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Will There Be Season 5 of Good Girls? Cast, News, and More

Despite your hopes for a continuation of the thrilling roller-coaster ride with the trio of suburban moms turned criminals, there won’t be a season 5 of ‘Good Girls.’ NBC’s popular crime-comedy-drama series was sadly cancelled after its fourth season, leaving you and countless fans yearning for more. Though you’ve been holding out for a miraculous renewal, as it stands, the chances of seeing Beth, Ruby, and Annie back in action are slim.

Will There Be Season 5 Of Good Girls

So, it’s time to seek closure and maybe find a new show to fill the void left by ‘Good Girls.’

Key Takeaways

  • Good Girls was cancelled after its fourth season.
  • Fans launched a social media campaign to save the show, but the chances of a fifth season are currently slim.
  • The original cast’s return for a fifth season is unclear, although Retta expressed frustration about the cancellation.
  • Potential plotlines for a fifth season include exploring Rio’s potential release from prison, Stan’s lost funds, the fate of Beth and Dean’s marriage, and further development of Annie’s relationship with Gregg.

Good Girls Season 5: Renewal Status

Good Girls Season 5 Renewal Status

Navigating the murky waters of Good Girls’ renewal status, you’ll find that the prospects of a fifth season currently seem dim. The show was on the brink of securing a fifth season before it was abruptly canceled, leaving fans and cast members alike in a state of disappointment.

The issue? Renewal discussions reportedly stalled due to negotiations with co-star Manny Montana hitting a wall, and financial and creative issues were also cited. The cancellation sparked a wave of backlash from fans, who launched a social media campaign to #SaveGoodGirls. Despite the odds, fans clung to hope, given Netflix’s history of reviving shows in similar predicaments.

This uncertainty about Good Girls Season 5’s future sets the stage for our next discussion: the potential return of the main cast.

Potential Return of Main Cast

Potential Return Of Main Cast

You might be wondering if any of the main cast members would return for a potential fifth season of Good Girls. Given that Good Girls was canceled, it’s hard to say if the original cast would be on board for a fifth and final season. Retta expressed frustration about the cancellation, hinting it was close to being greenlit before being derailed. She even suggested an alternative plot to explain the absence of a certain cast member. But who was this individual? That remains a mystery.

Despite this, fans remain hopeful for the potential return of the main cast, campaigning for the show’s revival on social media. Now, let’s turn our attention to possible plotlines if season 5 should come to fruition.

Predicted Plotlines for Season 5

Predicted Plotlines for Season 5

While still hoping for the return of your favorite characters, let’s delve into the possible plotlines that season 5 of Good Girls might explore if it ever sees the light of day.

Your curiosity might be piqued by Rio’s potential release from prison, and Stan’s mysterious lost funds could add spice to the story.

You might also be eager to discover the fate of Beth and Dean’s marriage, along with Annie’s relationship with Gregg.

With NBC’s Good Girls, expect the unexpected. New character arcs could be introduced, while others might come full circle.

The creators have hinted at surprising twists, and with Retta suggesting a bomb scare plot, season 5 could easily surpass the thrilling 49 episodes already aired.

Fans’ Reactions to Cancellation

Fans Reactions To Cancellation

Despite your anticipation for potential plot twists in a prospective fifth season, the news of Good Girls’ cancellation has been met with widespread disappointment from fans.

Upon hearing the cancellation news, fans immediately took to social media, expressing their frustration and campaigning for the show’s return using the hashtag #SaveGoodGirls.

Speculation ensued on the reasons behind the cancellation, with many pointing to negotiations with cast members. Retta’s comments resonated with fans, fuelling hopes for a revival.

The series’ popularity on Netflix has also intensified fans’ reactions to cancellation, with many yearning for a fifth season.

Despite the show’s uncertain future, the fans’ collective voice is clear – they’re not ready to say goodbye to the Good Girls.

Where to Stream Good Girls

Where To Stream Good Girls

Picking up from the cancellation news, let’s delve into where you can stream Good Girls and catch up on the thrilling drama that has captivated viewers across the globe.

It’s a breeze to find where to stream Good Girls. The NBC series has been a hit, and you can find all the existing seasons on Netflix.

  • On Netflix, you can find:
  • Season 1 through 4 of Good Girls.
  • The opportunity to binge-watch at your convenience.

Netflix promises an engaging viewing experience. Despite the disappointing news about the lack of a season 5 of Good Girls, the availability of the previous seasons on Netflix offers a chance to relive the drama, or discover it for the first time.


In conclusion, despite the frustrating cancellation, ‘Good Girls‘ has left a significant mark. Interestingly, it’s reported that 91% of Google users liked the show, highlighting its broad appeal and the disappointment many fans feel.

The potential return of the main cast and speculated plotlines for a fifth season will remain a tantalizing ‘what if’. Although it’s over, you can still relive the highs and lows of ‘Good Girls‘ through streaming platforms.

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