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What Happened to Kennedy on Fox News

Like a bolt from the blue, the popular Fox News program ‘Kennedy‘, helmed by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, got the axe. The sudden cancellation left both viewers and industry insiders scratching their heads, particularly considering the show’s robust viewership.

What Happened To Kennedy On Fox News

Kennedy, known for her razor-sharp wit and incisive commentary, has spent the last six years at the helm of this eponymous show. The abrupt end raises several questions about the decision-making process at Fox Business, Montgomery’s future at the network, and the larger implications for the changing landscape of cable news.

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Despite the program’s termination, Montgomery isn’t packing up her journalistic toolkit just yet – she’ll be sticking around Fox, albeit in a different role. But exactly what that will look like, and what led to this surprising twist, is a story still to unfold.

Key Takeaways

  • Lisa Kennedy Montgomery hosted the late-night program ‘Kennedy‘ on Fox Business Network, but it was abruptly canceled and replaced with reruns of Larry Kudlow’s show.
  • Despite the cancellation, Montgomery continues to work with Fox News, appearing on other programs like ‘Outnumbered‘ and hosting her podcast ‘Kennedy Saves the World‘.
  • The decision to replace ‘Kennedy‘ with reruns of Larry Kudlow’s show sparked controversy and speculation about Montgomery’s future and her impact on Fox News.
  • Official statements confirm that Montgomery will continue to contribute to Fox News in different roles, remaining a political commentator and appearing on other Fox shows like ‘Outnumbered‘ and ‘The Five‘.

Background of Kennedy’s Career

Background Of Kennedys Career

How did Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, a host on Fox since 2015 with a rich background in pop culture that includes being an MTV VJ, become a frequent panelist on Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered‘, a guest on ‘The Five‘, and the host of her own podcast ‘Kennedy Saves the World‘?

Kennedy’s journey from former MTV VJ Lisa to a recognized figure on Fox News and Fox Business Network can be attributed to her diverse experience and deep knowledge of pop culture. Her engaging personality, coupled with her ability to analyze and comment on a wide range of topics, made her a natural choice for Fox.

She’s hosted successful shows on Fox Business, demonstrating her versatility. Her unique background in pop culture sets her apart, contributing to her success on ‘Outnumbered‘, ‘The Five’, and her podcast.

Kennedy’s Show on Fox News

Kennedys Show On Fox News

Despite its distinct late-night tone and being a staple of the Fox Business Network lineup since 2015, ‘Kennedy,’ hosted by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, met an untimely end when it was canceled and replaced with reruns of Larry Kudlow’s show in the prime 7 p.m. slot.

The final episode of Kennedy marked the end of an era. Lisa, however, continues her association with Fox, appearing on ‘Outnumbered‘ and hosting the podcast ‘Kennedy Saves the World‘.

This change was part of a broader reshuffle strategy within the network, which saw the rise of Larry Kudlow’s show, the most-watched program on Fox Business, with an average of 260,000 viewers at 4 p.m. ET in May 2023. This move underlines Fox’s commitment to economic and business-oriented programming.

The Sudden Disappearance

The Sudden Disappearance

In a surprising turn of events, Fox Business abruptly pulled the plug on the nightly program ‘Kennedy,’ replacing it with reruns of Larry Kudlow’s show in the prime 7 p.m. time slot. Fox News Media’s decision to cancel ‘Kennedy‘ shocked many, marking a sudden end to Lisa Kennedy Montgomery’s nightly program, while affirming that Montgomery will remain with Fox.

Despite ‘Kennedy Saves the World‘ no longer filling the weekday slot, Montgomery’s media career on Fox continues. Her voice remains a part of the Fox News team, contributing to other programs like ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.‘ On Fridays, Maria Bartiromo’s ‘Wall Street‘ takes over the slot.

The last ‘Kennedy‘ episode aired on June 1, signifying the end of one chapter but not the entirety of Montgomery’s Fox journey.

Public Reaction and Speculation

Public Reaction And Speculation

What’s the buzz on the abrupt cancellation of ‘Kennedy‘ on Fox Business? The public reaction has been mixed, with an outpouring of support for Kennedy, a former MTV VJ turned Fox News radio host.

Disappointment is rampant among viewers who praised Kennedy’s eight-year tenure.

The decision to replace ‘Kennedy‘ with reruns of Larry Kudlow’s show, hosted by the former National Economic Council director under the Trump administration, has sparked controversy.

Speculation circulates around Kennedy’s future, as she continues to contribute to Fox News and hosts the Fox News radio show.

The public is also curious about the impact of these changes on Fox Business and the potential effects on the viewership of the Wall Street Journal director’s show.

Official Statements and Future Plans

Official Statements And Future Plans

Following the abrupt cancellation of ‘Kennedy‘ on Fox Business, official statements confirm that the host, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, isn’t leaving the network but will continue to contribute in different roles.

The conservative news network parted with the show, but not with Kennedy Montgomerys. She’ll remain a political commentator, leading to an on-air presence on other Fox shows. Kennedy, hosted by Lisa Kennedy, will continue via the Fox News podcast Kennedy. She’s projected to appear on programs such as ‘Outnumbered‘ and ‘The Five‘.

The official statements and future plans suggest that Kennedy’s voice will remain a staple on the network, despite the changes. With all right rights reserved, Fox appears committed to retaining Kennedy’s unique perspective within their broadcast lineup.


The curtain has fallen on ‘Kennedy‘ on Fox News, leaving fans in the lurch. Like a cherished book abruptly ending mid-chapter, viewers are left wondering what’s next.

Despite the sudden disappearance, Montgomery’s career isn’t fading into the sunset. She remains a key player in the Fox News lineup, reminding us that even as shows come and go, the resilience and adaptability of seasoned broadcasters shine through, like a lighthouse amidst the tumultuous sea of media changes.

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