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Why Didnt Ahsoka Train Grogu

Did you know that Ahsoka Tano, a prominent figure in the Star Wars universe, declined the opportunity to train the adorable and powerful Grogu?

You might be intrigued to learn the reasons behind Ahsoka's refusal, which are deeply rooted in her past experiences and fears. As a previously mentored Jedi of Anakin Skywalker, who tragically fell to the dark side, Ahsoka's concern for Grogu's strong attachments could result in a similar fate. Consequently, she believed it was not her destiny to train him.

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Curious about what this might mean for Grogu's future? Let's dive deeper into this fascinating topic.

Key Takeaways

  • Ahsoka Tano's traumatic past with Anakin Skywalker influenced her decision against training Grogu.
  • Grogu's deep emotional attachment to Din Djarin raised concerns of potential attachment issues, violating Jedi principles.
  • Ahsoka feared Grogu's potential fall to the dark side, similar to Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader.
  • Ahsoka respected Grogu's bond with Din Djarin, suggesting future training possibilities under Luke Skywalker's guidance.

Understanding Ahsoka Tano's Backstory

ahsoka s complex and compelling

To fully grasp why Ahsoka Tano chose not to train Grogu, it's crucial to dive into her complex backstory, particularly her traumatic experiences with Anakin Skywalker's descent into darkness. Ahsoka's past, much like a video game, played out with dramatic twists and turns, influencing her views on attachment and the risks it poses.

This fear of history repeating itself led to her decision not to train Grogu.

Grogu's Connection With Din Djarin

force bond between them

Building on Ahsoka's fear of history repeating itself, it's noteworthy to explore Grogu's deep bond with Din Djarin, which significantly influenced her decision.

The dynamics between Grogu, with his Force sensitivity, and Djarin's parental influence are fascinating. Djarin's unwavering love and protection deepens their bond.

Recognizing this emotional attachment, Ahsoka respected their relationship and chose not to disrupt it by training Grogu.

The Rules of Jedi Training

mastering the jedi code

Delving into the rules of Jedi training, it's crucial to understand that these traditionally start at a young age, something that raised concerns when considering Grogu due to his age and past experiences.

Young Initiates are taught Jedi principles early, a process Grogu had missed. Ahsoka saw potential attachment issues, a violation of the Jedi code, due to Grogu's bond with Din Djarin.

Ahsoka's Fear of the Dark Side

temptation of the dark

Ahsoka's fear of the dark side, deeply rooted in her past experiences, plays a significant role in her decision not to train Grogu. This fear stems from:

  1. Grogu's strong emotional attachment to Din Djarin, which could pose a danger.
  2. Anakin's fall to the dark side, that greatly influences her caution.
  3. The danger of emotional attachments observed in Darth Vader's transformation.
  4. Ahsoka's caution in training, learnt from Anakin's story.

Future Possibilities for Grogu's Training

grogu s jedi training potential

Looking ahead, there are intriguing possibilities for Grogu's training, especially with Luke Skywalker emerging as a potential mentor. Under Luke's guidance, Grogu can explore his Force potential and delve deeper into Jedi training.

This sets up exciting storylines, as Grogu harnesses his abilities and Luke, once a trainee himself, steps into the role of a mentor, shaping the future of Jedi.


So, just like a seasoned warrior wary of repeating past mistakes, Ahsoka chose not to train Grogu. Her past with Anakin Skywalker and her own journey shaped this decision.

But who knows? With the vast galaxy of Star Wars filled with possibilities, there might still be a chance for Grogu's training. After all, in a universe as expansive and unpredictable as Star Wars, the future is always in motion.

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