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What Happened to Frank on American Pickers

Just like a well-oiled machine that suddenly grinds to a halt, the dynamic duo of American Pickers hit a snag when Frank Fritz, one half of the pair, mysteriously disappeared from the show. He’s been absent from recent seasons, leaving fans questioning his whereabouts and the reasons behind his sudden departure. His exit wasn’t accompanied by any official announcements, creating a cloud of speculation.

What Happened To Frank On American Pickers

As viewers, we’re left to piece together the puzzle, wondering whether Frank’s health issues, reported disagreements with co-host Mike Wolfe, or other undisclosed factors are to blame. The intrigue surrounding Frank’s current situation and potential return certainly keeps us on tenterhooks, eager for clarity.

Key Takeaways

  • Frank Fritz mysteriously disappeared from American Pickers in 2020, with no official announcements about his departure.
  • Tensions between Frank and co-host Mike Wolfe escalated, with Frank perceiving Mike’s actions during his absence as undermining.
  • Frank battled alcoholism, which severely impacted his health and decision-making, leading to his departure from the show.
  • There are speculations about Frank’s potential return to the show, with Mike Wolfe expressing hope and Danielle Colby showing support for his recovery.

The Disappearance of Frank Fritz

The Disappearance of Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz’s vanishing act from American Pickers, marked by his absence in the 2020 episodes, has left fans speculating about his permanent departure, with his health issues and alleged actions from Mike Wolfe casting a long shadow over his non-involvement with the show.

When Fritz had left the reality show, his absence was quickly noticed and questions arose regarding his possible return. The emotional reunion between Wolfe and Frank Fritz, revealed a glimmer of hope for fans, despite the strained relationship.

Yet, Fritz’s absence from the show continues, leaving viewers missing the former American Pickers star. The uncertainty surrounding Fritz’s return to the show, his health, and his relationship with Wolfe has transformed Fritz from a beloved picker into a figure shrouded in mystery.

Friction Between Frank and Mike

Friction Between Frank And Mike

Tensions between Fritz and Wolfe have undeniably escalated, with Fritz’s health challenges and Wolfe’s alleged actions adding fuel to the fire, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the once dynamic duo’s future on American Pickers. The friction between Frank and Mike was palpable, adding a behind the scenes drama to the History Channel show.

The deterioration of their bond:

  • Fritz’s health issues, particularly his debilitating stroke, had been a major catalyst.
  • Wolfe’s alleged actions during Fritz’s absence, which were perceived by Frank as undermining, further strained their relationship.
  • Fritz’s exit from the show was a culmination of these tensions, leaving fans of the reality TV show questioning the future of American Pickers without its former co-hosts’ banter and camaraderie.

Frank’s Battle With Alcoholism

Franks Battle With Alcoholism

Battling the demons of addiction, Fritz sought refuge at the Abbey Center in Bettendorf, Iowa, where he started a journey to sobriety that continues to this day.

Frank’s battle with alcoholism was a significant challenge, severely impacting his health issues and decision-making capacity. His struggle led to his departure from American Pickers, a move that surprised many of his fans.

During the height of his addiction, Fritz was unable to care for himself and had stopped drinking anymore. The medical care and in-patient treatment he received undoubtedly saved his life. His journey is a testament to resilience.

Despite the speculations, the journey that Frank Fritz has embarked upon is still ongoing, and we can only hope for his continued recovery and potential return to American Pickers.

Frank’s Potential Return to the Show

Franks Potential Return To The Show

In the midst of his ongoing recovery, whispers about Fritz’s potential re-entry into the American Pickers saga have begun to circulate, stirring up a mix of anticipation and concern among the show’s dedicated fan base.

This follows after ‘Frank Fritz Finds‘ that Fritz had suffered a debilitating ailment. Despite the challenges, American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe has been hopeful of Frank’s potential return, expressing, ‘I would love to talk to Frank, get him back on the show.’

Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and fans anticipate Frank’s return to American Pickers.

  • Mike Wolfe and Fritz’s emotional reunion sparked speculation.
  • Danielle Colby expressed support for Fritz’s recovery.
  • Fans eagerly await the return of Fritz’s unique charm and expertise.

The question remains, will we see a return to American Pickers with Frank Fritz back on the treasure hunt?

Current Life of Frank After American Pickers

Current Life of Frank After American Pickers

Despite his departure from American Pickers, Frank Fritz’s life hasn’t slowed down, with his focus now firmly on recovering from his debilitating stroke in July 2022 and managing his small monthly investment income.

The current life of Frank after American Pickers is dominated by his health struggles. However, he’s determined to fight, showcasing his resilience on social media.

Even though he’s been away from the reality TV screen for years, his former partner Mike Wolfe continues to support him vocally, sparking hope for Frank’s potential return to the show.

Though Frank’s circumstances have radically changed, he carries an indomitable spirit. Fans eagerly wait for the day when they’ll see him back, picking treasures with Mike Wolfe again.


Frank Fritz’s journey has been a roller-coaster; from being a beloved figure on American Pickers to battling alcoholism and health issues.

Remarkably, despite a debilitating stroke in 2022, he’s shown resilience, sparking rumors of a potential return.

However, with American Pickers’ viewership still strong at around 3 million per episode, the show’s future seems secure, with or without Frank.

Ultimately, his personal health and recovery remain the primary focus.

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