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What Happened to Murray on the Goldbergs

Upon the release of The Goldbergs’ ninth season, viewers were left grappling with the sudden departure of the beloved character, Murray Goldberg. The series had been known for its light-hearted, comedic approach to storytelling, but Murray’s exit marked a shift towards a more somber tone.

What Happened To Murray On The Goldbergs

The absence of Murray, the family’s patriarch, raises several questions. How will the Goldberg family dynamics change without him? How will they cope with the loss and grief? Although the show has yet to fully unpack the aftermath of Murray’s departure, it’s evident that this change will significantly impact future storylines.

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Let’s explore the implications of this unexpected turn of events in more detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeff Garlin’s departure from The Goldbergs and Murray’s character being written off following allegations of misconduct.
  • The Season 10 premiere addresses Murray’s departure with the family grappling with his death and incorporates previously shot footage and unused takes of Jeff Garlin’s Murray into the narrative.
  • Beverly Goldberg finds solace in preparing for her first grandchild and copes with Murray’s absence by focusing on her imminent grandchild and reminiscing through his belongings.
  • Adam and Barry are forced into a cramped and challenging living situation, but their bond strengthens as they continue to live together after Murray’s departure.

Murray’s Departure: Season 10

Murrays Departure Season 10

Dealing with a significant shift in the show’s dynamic, The Goldbergs saw the exit of Jeff Garlin and the subsequent writing off of his character, Murray, following allegations of misconduct.

In ABC’s The Goldbergs Season 10 premiere, Murray’s departure is addressed with the family grappling with his death. The ABC sitcom cleverly used previously shot footage and unused takes of Jeff Garlin’s Murray to incorporate him into the narrative.

However, the handling of Murray’s departure, months after Murray’s death, has been heavily criticized. Critics argue the lack of focus on his demise and its impact on the family, coupled with maintaining a light-hearted tone, seemed out of sync with the season’s trajectory. Garlin’s departure indeed marked a pivotal moment in the 44-episode long season.

The Impact on Beverly Goldberg

The Impact On Beverly Goldberg

While grappling with the sudden loss of Murray, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) finds solace in preparing for her first grandchild and sorting through Murray’s belongings, a poignant activity she undertakes with Erica’s support.

The Goldberg family, without Murray, faces a new dynamic. Jeff Garlin’s exit last month has shaped the show, particularly Beverly’s character. The impact can be summarized in four key points:

  1. Beverly’s coping mechanism is focusing on her imminent grandchild and reminiscing through Murray’s belongings.
  2. She unveils a shrine of Murray’s clothes, indicating her struggle to let go.
  3. Garlin’s character departure serves as a series reboot, with Beverly playing a central role.
  4. Despite the jarring absence of Murray, Beverly’s resilience shines through, maintaining the show’s light-hearted tone.

Adam and Barry’s New Living Situation

Adam And Barrys New Living Situation

Shifting focus from Beverly’s emotional journey, the aftermath of Murray’s departure also significantly impacts Adam and Barry’s living situation, forcing the brothers into a cramped and challenging summer sharing a room.

The decision to continue on together, despite facing discomfort, underscores their resilience after Murray’s absence, addressed by showrunner Alex Barnow. While killing off Jeff Garlins – who played Murray – in December following allegations of misconduct was a bold step, it was crucial for the show’s continuity.

Adam says that his brother has always been his rock, and their new living situation, despite its challenges, strengthens their bond. It’s a testament to how the Goldbergs, though shaken by Murray’s departure, persist in their familial unity, showcasing their adaptability to change.

Erica’s Pregnancy Journey

Ericas Pregnancy Journey

In the midst of handling the ripple effects of Murray’s departure, Erica’s pregnancy announcement comes as a surprise, marking a new chapter in the Goldberg family’s life. This unexpected joy arrives several months after Murray’s tragic exit.

  1. Erica (Hayley Orrantia) navigates her pregnancy with the support of her family, despite the ongoing HR investigation related to her father’s departure.
  2. Her mother, Beverly, grieving her late husband, finds solace in her first grandchild’s impending arrival.
  3. Amid the familial changes, Murray’s absence is palpable on Wednesday night’s episode as his recliner is repurposed into a nursery glider.
  4. As Garlin said in an interview, Murray’s influence still echoes, especially through Adam (Sean Giambrone) who steps up to support Erica.

Thus, Erica’s pregnancy journey unfolds amidst the poignant memories of her father.

Barry’s Grief and Recovery

Barrys Grief And Recovery

Barry, portrayed by Troy Gentile, coped with the loss of his father, Murray, months ago. Always a kind and thoughtful person, Barry grappled with his grief. The show cast a light on his journey, revealing that he’d lost his dad – a turning point that marked his path towards recovery.

Barry found solace in their shared memories, a testament to the always love Murray had for him. Geoff (Sam), his brother, became a pillar of support. The show’s Privacy Policy ensured these sensitive scenes were handled with delicacy.

Barry’s resilience hinted that he’ll find his footing, much like Roseanne Barr did after a similar loss. This proves that even amidst grief, the show must go on.


Murray’s melancholy departure in season 10 dramatically altered the dynamics of the Goldbergs. Beverly braves a new life without her beloved while Adam and Barry battle a changed living situation.

Erica’s expecting, adding another layer of complexity to the narrative. Barry’s battle with grief is the most poignant, promising a profound exploration of loss in future episodes.

The show skillfully balances belly laughs with raw reality, ensuring an engaging emotional journey for its audience.

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