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The Good The Flop: 7 Reasons for ‘The Good Dinosaur’s’ Failure

Imagine being the biggest disappointment in Pixar’s illustrious history – that’s the dubious honor held by ‘The Good Dinosaur.’

You’re probably questioning how a studio that’s virtually synonymous with blockbuster hits managed to drop the ball so spectacularly on this one? It’s a fascinating tale intertwined with production nightmares, lukewarm reviews, and fierce competition.

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But, as you’ll soon discover, the demise of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is more than just a simple case of ‘missed the mark’; it’s a cautionary tale that even the giants of animation aren’t immune to failure.

Curious to uncover more? Well, let’s journey together into the prehistoric world of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and unravel the mystery of its extinction.

Key Takeaways

  • The ambitious budget and financial impact contributed to The Good Dinosaur’s downfall.
  • The film’s lackluster box office performance was due to factors such as a muddled storyline, lackluster marketing, and a lack of novelty.
  • Despite high expectations and stunning visuals, the movie couldn’t hit the mark with audiences, leading Pixar to learn vital lessons about storytelling.
  • Pixar’s marketing strategy, which usually resonates with audiences, didn’t work for The Good Dinosaur, highlighting the need for a shift in approach.

The Ambitious Budget: A Double-Edged Sword

The Ambitious Budget A Double Edged Sword

Diving into the ambitious budget of The Good Dinosaur, you’ll find it to be a double-edged sword; while the hefty investment in stunning visuals and complex concepts aimed to draw audiences in, it paradoxically contributed to the movie’s ultimate downfall.

This Pixar film, despite its breathtaking landscapes and unique concept, couldn’t captivate audiences, ultimately failing to recoup its ambitious budget at the box office.

Revisiting ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Reviews

Revisiting 'the Good Dinosaur' Reviews

When you take a closer look at the reviews of ‘The Good Dinosaur’, you’ll find a labyrinth of mixed feedback.

Despite its high expectations and stunning visuals, this Pixar endeavor couldn’t hit the mark with audiences.

The movie’s flop led Pixar to learn vital lessons about storytelling, paving the way for more successful films.

This flop, while significant, didn’t derail Pixar’s future successes.

A Closer Look at Pixar’s Marketing Strategy

A Closer Look At Pixar's Marketing Strategy

While ‘The Good Dinosaur’ may have struggled to resonate with audiences, much of that comes down to Pixar’s unique marketing strategy, which typically weaves a captivating tapestry of storytelling and emotional connection.

For ‘The Good Dinosaur’, this strategy didn’t quite hit the mark, leaving audiences less engaged. As a result, the movie didn’t generate the anticipated interest, contributing to its flop status.

Pixar’s marketing strategy, it appears, isn’t foolproof.

The Unexpected Box Office Performance

The Unexpected Box Office Performance

Despite its prehistoric premise, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ failed to make a titanic impact at the box office, a surprising outcome given Pixar’s track record of blockbuster hits. The film’s meager $332 million global earnings solidified it as a bona fide flop, a stark contrast to Pixar’s typically stellar performances.

Factors contributing to this unexpected downturn included a muddled storyline, lackluster marketing, and a disappointing lack of novelty.

The Aftermath: Pixar, Disney and Lessons Learned

The Aftermath Pixar, Disney And Lessons Learned

In the wake of ‘The Good Dinosaur’s’ less than stellar performance, Pixar and Disney found themselves grappling with a series of hard lessons and consequential changes. The aftermath: Pixar, Disney, and lessons learned included:

  • Refocusing on sequels over original content
  • Leadership and storytelling approach changes
  • Realizing the necessity of clear, emotionally satisfying storylines

Indeed, the Good Dinosaur’s flop forced a shift in Pixar and Disney’s strategies.


In conclusion, ‘The Good Dinosaur’s’ daunting development dilemmas, mixed messages from critics, and disappointing box office debut doomed it to flop status.

Pixar’s presumptuous budget and puzzling promotional practices played a part too.

Despite this dud, Disney and Pixar persist, picking up precious lessons and pushing for perfection.

Remember, even the greatest stumble sometimes, but it’s the rebound that really counts.

So, stay tuned for their tantalizing tales to triumph at the theater next time.

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