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Why Does Bakugou Hate Deku

Just as you're trying to unravel Bakugou's fiery personality, you stumble upon his longstanding resentment towards Deku. It's a complex cocktail of jealousy, rivalry, and a crippling sense of inferiority.

Bakugou's aggressive demeanor, first sparked by Deku's initial lack of a Quirk, escalates when All Might bestows one upon Deku. His relentless drive to be the top hero ignites his mistreatment of Deku, hinting at his own insecurities.

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As their relationship shifts from hostility to grudging respect, you're left wondering how this intricate dynamic will further unfold and shape their paths.

Key Takeaways

  • Bakugou's hate for Deku is rooted in a childhood rivalry, fueled by their differing Quirks and Bakugou's superiority complex.
  • Fear of being surpassed by Deku and frustration over All Might's attention towards Deku drives Bakugou's animosity.
  • Bakugou's disdain for Deku's pity and help, perceived as a sign of his own weakness, further deepens his hatred.
  • Bakugou's apology to Deku in Chapter 322 showcases his character growth, potentially leading to a healthier relationship moving forward.

Bakugou's Childhood and Deku

Diving into Bakugo's childhood, you'll find his friendship with Deku wasn't always marked by hostility, but took a bitter turn when Bakugo's explosive Quirk came into play, altering their dynamic drastically.

This shift amplified the strain in their relationship, laying the foundation for Bakugou's hate. Deku's hero-worship contrasted with Bakugo's arrogance, adding fuel to their already fiery rivalry.

The Superiority Complex Issue

Moving on from their tumultuous childhood, a significant factor in Bakugo's hatred for Deku is a deeply ingrained superiority complex. This complex fuels his jealousy and mistreatment of Deku, who's seen as weaker.

Despite possessing a powerful Quirk, Bakugo's latent inferiority complex surfaces, acknowledging Deku's potential. His desperate attempts to assert dominance over Deku only intensify their rivalry, highlighting his internal struggle.

The Hero's Ideal and Bakugou's Frustration

You might wonder how Bakugo's loathing for Deku intertwines with his perception of the ideal hero.

Well, it's a knotty mix of jealousy, fear, and frustration.

Hero Academia fans know Bakugo's hate for Midoriya is fueled by his fear of being surpassed.

He's frustrated by Deku's attention from All Might, fueling his aggressive rivalry.

It's this mix that shapes Bakugo's ideal hero and his animosity.

Deku's Unwanted Pity

While Bakugo's animosity towards Deku may seem baseless to some, it's actually rooted in his disdain for Deku's unwanted pity. This pity, seen as condescension, triggered Bakugo's insecurities and fueled his resentment.

Deku's well-meaning attempts to help were perceived as a painful reminder of Bakugo's weaknesses, inflaming their strained relationship. So, Bakugo's hatred isn't baseless, it's a reaction to unwanted pity.

Bakugou's Apology and Redemption

In a pivotal moment marked by Chapter 322, Bakugo's long-awaited apology to Deku finally unfolds, showcasing a significant shift in his character and their turbulent relationship. This act of redemption reflects:

  1. Bakugo's self-awareness and growth as a hero.
  2. Fans' appreciation for his tangible character development.
  3. The potential for a healthier dynamic between the two protagonists.

Indeed, this apology symbolizes Bakugo's evolving journey towards redemption.


So, there you have it. Bakugou's beef with Deku isn't just a simple case of schoolyard rivalry. It's a Shakespearean drama of envy, competitiveness, and inferiority complex, all playing out in the universe of superheroes.

The kid's got issues, but don't we all? And remember, even in a world where people can shoot lasers from their eyes, it's the human emotions that make the story compelling.

Stay tuned for the next episode of this unending saga.

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