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Uttar Pradesh’s Innovative ‘Paying Guest’ Scheme: A Game-Changer for Ayodhya’s Tourism

In a strategic move to boost tourism in Ayodhya, the Uttar Pradesh government has launched an innovative ‘Paying Guest’ scheme under its ‘Navya Ayodhya’ project.

Uttar Pradeshs Innovative Paying Guest Scheme A Game Changer For Ayodhyas Tourism

This initiative is set to revolutionize the accommodation and culinary experiences for tourists, devotees, and travelers visiting the city.

Empowering Local Communities Through Hospitality

Empowering Local Communities Through Hospitality

The core of the Paying Guest scheme is to empower residents by enabling them to offer paying guest facilities and homestays. This approach provides tourists with a more authentic and personal experience and opens up various income and self-employment avenues for the locals.

From hosting guests to cooking traditional Awadhi meals, the scheme creates new job opportunities, tapping into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Culinary Delights and Cultural Immersion

Culinary Delights And Cultural Immersion

A unique aspect of this scheme is its focus on the rich Awadh culinary heritage. Tourists can enjoy unique dining experiences featuring millet dishes, among other local delicacies, providing a taste of the region’s traditional cuisine.

This culinary aspect adds significant value to the overall tourism experience in Ayodhya.

Responding to the Surge in Tourism

Responding To The Surge In Tourism

With Ayodhya emerging as a top destination, the Paying Guest scheme is a timely response to the increasing demand for accommodation.

The city has seen a significant rise in travel searches and hotel rates, especially around important events like the temple opening.

The scheme is expected to provide a more affordable and culturally rich alternative to traditional hotel stays.

Boosting Local Economy and Tourism

Boosting Local Economy And Tourism

The scheme is not just about providing accommodation; it’s about leveraging the potential of Ayodhya’s tourism to boost the income of local residents.

With domestic tourism in Ayodhya already showing a massive jump from 0.17 million in 2021 to 23.6 million in 2022, the Paying Guest scheme is poised to play a crucial role in sustaining and growing this trend.

Improved connectivity through new semi-high-speed trains like the Vande Bharat Express and increased flight services further complement this initiative.

A Targeted Approach for Sustainable Growth

A Targeted Approach For Sustainable Growth

The state has set an ambitious target of registering 1,000 houses in Ayodhya under the scheme. With over 460 people already certified out of 600 applicants, the proactive processing of submissions by various agencies clearly indicates the government’s commitment to achieving this goal.

The Holy Ayodhya mobile app developed by the Ayodhya Development Authority facilitates room bookings, allowing tourists to discover availability, pricing, and amenities before booking their preferred homestays online.


The Paying Guest scheme by the Uttar Pradesh government is a forward-thinking initiative that promises to transform Ayodhya’s tourism landscape.

By empowering local communities, enhancing the tourist experience, and boosting the local economy, this scheme sets a new benchmark in sustainable tourism practices. It’s a model that other regions can emulate to promote cultural immersion and economic development through tourism.

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