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What Happened to the Dad on the Goldbergs

In the world of television, characters are like the setting sun – they rise, they shine, and sometimes, they set, leaving a void that’s felt by viewers worldwide. Such is the case with Murray Goldberg from the beloved sitcom, The Goldbergs. Jeff Garlin, who brought Murray to life, recently parted ways with the show under a cloud of controversy.

What Happened To The Dad On The Goldbergs

His exit was as sudden as it was unexpected, leading to an abrupt and emotional on-screen death for his character. This departure has left fans wondering, what does this mean for the future of the show, and how will it impact the dynamic within the Goldberg family?

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Those curious to learn more will find the following discussion enlightening.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeff Garlin’s abrupt exit from The Goldbergs and allegations of misconduct led to an HR investigation.
  • Murray Goldberg’s character, central to the show, was addressed using previously shot footage and his on-screen death was announced by the showrunners.
  • Murray’s death had a significant impact on the show’s narrative trajectory, with Season 10 focusing on moving forward after his passing and the family grappling with grief and change.
  • The absence of Murray has left a profound impact on the Goldberg kids, with Erica finding solace in impending motherhood and Beverly becoming more actively involved in their lives, while the show’s plot has been restructured to reflect the shift and explore new narratives removed from his death.

Understanding Jeff Garlin’s Departure

Understanding Jeff Garlin's Departure

Jeff Garlin’s abrupt exit from The Goldbergs, following allegations of misconduct, marked a significant turning point for the show, fundamentally reshaping its dynamic and narrative structure.

Garlin’s departure was the result of an HR investigation into his on-set behavior. His character, Murray Goldberg, was a central figure in the ABC sitcom, and his abrupt departure left a void in the show’s structure.

Garlin’s exit was addressed in a unique way; creator Adam F. used previously shot footage and unused takes to incorporate Jeff Garlin’s character into the new season.

The allegations of misconduct and Garlin’s subsequent exit significantly altered the show’s narrative trajectory. The Goldbergs is now focused on exploring new storylines and character development, a change brought about by Jeff Garlin’s sudden departure.

Murray Goldberg’s On-Screen Death

Murray Goldbergs On Screen Death

In the aftermath of Jeff Garlin’s exit, the showrunners of The Goldbergs decided to confront the storyline head-on by announcing Murray Goldberg’s on-screen death in Season 10, a decision that was set to redefine the show’s future.

Co-showrunner Alex Barnow viewed this as a chance for a ‘huge reboot‘. The new season, therefore, focused on moving forward, months after Murray’s death. This was evident in the premiere episode, where an emotional tribute was paid to Murray, with the camera lingering on Murray’s empty chair, symbolizing the father’s gone but not forgotten status.

The 68 season 10 episodes henceforth, then delve into the Field of Dreams theme – the family’s journey of rediscovering their unity and strength, amidst the painful void left by Murray Goldberg.

Aftermath of Murray’s Death

Aftermath Of Murrays Death

Following the harrowing departure of Murray Goldberg, the family grapples with grief and change, navigating through previously uncharted emotional territories in the tenth season of The Goldbergs. The aftermath of Murray’s death, announced by Adam in the season premiere, unfolds in a poignant narrative in the show.

  • The Garlins mourn their late husband and father, with each episode unfolding several months after Murray’s death.
  • Beverly, several months after Murray’s death, channels her pain into preparing for her first grandchild.
  • The family goes through Murray’s belongings, multiple months removed from his passing.
  • Adam and Barry share a room, leading to emotional reconciliation.
  • The show undergoes a ‘huge reboot‘, focusing on new storylines post-Murray.

Indeed, the family’s journey signifies a shift in the show’s direction, marking a new era post-Murray.

Impact on the Goldberg Kids

Impact On The Goldberg Kids

As the Goldbergs continue to navigate the post-Murray world, the children, especially Barry (Troy Gentile), grapple significantly with their father’s absence, signifying a profound shift in their family dynamics.

Murray was always a kind and thoughtful person, his departure leaving a profound impact on his kids. Last year, they reconciled the fact that their father’s presence was missing, starting from a place of loss and confusion.

Erica (Hayley Orrantia) found solace in her impending motherhood, while Beverly became more actively involved in their lives. The phrase ‘lost my dad‘ became a common refrain, yet they’ve managed to continue on together, their resilience embodying the spirit of family unity and the enduring love they share.

The new season captures this poignant journey, painting a vivid picture of the Goldberg kids’ life post-Murray.

The Show’s Future Without Murray

The Shows Future Without Murray

With Jeff Garlin’s sudden departure, the show’s future hangs in the balance. The weight of Murray’s absence promises a ‘huge reboot‘ for the Goldbergs, catalyzing fresh stories that look ahead instead of dwelling on the past.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Chris Bishop, one of the show’s writers, confirmed the shift. He stated that the focus is now on life without Murray. The show’s plot has been restructured to reflect this, with multiple episodes already highlighting the gaping void left by Murray’s departure. Wednesday night’s episode, ‘always love you dad‘, poignantly underscored this shift.

The show’s future, though admittedly uncertain, feels like a huge opportunity to explore new narratives. Even as it remains removed from his death.


The Goldbergs faced a significant shift with Jeff Garlin’s departure, leading to the poignant loss of Murray Goldberg. This reflects the challenge TV shows often face when key actors exit unexpectedly – a situation akin to Two and a Half Men’s reboot after Charlie Sheen’s exit.

The Goldbergs’ reboot, focusing on family growth post-Murray, promises a compelling narrative shift, paving the way for new dynamics and storytelling possibilities. Nonetheless, Murray’s absence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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