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Why Did Nighteye Accept Deku

Ever wondered why Nighteye, the meticulous and calculated hero, accepted Deku, the raw and unpolished successor to All Might? It's a question that's captivated fans of My Hero Academia for quite some time.

Initially, Nighteye was skeptical, questioning Deku's qualifications and comparing him to the other potential successors. But as you dig deeper, you'll uncover a story of growth, acceptance, and the power of sheer determination.

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It's a narrative that's not only gripping but also profound, offering a riveting exploration of character dynamics and development. So, are you ready to unravel this intriguing mystery?

Key Takeaways

  • Nighteye accepted Deku due to his determination, selflessness, and strong sense of justice.
  • Deku's desire to save Eri and growth under Nighteye's mentorship solidified Nighteye's approval.
  • All Might's mentorship and influence played a crucial role in Nighteye's acceptance of Deku.
  • Nighteye's acceptance was the ultimate validation of Deku's potential to carry on All Might's heroic legacy.

Understanding Nighteye's Character

analyzing nighteye s personality traits

To truly understand Nighteye's character, you have to delve into his decision to accept Deku for a work study, a choice that tested not only Deku's potential as a successor to All Might, but also Nighteye's initial doubts about the young hero's abilities.

As Deku's heroism shone through in his determination to save Eri, Nighteye's perception of Deku evolved, aligning with his ideals of a true hero.

Deku's Unique Qualities

deku s special quirks shine

Dive into Deku's unique qualities, the very traits that led Nighteye to see past his initial doubts and recognize the young hero's potential. Nighteye was moved by Deku's determination, selflessness, and strong sense of justice. His desire to save Eri ultimately sealed the deal.

Under Nighteye's mentorship, Deku's growth was evident, proving his potential to change the future and make a lasting impact.

The Special Bond Between All Might and Deku

heroic mentor inspires protege

You're about to explore the unique bond between All Might and Deku, a relationship that's more than just mentor and student.

This dynamic duo shares a connection that's deeply rooted in mutual admiration, respect, and a shared dream of true heroism.

All Might's Mentorship

Immersed in the intricate web of All Might's mentorship, Deku's journey exhibits an undeniable testament to his unwavering determination, a trait that not only won over Sir Nighteye's acceptance but also cemented the special bond between him and All Might.

Deku's selfless heroism, shaped under All Might's tutelage, resonated with Sir Nighteye, paving the way for him to recognize Deku as a worthy successor.

Deku's Heroic Potential

In the grand arena of heroism, Deku's potential shines bright, a beacon that not only mirrors All Might's legendary legacy, but also encapsulates a unique blend of tenacity and selflessness that captured Nighteye's approval.

  1. Deku's selfless heroism echoed All Might's ethos, winning Nighteye's respect.
  2. Deku's unwavering determination to save Eri demonstrated a heroic resolve.
  3. Nighteye recognized Deku's potential to inherit All Might's legacy, sealing his acceptance.

Nighteye's Quirk: Foresight

predicts future with precision

With the power of his extraordinary Quirk, Foresight, Nighteye was able to peer into the future, a skill that played a pivotal role in his decision to accept Deku for a work study. Foresight allowed him to assess Deku's hero potential, predicting actions and even seeing parallels between Deku and All Might.

Deku's unwavering determination to save Eri sealed Nighteye's acceptance.

Deku's Potential From Nighteye's Perspective

nighteye s view on deku

Imagine being Nighteye, possessing the power of Foresight yet still being surprised by Deku's potential.

You're captivated by his unseen abilities and how they align with All Might's heroism.

Let's unpack this, focusing on Nighteye's evaluation through his unique Quirk and how it shaped his view of Deku's future.

Deku's Unseen Abilities

From Nighteye's perspective, Deku seemed to radiate unseen abilities, a diamond in the rough whose potential to become a legendary hero with One For All was as bright as All Might himself.

Sir Nighteye saw:

  1. Deku's unwavering determination in saving Eri.
  2. His selfless heroism and willingness to risk his life.
  3. The strong sense of justice that drove him to go beyond his limits.

Nighteye's Foresight Evaluation

Having observed Deku's unseen abilities firsthand, Nighteye's initial skepticism began to wane, allowing him to reevaluate the young hero's potential through the lens of his unique foresight ability.

Nighteye, like Gran Torino, saw a spark in Deku that Hero Academia fans know well: the making of the best hero. His selfless heroism, akin to All Might's, convinced Nighteye that Deku could indeed carry the torch.

The Role of Destiny in My Hero Academia

fate in hero academia

In the world of My Hero Academia, destiny plays a pivotal role, particularly seen in Nighteye's acceptance of Deku for a work study, convinced by his potential to succeed All Might.

  1. Deku, born without a quirk in a world where everyone has one, is chosen by Sir Nighteye.
  2. His determination and selfless heroism impress Nighteye.
  3. Nighteye's evolving perception of Deku reflects the theme of destiny in this universe.

Nighteye's Prediction for Deku

all might s successor revealed

Let's shift our focus to Nighteye's prediction for Deku, a critical aspect of their relationship.

Imagine learning you're walking down a path foreseen to end in tragedy – that was Deku's reality.

Yet, despite this grim forecast, Nighteye saw something undeniable in Deku's potential and his relentless determination to rewrite destiny.

The Foreseen Heroic Path

Peering into Deku's future, Nighteye saw a heroic path that was initially marred by doubt, but eventually illuminated by selfless bravery, relentless determination, and a burning desire to grow.

For a long time, Nighteye observed Deku's journey. Here's what he noticed:

  1. Deku's intense zeal to learn and improve.
  2. His unwavering resolve to save lives.
  3. The unmistakable echo of All Might's spirit in Deku's relentless pursuit of heroism.

Deku's Undeniable Potential

As you follow Deku's journey, you'll notice how his undeniable potential began to shine through, particularly during the battle against Overhaul, which ultimately led Nighteye to accept him. Deku's heroic determination to save Eri, despite Nighteye's initial doubts, was a testament to his potential as a hero.

Nighteye's assessment changed, seeing in Deku the same selfless heroism that All Might embodies.

Predictions Vs. Reality

Diving into Nighteye's predictions for Deku, it's fascinating to note how reality clashed with his foresight, specifically concerning Deku's encounter with Overhaul.

  1. Despite Nighteye's doubts, Deku's resolve stayed strong, proving him wrong.
  2. Foresight's limitations were exposed by Deku's actions, highlighting the unpredictability of human spirit.
  3. Predictions were challenged and Deku's growth shone through, altering Nighteye's perception.

A thrilling clash between prophecy and reality, isn't it?

The Turning Point: Deku's Determination

deku s resolve changes fate

Undoubtedly, Deku's unwavering determination to save Eri was a pivotal turning point, sparking Nighteye's acceptance and admiration for this budding hero. Deku's resolve, selfless and heroic, deeply impressed Nighteye.

This event provided insight into Deku's potential, mirroring All Might's legacy and reinforcing Nighteye's impression of him as a worthy successor. Deku's grit, indeed, was a key factor in Nighteye's decision.

The Impact of Deku's Actions on Nighteye

significance of deku s choices

Witnessing Deku's fearless commitment to saving Eri, Nighteye's initial skepticism was transformed into admiration and acceptance. Deku's actions had three impactful moments on Nighteye:

  1. Challenged his doubts about Deku's potential.
  2. Showcased Deku's character growth and heroism.
  3. Fostered a mutual respect between them.

These moments led Nighteye to see Deku's resemblance to All Might, resulting in his acceptance.

Nighteye's Final Acceptance of Deku

nighteye embraces deku s future

In the crucible of the fight against Overhaul, Deku's unyielding determination and selfless heroism finally won over Nighteye, forging a bond of respect and acceptance. Nighteye's doubts melted away, replaced by admiration for Deku's grit.

Evaluating Deku's growth, he noticed a striking similarity to All Might. This revelation led to Nighteye's final approval, validating Deku's potential as a hero.


In the end, Deku's unyielding spirit and heroic determination won Nighteye over. Like a lighthouse cutting through the fog, Deku illuminated Nighteye's belief in altering destinies.

His heroic actions rewrote the stars, sending ripples through Nighteye's preconceived future. Deku wasn't just another hero, he was the beacon of hope that changed Nighteye's perspective, proving that the power to change the future lies not in a quirk, but in the heart of a true hero.

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