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Why Did Levi Choose Armin Over Erwin

Like a chess master contemplating a pivotal move, you're probably wondering why Levi, a character known for his strategic mind and unerring loyalty, chose Armin over Erwin in the critical moments of 'Attack on Titan'.

It's a decision that stunned fans and changed the course of the story. Is it because of Armin's potential, or was it a way to honor Erwin's wish for rest? Perhaps Levi saw in Armin a spark of hope for the future, or maybe there's more to the story.

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Let's take a closer look at this twist and unravel the layers behind Levi's controversial choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Levi's decision was driven by Armin's selfless sacrifice for humanity and his clear purpose for leading the Survey Corps.
  • Erwin's personal ambitions and ultimate sacrifice greatly influenced Levi's choice, showcasing Erwin's exceptional character.
  • Levi perceived Armin's untapped potential and grand vision as pivotal for the future leadership and direction of the Survey Corps.
  • Levi's choice symbolized the hope over despair, reshaping future storylines and character development in 'Attack on Titan'.

Understanding Levi's Dilemma

navigating moral ambiguity with levi

Diving into Levi's predicament, it's imperative to understand why he chose Armin, a young man with an unyielding spirit and a grand vision for humanity, over the battle-hardened strategist Erwin.

Levi's choice was driven by Armin's willingness to sacrifice for humanity and his clear purpose, a significant factor for the Survey Corps' long-term leadership.

Erwin's personal ambitions clouded this clarity, influencing Levi's decision.

Erwin's Leadership and Sacrifice

erwin s strategic decisions

While Levi's choice centered around Armin's clear purpose, we can't overlook the steadfast leadership and self-sacrifice that defined Erwin's command of the Survey Corps.

Erwin's leadership, marked by strategic thinking and tough decisions, inspired many. He was willing to lead by example, making the ultimate sacrifice for humanity's survival.

Erwin's sacrifice underscores his unwavering commitment, a proof of his exceptional character.

Armin's Potential and Promise

exploring armin s future success

In the wake of Erwin's sacrifice, Armin's untapped potential and unwavering promise took center stage, charting a new course for the Survey Corps.

Armin's aspirations stretched far beyond the walls, his determination evident in his optimistic conversations with Eren.

Levi's decision marked a passing of the torch to the next generation, recognizing Armin's potential to shape the future.

The Power of Levi's Decision

levi s pivotal decision making process

Upon reflecting on Levi's pivotal choice, it's clear that his decision to favor Armin over Erwin was rooted in a profound understanding of their differing aspirations and a deep concern for humanity's survival.

  • Levi's realization about Armin's dreams extending beyond immediate goals
  • The sacrifices Armin was willing to make for humanity's future
  • Levi's concern about Erwin's ultimate goals
  • Levi's decision to choose hope over despair
  • The power of Levi's decision that changed the course of history

Impact on Future Storylines

predicting future plot twists

Fasten your seatbelts, because Levi's choice to pick Armin over Erwin sets off a domino effect that dramatically reshapes future storylines.

Levi's decision thrusts Armin into a leadership role, fostering significant character development. The dynamic between Armin and the rest of the group morphs, leading to new narrative possibilities.

Indeed, Levi's choice was a game-changer, shaping the course of Attack on Titan.


So, as you can see, Levi's choice wasn't just a flip of a coin. It was a calculated decision influenced by Armin's ambitions, his selflessness, and Kenny's wisdom.

Echoing the moment when Frodo was chosen over Boromir in Tolkien's epic, Levi's choice pivoted the story's direction, leaving a profound impact on the narrative.

In the grand scheme of things, it was Armin's potential that was deemed the beacon of hope for humanity's future.

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