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What Happened to Severide on Chicago Fire

Has there ever been a more intriguing chara’cter on ‘Chicago Fire‘ than Kelly Severide? Played by Taylor Kinney, Severide’s complex personality and unpredictable path have kept viewers hooked for years.

What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire

Recently, his sudden departure to an unknown location for an ATF investigation has sparked a flurry of speculation. Fans are left wondering not only about the future of Severide’s character, but also about the impact of his absence on his relationship with Stella Kidd.

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There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s begin the journey to uncover the mystery surrounding Severide’s sudden disappearance.

Key Takeaways

  • Taylor Kinney abruptly left the show in Season 11 due to personal reasons.
  • Severide’s absence from the premiere left fans seeking an update about his whereabouts.
  • Speculations arise about Severide’s return and his involvement in covert arson investigation.
  • Fans eagerly await new episodes for answers about Severide’s disappearance.

Kelly Severide’s Journey in ‘Chicago Fire

Kelly Severides Journey In ‘chicago Fire

Kelly Severide’s journey in ‘Chicago Fire‘ took a dramatic turn when actor Taylor Kinney, who’s brilliantly portrayed the character, abruptly left the show in Season 11 due to personal reasons. This sudden departure raised questions about Severide’s storyline on Chicago Fire Wednesday’s episodes, particularly regarding his relationship with his wife, Stella Kidd.

Severide’s absence from the premiere of Chicago Fire also left fans seeking an update about Severide’s whereabouts. As the character left Chicago to train in an arson investigation program, viewers are left in suspense about his return to Firehouse 51.

While it’s uncertain if Taylor will reprise the role of Kelly Severide on Chicago, fans remain hopeful for his return in the renewed 2023-2024 season.

The Mystery Behind Severide’s Absence

The Mystery Behind Severides Absence

The sudden disappearance of Severide from ‘Chicago Fire‘ has stirred a cloud of mystery and speculation among the show’s ardent followers. Is he coming back? Is he involved in some covert arson investigation? Or did the producers simply write him out of the show? The speculations are endless.

Analyzing the mystery behind Severide’s absence, some potential scenarios emerge:

  • Season 102: Kelly might be on a break, preparing for a grand return in the next season.
  • Firehouse 51: Severides could be away on an assignment, specifically related to Firehouse 51.
  • Arson Investigation Program: Severide (Taylor Kinney) might be deep undercover, participating in an intense arson investigation program.

The mystery behind his absence keeps everyone guessing, ensuring viewers stay hooked to every new episode.

Severide’s Relationship Timeline

Severides Relationship Timeline

While the cloud of uncertainty surrounding Severide’s sudden disappearance has kept viewers on their toes, it’s his intricate relationship timeline that has truly captivated the audience’s attention.

The Stellarides epic love story on Chicago Fire, featuring Severide and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), has been one of Severide’s most memorable romantic entanglements. However, Severide’s change of plans, when he left for an arson investigation program, sparked questions about his relationship with Stella.

Despite these doubts, Severide’s wife, Stella, brought him back to Chicago. This decision hinted at the strengthening of their bond, even as Severide also reconciled differences with Matthew Casey.

As viewers anticipate Season 12, they remain eagerly invested in the evolution of Severide’s love story with Stella.

Taylor Kinney’s Departure: Facts & Speculation

Taylor Kinneys Departure Facts Speculation

In an unexpected turn of events, Taylor Kinney, known for his role as Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire, had to step back from the series in January 2023 due to personal reasons, leaving fans in suspense about his future on the show. This happened shortly after co-star Jesse Spencer left the One Chicago franchise.

  • Taylor Kinney’s leave of absence:
  • Severide’s whereabouts in Season 12 remain a mystery, fueling speculations.
  • The Season 12 premiere of NBC’s Chicago Fire is highly anticipated, as fans hope for Kinney’s return.
  • Connection to the end of Season 11:
  • Kinney’s absence was explained as Severide undergoing arson investigation training.
  • This plot point may be revisited in the end of Season 12, further adding to the suspense surrounding Kinney’s return.

Despite the uncertainty, Taylor Kinney’s impact on Chicago Fire is undeniable.

The Future of Kelly Severide’s Character

The Future Of Kelly Severides Character

Often speculated upon, Severide’s future on Chicago Fire remains a topic of intense debate, with fans eagerly analyzing every hint dropped by the show’s creators.

As Season 12 premieres, the fate of Kelly Severide’s character becomes crucial. His time away from the show, ostensibly to deal with a personal issue, has raised questions about his future involvement.

Some fans believe his absence is a setup for him to come back with a compelling storyline, perhaps involving Severide’s most memorable romantic interest. Others are concerned he might be leaving Firehouse 51 permanently.

As the season unfolds, viewers are keen to see how the showrunners will use his absence to deal with this uncertainty, and if he’ll indeed make a triumphant return back to Chicago Fire.


In conclusion, Chicago Fire’s character, Kelly Severide’s sudden shift and silence has sparked speculation and surprise. His undisclosed ATF assignment and absence from loved ones is a tantalizing twist in the tale.

The uncertainty surrounding Taylor Kinney’s return rouses real intrigue for fans. We eagerly await answers in the anticipated new season, hoping for the heat of Severide’s return to reignite the beloved show.

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