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Why Did Jenna Ortega Not Blink in Wednesday

Have you ever noticed the eerie stillness in Jenna Ortega’s eyes in Netflix’s Wednesday? This isn’t a coincidence. Ortega deliberately doesn’t blink, a choice made at director Tim Burton’s behest.

Why Did Jenna Ortega Not Blink In Wednesday

This unusual decision adds an extra layer of intrigue to the enigmatic character of Wednesday Addams. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool that enhances Ortega’s performance, making her depiction of Wednesday even more compelling and unforgettable.

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This technique, while seemingly simple, sets a precedent in character portrayal and challenges the norms of acting. So, if you’ve been wondering why Jenna Ortega doesn’t blink in Wednesday, you now have your answer.

Key Takeaways

  • Jenna Ortega’s deliberate choice to not blink in her portrayal of Wednesday Addams
  • Director Tim Burton’s request for Ortega to maintain an unwavering stare
  • The decision to not blink adds an extra layer of mystery to the character
  • Non-blinking enhances the eerie and mysterious world of the character

Jenna Ortega’s Unblinking Character Explained

Jenna Ortegas Unblinking Character Explained

In your observation of Jenna Ortega’s unwavering stare as Wednesday Addams, you’ll notice she doesn’t blink, a unique character trait that adds an extra layer of mystery to her role. Tim Burton told Jenna Ortega not to blink during filming, admiring the ‘Kubrick stare’ she achieved.

This intentionality, this commitment to not blinking, aligns with Burton’s preference for unblinking characters, enhancing the eerie atmosphere of his films. Ortega’s adherence to this physicality, including her restrained use of hands and arms, deepens her embodiment of Wednesday Addams.

Jenna Ortega explains how this attention to detail – the unblinking stare – is a form of nuanced acting that contributes to the character’s mystique. This analysis opens a pathway to the subsequent section discussing the impact of Ortega’s non-blinking on audience perception.

The Impact on Audience Perception

The Impact On Audience Perception

While you might initially find Jenna Ortega’s non-blinking performance as Wednesday Addams unsettling, you’ll soon realize it’s this very mannerism that draws you into the character’s eerie and mysterious world.

The Kubrick stare refers to a similar concept, a piercing gaze where the actor never blinks, enhancing the intensity of the character. Wednesday’s non-blinking nature, as portrayed by Ortega in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’, has a similar effect.

Ortega explains why Wednesday doesn’t blink anymore when playing the character, stating that ‘Tim really liked’ this particular trait. This lack of blinking has a significant impact on audience perception, making Wednesday more haunting and unforgettable.

As we delve deeper into this artistic choice, let’s explore the artistic choices behind non-blinking.

Artistic Choices Behind Non-Blinking

Artistic Choices Behind Non Blinking

You might wonder what the artistic choices are behind Jenna Ortega’s intentional non-blinking in ‘Wednesday’.

Ortega didn’t blink anymore when playing Wednesday, and this wasn’t a mere random decision. Tim Burton, the visionary behind the series, was so enamored with the intensity it added to her character that he insisted on it.

By having her relax all the muscles in her face and maintain a fixed gaze, he created an iconic Kubrick stare. Ortega, in turn, committed to the challenge. She stared through her eyebrows, which made her look more eerie and intriguing.

This non-blinking choice, while physically demanding, has significantly contributed to the distinctiveness of her character.

Now, let’s examine how this compares to other unbllinking characters in film history.

Comparisons to Other Unblinking Characters

Comparisons To Other Unblinking Characters

Despite the uniqueness of Ortega’s non-blinking Wednesday, there’s a whole host of other non-blinking characters in Burton’s films you can compare her to.

Burton’s penchant for playing with the use of the 67 muscles involved in blinking to create a specific expression is evident from the first episode through the season finale. You’ll notice the intentional non-blinking stare, a trademark Burton element, adding an eerie, mysterious aura to the characters.

As reported by Teen Vogue, like Ortega, previous Burton actors have also been enamored with the result of this non-blinking choice. It’s an intricate detail that contributes to the character’s distinctiveness and the overall Burton-esque feel.

The comparison further establishes Ortega’s Wednesday as a classic Burton character, enhancing her eerie persona.

The Mystery Fuels Online Speculations

The Mystery Fuels Online Speculations

It’s this very mystery that has you and countless others speculating online about why Jenna Ortega’s character Wednesday Addams doesn’t blink. On the Today Show, Ortega said it’s a Tim Burton thing, revealing that Burton likes his characters to lock their gaze intensely at the camera, a trait evident in many of his movies.

She further mentioned that she doesn’t blink anymore when playing Wednesday, a detail that has intrigued fans worldwide. This unblinking stare, reminiscent of the Kubrick stare, adds a distinctive touch to her face and Tim really appreciated it.

You’ve probably noticed that Burton really liked the Kubrick stare, fueling the online chatter. As you delve deeper, the thing about the blinking—or lack thereof—continues to be a peculiar point of discussion.


Like a haunting painting that never blinks, Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams has etched itself into our collective memory. Her artistic choice to not blink, directed by the visionary Tim Burton, creates an eerily captivating performance.

It’s a testament to the power of physical acting, stirring up speculation and intrigue.

Truly, Ortega’s unblinking Wednesday Addams is a masterstroke in the art of character portrayal.

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