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Why Did Eren Agree to Zekes Plan Plot Explanation

Imagine you're Eren Jaeger, grappling with the weight of your destiny and the fate of Eldians. You agree to Zeke's plan, despite its cruel implications, a decision that baffles many Attack on Titan fans.

Let's dissect this. Initially, Eren's agreement seems like an act of desperation, a gamble to gain Zeke's trust and access his royal blood. But as the plot unfolds, it's clear there's more to it. Could this seemingly rash decision represent Eren's strategic sacrifice for the greater good?

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Let's dive deeper into Eren's motivations and the consequential ripple effect on the world of Attack on Titan.

Key Takeaways

  • Eren agreed to Zeke's 'Euthanasia Plan' as a strategic maneuver to gain Zeke's trust.
  • Eren's alignment with this plan strained personal relationships but aimed towards the greater good.
  • The plan posed ethical dilemmas and potential extinction for the Eldian population.
  • Eren's true intention was to unite the world against him, planning to sacrifice himself to end Eldian persecution.

Understanding Zeke's Initial Proposal

examining zeke s original plan

To fully grasp the complexity of Eren's decision, it's important to understand Zeke's initial proposal: the 'Euthanasia Plan' – a radical solution conceived to end the Eldian's cycle of suffering by sterilizing them.

Zeke's belief was that this would prevent future generations from the tragic fate of becoming Titans.

It's a significant plot point, showcasing the profound ethical dilemmas in the story.

Eren's Decision-Making Process

complex decision making of eren

Diving into Eren's decision-making process, it becomes clear that his initial agreement to Zeke's plan was rooted in their mutual desire to safeguard Eldians from future suffering.

  1. Eren saw Zeke's euthanasia plan as a pragmatic solution to end the Eldian curse.
  2. He believed in Zeke's plan to halt the cycle of Founding Titan inheritance.
  3. Eren's agreement also served to gain Zeke's trust, while hiding his true intentions.

The Impact on Eren's Relationships

eren s relationships and impact

As Eren aligned himself with Zeke's controversial plan, it not only marked a significant shift in his strategy, but also deeply impacted his relationships with his closest allies.

Eren's true plan, cloaked in the guise of agreement with Zeke, strained these bonds. The impact on relationships was profound, as Eren's choices showed his readiness to sacrifice personal ties for what he believed was the greater good.

Resulting Consequences of the Plan

unexpected outcomes of actions

Unraveling Zeke's plan and its resulting consequences reveals the intricate web Eren had to navigate, as he initially feigned agreement to safeguard his own covert intentions.

  1. The Eldian population faced potential extinction, a consequence of the plan Eren and Zekes agreed upon.
  2. Eren's true plan required this precarious balancing act.
  3. The ethical dilemma created intense story conflict.

Eren's eventual divergence from Zeke's plan revealed his true motivations.

Unraveling Eren's True Intentions

deciphering eren s hidden motives

Peeling back the layers of Eren's strategic agreement with Zeke, we find a carefully devised plan that brilliantly manipulates the narrative to serve his real intentions.

Eren's TRUE plan wasn't about euthanasia, it was about manipulation. He intended to manipulate events, uniting the world against him as a common enemy, sacrificing himself for a larger cause – ending the cycle of Eldian persecution.


In the end, Eren's chess-like strategy was a masterstroke, showcasing his commitment to freedom and a Titan-free world. As a puppeteer pulls strings, he manipulated Zeke's plan, rejecting its aim for euthanization, and instead, embraced sacrifice for his people's liberation.

Eren's journey, fraught with complexity and sacrifice, paints a poignant picture of a man who was always moving forward, even when the road was steeped in shadows. This is the heartrending beauty of Eren's tragic evolution.

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