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When Did J.K Rowling Write Harry Potter

You’ve probably heard the story of J.K. Rowling penning the initial concepts of Harry Potter on a delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990. Is it fact or just a captivating piece of the Potter lore? As it turns out, this humble beginning is true.

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Over the next five years, she would meticulously plot out the entire seven-book series, only publishing the first novel, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,’ in 1997. But how did these years shape not only the series but also Rowling’s writing style?

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Let’s delve into this magical journey together.

Key Takeaways

  • J.K. Rowling developed a love for books from a young age and wrote her first book at the age of six, showcasing her storytelling prowess.
  • Rowling faced financial struggles, personal battles with depression, and rejections from publishers, but her dedication and resilience led to the success of the Harry Potter series.
  • Rowling meticulously planned out the intricate plotlines of all seven books over a period of five years before finishing the first one.
  • After concluding the Harry Potter series, Rowling ventured into new literary territories, releasing crime novels under a pseudonym and collaborating on ‘Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II’. She also made significant charitable contributions and founded the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

Early Life of J.K. Rowling

Early Life Of J.k. Rowling

Born on July 31, 1965, in Yate General Hospital near Bristol, J.K. Rowling spent her early years in Gloucestershire, England, and Chepstow, Wales, where she developed an ardent love for books. From an early age, Rowling was surrounded by books and had a penchant for crafting stories. She wrote her first book at six, displaying an innate storytelling prowess.

Her passion for words led her to Exeter University, where her fascination with books often resulted in library fines. Rowling’s diverse professional background, including a stint at Amnesty International, reveals a multifaceted personality.

The idea for Harry Potter was conceived in 1990, a testament to Rowling’s imaginative genius. In addition to the Harry Potter series, Rowling has also written a novel for adults, demonstrating her versatile writing skills.

Conception of Harry Potter

Conception Of Harry Potter

Diving into the conception of Harry Potter, it’s worth noting that Rowling’s idea for the globally adored series was born in 1990. She dedicated an entire five years to meticulously map out the plot for all seven books before the first was published in 1997.

The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, set the tone for the series and garnered overwhelming success. Rowling’s journey wasn’t easy, yet her passion for writing and commitment to her vision yielded a series that has profoundly impacted literature.

Her experiences, struggles, and triumphs are intricately woven into the rich tapestry of the series. So, when you read Potter, you’re not only immersed in a magical world but also witnessing the resilience of its creator.

Writing the First Book

Writing The First Book

Despite penning her first book at the tender age of six, Rowling’s journey to writing the first Harry Potter book wasn’t a straightforward one. It was underscored with financial struggles, personal battles with depression, and numerous rejections from publishers.

The inspiration for the Harry Potter series struck her on a delayed train from Manchester. She didn’t just start writing, instead, she outlined the plots for all seven books, even before the Philosopher’s Stone was finished. The first three chapters were written and re-written, as she mostly wrote in longhand, taking care to write in every spare moment.

Despite the adversities, Rowling made it. The success of Pottermore Publishing continues, showcasing the enduring appeal of the magical world she created.

Harry Potter Series Timeline

Harry Potter Series Timeline

In 1990, Joanne Rowling had the initial spark of inspiration for the Harry Potter series. Over the next five years, she meticulously planned out the intricate plotlines of all seven books. She began writing and created the famous Harry Potter books, starting with the Philosopher’s Stone. Each sequel in the series evolved, leading up to the final book, ‘Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. In 2007, Rowling announced the completion of the Deathly Hallows, which marked the end of Harry’s journey. However, this wasn’t the end for Rowling. She expressed her gratitude for continued support and mentioned her ventures into other children’s book projects. One of these projects included a new spin on Potter and the Sorcerers.

Post-Harry Potter Career

Post Harry Potter Career

After bidding farewell to the wizarding world of Harry Potter in 2007, J.K. Rowling ventured into new literary territories, proving her versatility and commitment to her craft. Under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, she released crime novels ‘Career of Evil’ and ‘Lethal White.’

Over the next five years, she expanded her range, debuting an original new story, ‘Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II.’ A collaboration with playwright Jack Thorne and director John Tiffany, it introduced a matured Potter universe.

Rowling also made significant charitable contributions, including the founding of the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

Her post-Harry Potter career shines as a testament to her enduring creativity and philanthropy.


So, you see, Rowling’s journey began over three decades ago. In the quiet corners of cafes, the world of Harry Potter took shape.

Her persistent efforts, spanning five years, culminated in a series that enchanted millions. Even after the final book, Rowling continued to breathe life into the Wizarding World, her magical quill never truly at rest.

With Harry Potter, Rowling didn’t just write a story, she crafted an enduring legacy.

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