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What Happened to Max on Catfish

Max Joseph’s mysterious move from MTV’s popular program, Catfish, left many fans flummoxed.

What Happened To Max On Catfish

In August 2018, he announced his departure after a seven-season stint, sparking speculation and surprise amongst the show’s dedicated followers. His on-screen chemistry with co-host Nev Schulman had become a cornerstone of the series, and his absence left a noticeable void.

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Max mentioned pursuing his passion for filmmaking as a reason for his exit, but was there more to the story?

It’s time to take a closer look at what led to this dramatic departure and the subsequent implications for the show.

Key Takeaways

  • Max Joseph left Catfish to focus on his true passion for filmmaking.
  • His departure marked the end of his partnership with Nev Schulman on the show.
  • Max embraced a renewed focus on creating short films and feature-length movies.
  • Max’s departure left a noticeable void in the show’s on-screen chemistry.

Max Joseph’s Departure From Catfish

Max Josephs Departure From Catfish

Why did Max Joseph, the familiar face and co-host of the popular TV show Catfish, decide to depart in August 2018?

Max’s departure wasn’t a sudden impulse but a necessary decision. He’d been juggling two careers: as a host on Catfish and as a filmmaker. Balancing both proved unsustainable.

Max Joseph quit the reality TV show to focus on his first love, filmmaking. Before and during his time on the show, he was involved in directing, filming, and editing short films and documentaries. He even took a break from Catfish in 2015 to work on his first feature film, ‘We Are Your Friends.’

His decision to leave the show marked the end of his partnership with Nev Schulman, reshaping the TV show’s dynamic.

Journey Into Filmmaking

Journey Into Filmmaking

As Max Joseph bid farewell to Catfish, he eagerly embraced a renewed focus on his passion for filmmaking. His journey into filmmaking had started long before his time as a TV host and filmmaker. Max’s departure didn’t mean an end to his creative works, rather, it signified a dedication to his directorial ambitions.

The former Catfish co-host had, in fact, already made his directorial debut in 2015, with a film starring Zac Efron, while still juggling his TV duties. The time had come for Max to move on from Catfish, to fully immerse himself in creating short films and feature-length movies.

Thus, Schulman and Max Joseph parted ways, each pursuing their individual passions, but leaving an indelible mark on the reality TV genre.

Max’s View on Social Media

Maxs View On Social Media

Max Joseph’s perspective on social media is a complex one. He acknowledges its potential benefits through his documentary shorts for Vero, while also tackling its darker side in his insightful documentary ‘15 Minutes of Shame‘.

Max said he appreciates the power of the medium, yet is aware of its pitfalls. When Joseph announced his departure from the reality series ‘Catfish‘ after seven seasons, he expressed a desire for more personal creative pursuits. His Instagram post acknowledged the challenges of managing a public persona, while co-host Nev Schulmans faced unrelated allegations.

Despite his departure, Max remains connected to the show, supporting successor Kamie Crawford. His HBO Max documentary ’15 Minutes of Shame’ underscores his critical view on public shaming in the digital age, further cementing his nuanced understanding of social media’s impact.

Catfish’s New Host Introduction

Catfishs New Host Introduction

With Joseph’s departure from ‘Catfish‘ to focus on his own creative pursuits, the show introduced a new face to its audience – former beauty queen Kamie Crawford, who joined Nev Schulman as the new co-host. This catfish’s new host introduction came as a surprise but was well-received. Kamie’s careers as a TV host and her natural flair for investigation complemented Nev’s style. They brought a fresh dynamic to the show, even as the audience missed Max.

The real reason Max left was to focus on filmmaking, but his bromance with Schulman had blossomed throughout the first season, making his exit a bittersweet moment. Working on this show, Nev continues to expose the realities of deceptive online relationships in his unique way.

Impact of Max’s Exit on Catfish

Impact Of Maxs Exit On Catfish

The departure of Max Joseph from Catfish in August 2018 sent ripples through the show’s dynamic, signaling the end of his much-loved partnership with Nev Schulman and paving the way for a new era of co-hosts.

His exit, after straddling two careers for the last seven years, was a reflection of his level of busy-ness and the need to focus on one life path.

The impact of his absence was felt in Season seven, with the show resorting to a rotating panel of guest hosts. This would come to define the new rhythm of Catfish, a show whose identity for years has been one of a dynamic duo.

Amid this change, speculation of a possible return of Max in the future continues to keep the audience engaged.


Max’s exit from Catfish was a pivotal turn, marking his transition from TV host to full-time filmmaker. His departure not only shook up the show’s dynamic but also paved the way for a fresh face on the hosting panel.

As goes the old saying, ‘when one door closes, another opens,’ Max’s departure opened new doors for him and the Catfish team, proving that change, although unsettling, can bring forth fresh opportunities and growth.

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