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Will There Be Season 5 of Family Business? Cast, News, and More

Imagine you’re a die-hard fan of ‘Family Business’. You’ve been eagerly waiting for the fifth season, but there’s no official word yet.

Will There Be Season 5 Of Family Business

Carl Weber, the show’s writer, has dropped some hints about new episodes, but nothing’s confirmed. So, you’re left wondering, will there be a season 5 of ‘Family Business’?

Let’s delve into the available information, explore fan theories, and consider potential plotlines to try and answer this burning question.

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Remember, patience is key in the TV world, and sometimes, the best things come to those who wait.

Key Takeaways

  • Lack of official announcement for season 5 of ‘The Family Business’
  • Strikes by WGA and SAG-AFTRA may have caused a delay in the official confirmation
  • The show could potentially premiere on BET around Spring 2024, based on past release patterns
  • Projected release dates for season 5 on Netflix may be delayed until 2025 due to ongoing strikes

Season 5: Official Announcements

Season 5 Official Announcements

Despite the lack of an official announcement, you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of a fifth season of ‘The Family Business,’ as writer Carl Weber’s work-in-progress updates hint at its likelihood.

The Family Business TV show, known for its gripping narrative and complex characters, may indeed return for Season 5. Weber, the creator, has hinted at a new season when things get exciting, implying that the fifth season is already under development. However, the strikes by WGA and SAG-AFTRA may have caused a delay in the official confirmation.

Still, if the Family Business Season 5 gets greenlit, it could premiere on BET around Spring 2024, given past release patterns.

In the next section, we’ll delve into various fan theories about Season 5.

Fan Theories About Season 5

Fan Theories About Season 5

While you’re eagerly waiting for any official news, numerous fan theories about Season 5 of ‘The Family Business’ have emerged to fill the gap.

One prominent theory suggests that the Duncan family, who operates a dealership in New York, will face their biggest adversary yet. This theory is fueled by Carl Weber’s new update that he’s nearly finished with the new season.

Some fans speculate that the crime drama book series upon which the show is based will take a new, unpredictable turn. The stellar cast led by Ernie Hudson is expected to return, adding to the anticipation.

As we await Family Business Season 5’s release, these fan theories offer intriguing possibilities for the next chapter.

Potential Plotlines Explored

Potential Plotlines Explored

As one of the many fans speculating about what’s in store for Family Business Season 5, you’re probably curious about the potential plotlines that could be explored. Given the first four seasons’ plots, it’s plausible that Carl Weber will continue the narrative of the family that operates a car dealership while hiding an illegal side.

The Webers crime drama book series, upon which the series is based, hints at an intense season when things went awry for this family. With Weber’s ongoing work on Family Business, the potential plotlines explored in Business Season 5 could get darker, delving deeper into the family’s criminal activities. This anticipates an exhilarating season, keeping viewers on the edge of their seat.

Let’s now delve into actor insights and hints for more speculation.

Actor Insights and Hints

Actor Insights And Hints

In light of all the speculation about Family Business Season 5, you’re likely itching for some inside scoop from the actors themselves. Here’s what we’ve gleaned from the cast:

  • Carl Weber, the show’s creator, mentioned the writers’ strike delaying the season’s progress.
  • Ernie Hudson, who plays a key role in the drama, has yet to comment on the strike or the upcoming season.
  • The actors’ strike has been a major hurdle, as hinted by Weber.

While the crime-filled plot remains under wraps, the book-inspired series continues to hold fans’ interest. The car dealership in New York remains a focal point, suggesting familiar settings in the new season.

These insights may not confirm season 5 of Family Business, but they certainly fuel the speculation.

Expected Release Dates

Expected Release Dates

Despite the lack of an official announcement, you’re probably wondering about the projected release dates for season 5 of ‘The Family Business.’ Carl Weber, the creative genius behind the series, is currently about 40% into the new season. This suggests that the 63-year-old dealership owner, Ernie, and his foil, Armand, might be back to work sooner than expected.

Analyzing the pattern of release dates of the previous seasons, it’s likely we won’t see the new episodes on Netflix until 2025. The delay could be due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

The series, which Gets Exciting Update with every new season, will initially be exclusive to BET+. Thus, the expected release dates are still under wraps.


While there’s no official word yet on Family Business Season 5, indications from the show’s writer suggest it’s in the works. The delay may be due to industry strikes, adding a layer of uncertainty.

Still, if it does return, BET+ will likely be your first stop for viewing. Interestingly, Netflix users might’ve to wait until 2025, emphasizing the growing exclusivity trend among streaming platforms.

As we await confirmation, fan theories and potential plotlines keep the anticipation alive.

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  1. I love the writing and narrative of the series. I usually don’t watch black family crime shows because of the stereotype’s labels and how we are perceived , but this series Changed my perception. I hope it returns with a powerful punch. Please stop dying the hair and beards, Ernie Hudson is the most natural looking.


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