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Unexpected Celebrities That Play Genshin Impact

You might not be aware, but Genshin Impact, the popular open-world action role-playing game, has caught the attention of numerous celebrities worldwide.

From K-pop stars to renowned actors and virtual YouTubers, these famous faces are not just playing the game in their downtime, they’re reaching impressive ranks, assembling powerful teams, and even sharing their gaming experiences with fans.

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Celebrities That Play Genshin Impact

They’re proving that the appeal of Genshin Impact crosses industries and continents.

So, who are these celebrity players, you ask? Well, let’s uncover some of these stars and their adventures in the world of Teyvat.

You might find unexpected names on the list.

Key Takeaways

  • Felix from Stray Kids, Alden Richards, Vox Akuma, and English voice actors Zach Aguilar and Erika Harlache are celebrities who play Genshin Impact.
  • Felix’s team in the game consists of Baal, Ayaka, Bennett, and Qiqi.
  • Alden Richards has achieved the highest Adventure Rank in the game, which is Rank 60.
  • Vox Akuma showcases a formidable team of playable characters.
  • These celebrities contribute to the Genshin Impact community by offering advice, enhancing the gameplay experience, and adding depth through their involvement.
  • Felix from Stray Kids and Alden Richards share their Genshin Impact experiences on TikTok, while their YouTube channel gameplay is highly regarded.
  • Zach Aguilar and Erika Lynn Harlache also share their Genshin experiences on TikTok.
  • Vox Akuma’s unique charm stems from his love for the game’s voice actors.
  • TikTok showcases creative character associations, such as comparing Beidou to Beyonce.

Stray Kids’ Felix’s Genshin Adventures

Stray Kids Felixs Genshin Adventures

Delving into the Genshin Impact world, Felix from Stray Kids not only enjoys playing the game with his well-crafted team of Baal, Ayaka, Bennett, and Qiqi, but also offers insightful advice on team compositions and weapon choices.

At 21, Felix’s passion for Genshin Impact is infectious and his gameplay shares are eagerly anticipated by fans.

He’s not just a musician, he plays Genshin Impact with gusto and strategy.

Alden Richards: Unexpected Genshin Fan

Alden Richards Unexpected Genshin Fan

Surprisingly, Filipino superstar Alden Richards isn’t just lighting up the screen with his acting prowess, but he’s also reaching the pinnacle of Genshin Impact, having achieved Adventure Rank 60, the highest rank in the game.

This unexpected Genshin fan has invested considerable time and money, showcasing a formidable team of playable characters.

It’s clear – among celebrities playing Genshin Impact, Richards is a huge fan.

Vox Akuma’s Involvement in Genshin Impact

Vox Akumas Involvement In Genshin Impact

If you’re an avid watcher of Genshin Impact streams on YouTube, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Vox Akuma, a beloved male virtual YouTuber and dedicated player known for his entertaining and engaging content.

His love for the game’s voice actors, specifically Venti’s, adds a unique charm to his streams.

Although not the main protagonist, his involvement enhances the community, making gameplay more enjoyable for all.

Genshin Voice Actors Who Play the Game

Genshin Voice Actors Who Play The Game

Beyond the realm of dedicated players lie celebrities like Felix from Stray Kids and Alden Richards, who not only immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Genshin Impact but also share valuable gameplay tips and insights with their fans.

English voice actors like Zach Aguilar and Erika Harlache, who voice the Knights of Favonius, are also avid video game players, offering a unique perspective as Genshin voice actors who play the game.

Unveiling Genshin Players on TikTok

Unveiling Genshin Players On Tiktok

Taking a digital step further into the world of Genshin Impact, let’s explore the fascinating realm of TikTok. Celebrities and voice actors share their gaming experiences, tips, and clever character associations.

  • Find celebrities like Felix from Stray Kids and Alden Richards.
  • There’s nothing like their YouTube channel gameplay.
  • Also play Call of Duty and Art Online.
  • Discover voice actors like Zach Aguilar and Erika Lynn Harlache.
  • Share their Genshin experiences and gameplay.
  • Explore creative character associations like Beidou as Beyonce.


In wrapping up, it’s clear as a bell that Genshin Impact has met the mark even in the celebrity world, with stars like Felix, Alden Richards, and Vox Akuma leading the vanguard.

It’s not just a game of the past, it’s shaping our digital zeitgeist.

So, whether you’re a K-pop enthusiast, an Aldub fan, or a virtual YouTuber follower, there’s a Genshin Impact celebrity player you can connect with.

Who knows, you might even spot them on your next TikTok scroll!

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