquering the universe of this popular online game.

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Destiny 2 Celeb Fans

From musicians to actors, these high-profile personalities have swapped their microphones and scripts for controllers, immersing themselves in the virtual battles that Destiny 2 offers.

However, which celebrities are these?

Stay tuned to find out who’s been swapping their signature moves for a game controller and why.

Key Takeaways

  • Ice-T’s dedication to grinding for the Solstice of Heroes armor set showcases the commitment celebrities bring to gaming.
  • Celebrities like Ice-T, Big Show, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Travis Frederick demonstrate their passion for Destiny 2.
  • The unique strategies and skills showcased by celebrities, such as Ice-T completing difficult raids, are celebrated by the player community.
  • The voice actors behind Destiny 2 characters, including Peter Dinklage and Nolan North, bring life and personality to the game.

Hollywood Stars Dominating Destiny 2

Hollywood Stars Dominating Destiny 2 1

When it comes to Hollywood stars dominating Destiny 2, few can match the dedication and skill of Ice-T. His tireless grind for the Solstice of Heroes armor set, often playing video games for 24 hours, hasn’t only made him a recognized player on Reddit, but also an inspiration for fellow gamers.

This achievement highlights his commitment and raises intriguing questions about other celebrities’ gaming accomplishments.

High-Profile Gamers in the Destiny Universe

High Profile Gamers In The Destiny Universe 1

You may be surprised to find that numerous celebrities, like rapper Ice-T and WWE star Big Show, are avid Destiny 2 players.

They’re not just casual gamers either, they tackle challenging aspects of the game like the Solstice armor set grind and high-level raids.

Their commitment to the game sets the stage for interesting discussions on how these famous faces navigate the Destiny Universe.

Celebrity Guardians in Spotlight

Plunging into the spotlight of high-profile gamers in the Destiny Universe, Ice-T’s arduous grind for the Solstice of Heroes armor in Destiny 2 has certainly caught the attention and admiration of fellow players. His gaming achievements raise the question of other celebrities that play Destiny 2. Notably:

  • Ice-T’s challenging grind celebrated on Reddit
  • The use of Mayhem in PvP during the grind
  • The significance of completing the Solstice armor set
  • Other celebrity gamers like Big Show
  • The importance of guides and tips in the game

Famous Faces in Raids

In the thrilling raids of Destiny 2, several high-profile gamers have made their mark, showcasing their unique strategies and remarkable skills.

One big name is Ice-T, who’s displayed dedication to the grind, completing the challenging Solstice of Heroes armor set. His achievement, celebrated by us players on Reddit, highlights the intense commitment celebrities like him bring to gaming.

Actors Doubling as Destiny 2 Guardians

Actors Doubling As Destiny 2 Guardians

When it comes to celebrities doubling up as Destiny 2 Guardians, rapper and actor Ice-T stands out, with his relentless grind for the Solstice of Heroes armor set making waves in the gaming community.

  • Ice-T’s dedication to Destiny 2 mirrors that of Peter Dinklage, voice actor for the game.
  • He tweets about his challenging grind.
  • His achievement is celebrated on Reddit.
  • He completed the grind in a week.
  • Ice-T’s experience with PvP mode provides game insights.

Musicians Who Rock Destiny 2

Musicians Who Rock Destiny 2

Not just actors, but many musicians also find their rhythm in the intense gameplay of Destiny 2. Ice-T, for instance, tweets about his challenging grind for the Solstice of Heroes armor set.

Celebrated by fans on Reddit, his dedication showcases how celebrities that play Destiny 2 can inspire others.

Indeed, musicians who rock Destiny 2, like Ice-T, highlight the game’s universal appeal.

Athletes Trading Sports for Destiny 2

Athletes Trading Sports For Destiny 2

You’d be surprised at how many athletes have traded the field for the virtual world of Destiny 2.

From NFL stars navigating the orbits to NBA players embarking on their Guardian journey – even soccer stars aren’t shy of a Crucible showdown.

It’s fascinating to see how these sports icons translate their competitive nature into the game, isn’t it?

NFL Stars in Orbit

While Ice-T and Big Show are busting their chops in the gaming arena, some NFL stars are trading their sports gear for virtual gear, immersing themselves in the captivating world of Destiny 2. Among the celebrities that play Destiny 2:

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • Travis Frederick
  • Mike Daniels
  • Chandler Jones
  • Doug Baldwin

These NFL stars in orbit are swapping the gridiron for intergalactic battles, proving their competitive spirit transcends physical sports.

NBA Players’ Guardian Journey

Shifting from the football field to the basketball court, several NBA players are also diving headfirst into the challenging yet rewarding universe of Destiny 2. Their guardian journey mirrors that of other celebrities that play Destiny 2, grinding for gear and tackling tough missions.

Their dedication to the game is clear, proving that even off the court, these athletes are always up for a challenge.

Soccer Stars’ Crucible Showdown

Trading their soccer boots for gaming controllers, these athletes dive into Destiny 2’s Crucible mode in the ‘Soccer Stars’ Crucible Showdown. They compete in Destiny 2’s PvP mode, showcasing skills you’d expect from a big fan of Halo. Engaging in intense first-person shooter battles, they reveal a diverse passion for gaming. Demonstrating competitive spirit in new arenas, enjoy the showdown!

Entrepreneurs Unwinding With Destiny 2

Entrepreneurs Unwinding With Destiny 2

You mightn’t expect it, but even successful entrepreneurs like Ice-T find time to unwind with Destiny 2. This highlights an unexpected side of celebrities that play Destiny 2, showing that even amidst the hustle of entrepreneurship, Destiny 2 provides a challenging yet rewarding escape.

Evidenced by his rigorous journey to obtain the Solstice of Heroes armor set, Ice-T’s dedication to the game is commendable. This further broadens the game’s appeal, as it demonstrates that even accomplished individuals can find enjoyment and fulfillment in the immersive world of Destiny 2.

Voice Actors Behind Destiny 2 Characters

Voice Actors Behind Destiny 2 Characters

Diving into the world of Destiny 2, one can’t help but recognize the voices behind the characters, a star-studded cast featuring talents from both the silver screen and the gaming industry.

  • Peter Dinklage, replaced by Nolan North
  • Bill Nighy, as The Speaker
  • Lauren Cohan, as The Exo Stranger
  • Gina Torres, as Ikora Rey
  • Nolan North, replacing Peter Dinklage

These celebrities playing Destiny 2 give life and personality to the game’s characters.


So, even celebs like Ice-T aren’t immune to Destiny 2’s challenges. After a gruelling week, he bagged the Solstice of Heroes armor set, proving that success in gaming requires dedication, no matter who you are.

Whether you’re a Hollywood star or a high-profile athlete, Destiny 2 offers a thrilling universe for everyone to conquer.

Imagine Elon Musk trading his SpaceX for a spaceship in Destiny 2, now that’s a crossover we’d love to see!

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