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Why Does Todoroki Hate His Dad

Imagine you're a knight donning armor, but the sword you wield is not your own, it's your father's. This is the crux of Todoroki's resentment towards Endeavor, his dad.

From a tender age, Endeavor subjected Todoroki to grueling training, demanded perfection, and neglected his other children, all in a bid to mold Todoroki into an unbeatable hero. This strained relationship led Todoroki to reject his father's fire quirk, symbolizing his refusal to become Endeavor's puppet.

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Although Endeavor seeks redemption, can old wounds really heal? Explore this question as we dissect Todoroki's complex relationship with his father.

Key Takeaways

  • Todoroki's hatred stems from Endeavor's obsession to surpass All Might, causing a toxic family environment.
  • His painful training and being used as a symbol of his father's ambitions deeply scarred Todoroki.
  • Endeavor's neglect of his other children and abusive treatment of Rei contributed to Todoroki's resentment.
  • Todoroki's personal growth and rebellion against his father's ambitions marked the start of his hero's journey.

Endeavor's Ambitions and Expectations

Diving into Endeavor's ambitions and expectations, you'll find that his intense obsession to surpass All Might drove him to not just marry, but also to meticulously plan for a child, Todoroki, possessing a potent quirk inherited from both parents.

Endeavor's ruthless pursuit of his goal, however, resulted in a toxic household, making Todoroki a pawn in his father's ambitions rather than a beloved son.

Todoroki's Painful Training

Step into Todoroki's shoes, and you'll feel the weight of a childhood marred by grueling training sessions, a direct result of his father's relentless obsession to outshine All Might.

This painful training, both physically and emotionally brutal, inflicted deep scars, not just on his visage but his psyche too.

It's a telling symbol of his father's ambitions, his mother's distress, and his own unresolved pain.

The Neglect of Todoroki's Siblings

In the shadow of Todoroki's struggle, his siblings Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Toya, endured a similar fate, neglected and overlooked due to their father Endeavor's single-minded obsession with molding Shoto into the perfect hero. This neglect left them feeling isolated and unimportant, their emotional struggles highlighting the damaging effects of Endeavor's obsession.

Their resentment contributes to the family's dysfunction, painting a somber picture.

Endeavor's Treatment of Rei

While Todoroki's siblings grappled with neglect, his mother Rei faced a more disturbing ordeal at the hands of Endeavor, their father. Rei suffered both emotionally and physically due to Endeavor's abusive treatment.

His obsession with surpassing All Might led to neglect within the family. The unintentional scarring of Shoto by Rei further intensified the family's trauma, shaping Todoroki's negative view of his father.

Todoroki's Personal Growth and Rebellion

Bearing the burden of his father's abuse and his mother's suffering, Todoroki channels his resentment into a powerful rebellion, rejecting the fire quirk inherited from Endeavor and vowing to forge his own path as a hero.

This defiance marks the start of his personal growth. He's not just Endeavor's son, but a hero in his own right. His journey reflects resilience, defiance, and the tenacity to create his own destiny.


In the end, you can't ignore Todoroki's disdain for Endeavor, a product of a tragic family history marred by abuse and neglect. His rebellion, symbolized by his refusal to use his fire quirk, is a confirmation of his resilience.

While Endeavor seeks redemption, Todoroki's journey of self-discovery and healing continues, a poignant reminder that the scars of the past can't be easily erased, but can fuel one's determination to rise above them.

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