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What Percentage of the US Population Is LGBTQ? New Data Shows Which States Have the Most

Just as you’re scrolling through these words, a new report has been released revealing eye-opening insights about the percentage of the US population that identifies as LGBTQ+. It turns out, about 5.5% of Americans, or a staggering 13.9 million adults, fall into this category.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The data also uncovers that some states are more LGBTQ+-populated than others. Washington D.C., for instance, leads with a whopping 14.3%.

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Curious to know more about the other states that top the list and the factors contributing to these diverse percentages across the country? Well, there’s plenty more to uncover.

Understanding the LGBTQ+ Population

exploring lgbtq identities and experiences

To truly grasp the complexity of the LGBTQ+ community in the U.S, you’ve got to dig deeper into the data. The Centers for Disease Control reports that the adult LGBTQ population is around 4.5%.

However, the highest percentage of adults who identify as LGBTQ are in the top states of California, Texas, and Florida, representing an essential part of the population that identifies.

State-by-State LGBTQ+ Breakdown

lgbtq demographics by state

Let’s delve into a detailed state-by-state LGBTQ+ breakdown, where you’ll find that the distribution and representation vary significantly across the country.

According to the Williams Institute at the University of California, the highest percentage of LGBTQ+ adults live in Washington D.C.

On the other hand, the number of LGBT people in the US is lowest in North Dakota.

This data provides valuable insight into the diverse LGBTQ+ population across the nation.

Generation Z and LGBTQ+ Identity

the lgbtq identity of generation z

Diving into the realm of Generation Z and their relationship with LGBTQ+ identity, you’ll find a rising trend, with Gallup reporting a significant 19.7% of this generation identifying as LGBTQ+ in 2022. That’s nearly 46 million young adults challenging traditional gender identity norms.

This wave of self-awareness is predominantly driven by bisexual people, who constitute over half of the adult LGBT population.

Bisexual Representation in LGBTQ

inclusive lgbtq bisexual representation

Building on the significant presence of bisexuality within Generation Z, it’s noteworthy that bisexual individuals actually make up over 58% of the entire LGBTQ+ population in the U.S., according to Gallup’s data.

This means that the greatest percentage of LGBTQ adults are bisexual.

The data also reveals that this number is higher than people living openly as gay or lesbian, highlighting the importance of bisexual representation in LGBTQ.

Legislation Impacting LGBTQ+ Demographics

legal changes affecting lgbtq demographics

In considering the dynamics of the LGBTQ+ population in the U.S., it’s crucial to examine the legislation impacting LGBTQ+ demographics.

Data from the Disease Control and Prevention and Institute at the University shows more LGBTQ+ individuals live in the South, specifically Florida and north, Texas and Oklahoma. In comparison, fewer reside in New York, Oregon and Delaware.

This geographical distribution might reflect varying state legislations.


As you navigate this mosaic of diversity, remember that about 5.5% of the American population identifies as LGBTQ+, with states like Washington, D.C. leading the way.

Generation Z is painting a vibrant future, with 15.2% identifying as LGBTQ+.

From state to state, the LGBTQ+ community isn’t a monolith, but a rich tapestry of experiences.

Legislation continues to shape this landscape, like an artist’s brush shaping a masterpiece, shaping our understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.

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