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15 Most Memorable Graham Norton Show Moments

While some might argue that talk shows are all the same, The Graham Norton Show shatters that misconception with its unique blend of humor, celebrity revelations, and unforgettable moments. This British comedy chat show has served up laugh-out-loud moments with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, creating a treasure trove of memorable television.

Top 15 Most Memorable Graham Norton Show Moments

This article takes a trip down memory lane, revisiting the top 15 unforgettable moments on The Graham Norton Show, from Paul Rudd’s hilarious re-enactments to Rebel Wilson’s surprising skills.

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So sit back, relax, and prepare to chuckle as we delve into these standout moments that prove why The Graham Norton Show is a cut above the rest.

Key Takeaways

  • The Graham Norton Show is known for its memorable and hilarious moments, featuring celebrities reenacting scenes, sharing embarrassing stories, and engaging in comedic banter.
  • Mark Ruffalo’s epic disses and savage humor on the show, particularly aimed at Josh Whittam’s fear of girls over 12, have become iconic moments.
  • Greg Davis’ toilet incident, with Jack Whitehall and Jennifer Lawrence’s dynamic duo moment, provided a hilarious and awkward story about a broken toilet in Spain.
  • Other notable moments include Chris Pratt’s surprising talent for mastering the Essex accent, Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne’s short-lived careers in modeling, and Ryan Gosling’s adorable dance moves as a child.

Paul Rudd’s Basic Instinct Throwback

Paul Rudds Basic Instinct Throwback

One standout moment on The Graham Norton Show was Paul Rudd’s hilarious reenactment of the iconic Basic Instinct scene, a throwback that left both the audience and his fellow guests in stitches. This was a pivotal moment in the show’s history, showcasing Paul Rudd’s versatility, comedic timing, and willingness to embrace the unexpected.

His iconic reenactment not only paid homage to a classic film moment, but also highlighted his ability to entertain with ease and authenticity. This segment was later followed by the pickup line trio’s comedic gold – a hilarious interaction between Brian Cranston, Eddie Redmayne, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Their attempts at delivering cheesy pickup lines generated waves of laughter, further enhancing the episode’s entertainment quotient. The Graham Norton Show, known for its humor and spontaneity, hit a high note with Rudd’s unforgettable performance.

The Pickup Line Trio

The Pickup Line Trio

The Pickup Line Trio, featuring Brian Cranston, Eddie Redmayne, and Benedict Cumberbatch, is another unforgettable moment on The Graham Norton Show that had viewers rolling with laughter. Each actor took their turn delivering both successful and failed pickup lines, demonstrating their comedic chops and leaving the audience in stitches.

  • Cranston’s delivery of a cringe-worthy line was a memorable pickup line fail, yet his confidence made it entertaining.
  • Redmayne, on the other hand, nailed a pickup line success, charming everyone with his British accent and boyish charm.
  • Cumberbatch’s pickup line, while initially seeming like a fail, was saved by his suave demeanor and quick wit.
  • The highlight was the trio’s collective delivery of a single line, proving that even pickup line fails can be hilarious when executed with comedic timing and charisma.

Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk Humor

Mark Ruffalos Hulk Humor

Shifting from pickup lines to Hulk humor, another standout moment features Mark Ruffalo’s quick-witted jabs and disses on The Graham Norton Show. Known for his role as the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ruffalo brought his character’s strength into his sharp humor.

His witty comebacks left the audience in stitches, showcasing his comedic prowess. One memorable instance involved Jennifer Lawrence’s modeling mishaps, where Ruffalo playfully teased her about her less-than-graceful moments on the runway. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Ruffalo’s humor lightened the mood and brought about much-needed laughter.

This episode is a testament to Ruffalo’s ability to combine humor with his iconic Hulk image, making it a must-watch for all fans of The Graham Norton Show.

Greg Davis’ Toilet Tale

Greg Davis Toilet Tale

In a significant number of episodes, Greg Davis’ hilarious recounting of a toilet incident stands out as a memorable moment on The Graham Norton Show. This particular installment featured Greg Davis’ embarrassing bathroom incident, causing the audience and fellow guests to erupt in laughter.

The story involved:

  • A late-night trip to the bathroom
  • The unfortunate aftermath of a spicy meal
  • A desperate attempt to clean up the mess
  • The horrified reaction of the cleaning staff

This tale became even more amusing when juxtaposed with Jack Whitehall’s toilet mishap, which had previously set the bar for bathroom-related humor on the show. These incidents, while embarrassing for the comedians, provided unforgettable entertainment for the viewers.

Chris Pratt’s Essex Accent Mastery

Chris Pratts Essex Accent Mastery

Another unforgettable moment on The Graham Norton Show features Hollywood actor Chris Pratt’s shockingly accurate Essex accent. He revealed his unexpected skill during a discussion about the British reality show ‘The Only Way is Essex‘.

Pratt’s Essex accent, honed while filming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, left fellow guests and audience members in stitches. The authenticity of Pratt’s Essex accent versus other celebrity accents was impressive, provoking amazed gasps and laughter.

Chris Pratt’s Essex accent reaction was priceless as he relished in the surprise of his fellow guests and the audience. His impeccable delivery of the distinctive dialect showcased his talent for mimicry and added another memorable moment to the Graham Norton Show’s collection.

Modeling Days: Jennifer Lawrence Vs Eddie Redmayne

Modeling Days Jennifer Lawrence Vs Eddie Redmayne

Graham Norton’s couch has seen its share of stories, and the tale of Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne’s foray into modeling doesn’t disappoint.

Both actors shared their modeling experiences, with Lawrence revealing her not-so-graceful runway walk, and Redmayne reminiscing about his modeling mishaps.

Lawrence’s runway walk was far from traditional, favoring a more casual style that she admitted didn’t fare well in the modeling world.

Redmayne’s modeling mishaps were a source of amusement, with him recounting a few embarrassing on-set stories.

Their modeling careers were short-lived, but these experiences provided the actors with valuable lessons.

Despite their early challenges, both Lawrence and Redmayne have since found great success in their acting careers, leaving their modeling days far behind.

Ryan Gosling’s Childhood Dance Moves

Ryan Goslings Childhood Dance Moves

Ryan Gosling’s early stint as a child dancer, showcased on The Graham Norton Show, certainly ranks as one of the most unforgettable moments.

The audience was treated to clips of a young Gosling, fearlessly showing off his moves in dance competitions. His dance competition rivalry, evident even at such a young age, added an edge to Gosling’s seemingly innocent performances.

It’s clear that this early exposure to the limelight shaped Gosling’s acting career. His childhood dance moves, full of confidence and charisma, translated seamlessly onto the big screen. Gosling’s ability to captivate an audience, a skill honed during his dance competitions, has undoubtedly played a significant role in his successful acting career.

This memorable Norton Show glimpse into Gosling’s past was both entertaining and enlightening.

Baking Innuendos With Hugh Jackman and Billy Crystal

Baking Innuendos With Hugh Jackman And Billy Crystal

Switching gears from dance to culinary arts, a standout moment on The Graham Norton Show was when Hugh Jackman and Billy Crystal dished out a healthy serving of hilarity with their take on baking innuendos. The duo, known for their quick wit and comedic timing, left the audience in stitches as they read ‘erotic baking comments’ from the Great British Bake Off, adding their own cheeky twist.

  • Hugh Jackman, embracing his ‘kinky Wolverine‘ persona, delivered the comments with a delightful mix of shock and amusement.
  • Billy Crystal perfectly complemented Jackman, serving up his own brand of humor.
  • Their infectious laughter and camaraderie made the segment all the more enjoyable.
  • The surprising revelation that Crystal is well-versed in baking terms added another comedic aspect to the bit.

An unforgettable moment, their baking innuendos segment is one for the books.

Rebel Wilson’s Unexpected Ninja Skills

Rebel Wilsons Unexpected Ninja Skills

Moving on to our seventh most memorable moment, we can’t help but marvel at Rebel Wilson’s surprising ninja skills that she revealed on The Graham Norton Show. Known for her hilarious roles in movies, Rebel Wilson’s comedic timing is a joy to watch, but her hidden talents took the audience by surprise. Having been trained in martial arts, Wilson’s unexpected display of nunchuck skills left everyone speechless.

Here’s a quick recap of the moment:

Indeed, Rebel Wilson’s hidden talents make her appearances on The Graham Norton Show unforgettable.

Miriam Marges’ Shocking Stories

Miriam Marges Shocking Stories

While Rebel Wilson’s ninja antics left the audience astounded, it’s Miriam Marges’ shocking and crass stories that truly keep viewers on their toes during her appearances on The Graham Norton Show.

From her unexpected anecdotes to her unapologetic humor, Marges never fails to entertain.

She’s shared a variety of shocking stories, including:

  • Her hilarious encounter with Lawrence Olivier, where her audacity left the audience in stitches.
  • An outrageous ‘making it rain‘ experience that was both cringe-worthy and amusing.
  • Her candid confessions of youthful indiscretions.
  • Not to mention her unabashed commentary on fellow celebrities.

Marges’ appearances are a wild ride, full of surprises and laughter, making her segments some of the most memorable moments on the show.

The Fly Incident With Chris O’dowd

The Fly Incident With Chris Odowd

Another unforgettable moment on The Graham Norton Show involves Chris O’Dowd and an unexpected interaction with a fly. While enjoying a drink, a fly dives into O’Dowd’s glass. Unaware, he takes a sip, and the realization hits him—he’s just chewed on the uninvited guest.

Chris O’Dowd’s hilarious reaction is priceless—his look of horror amplifies the unexpected comedic value of the incident. The studio audience erupts into laughter, along with fellow guests Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell, who are equally shocked by the fly’s unfortunate end.

This incident may have been accidental, but it certainly left a lasting impression, catapulting it into the list of most memorable moments on The Graham Norton Show.

Kristen Wiig’s Sneaky Jump Scare

Kristen Wiigs Sneaky Jump Scare

In a surprising turn of events on The Graham Norton Show, Kristen Wiig masterfully pulled off a jump scare that left everyone, including the audience, in fits of laughter. Using her comedic genius, Wiig managed to turn a regular interview into one of the show’s most memorable pranks.

Wiig’s nonchalant demeanor before the scare was a brilliant setup. Her calm and collected appearance gave no indication of the hilarious scare that was about to happen. The audience and fellow guests were completely unsuspecting, making the prank even more effective.

The reactions of the fellow guests were priceless and added to the hilarity. Their shocked expressions, screams, and laughter created a contagious atmosphere of amusement. It was evident that Wiig’s unexpected scare caught them completely off guard.

Wiig’s comedic timing was spot on, catching everyone off guard. She knew exactly when to deliver the scare to maximize its comedic impact. Her ability to create a perfectly timed moment of surprise demonstrated her expertise as a comedic actress.

This moment served as a testament to Wiig’s versatility as a comedic actress. Not only is she skilled at delivering scripted jokes, but she also has the ability to improvise and create spontaneous moments of comedy. Her jump scare showcased a different side of her talent and solidified her reputation as a versatile performer.

This sneaky jump scare by Wiig will always be remembered as a standout moment, showcasing just how fun and unpredictable The Graham Norton Show can be. It’s moments like these that make the show a favorite among viewers, as it consistently delivers unexpected and entertaining surprises.

Steve Carell’s Killer Comedy Timing

Steve Carells Killer Comedy Timing

Not to be overshadowed, Steve Carell’s killer comedy timing on The Graham Norton Show is another iconic moment that had the audience in stitches. Known for his iconic characters such as Michael Scott from ‘The Office‘ and Brick Tamland from ‘Anchorman,’ Carell brought his A-game to Graham Norton’s couch.

His quick wit and dry humor, combined with his fantastic improvisation skills, made for a memorable appearance that left viewers laughing long after the show ended. Whether he was recounting hilarious anecdotes from behind the scenes of his films or engaging in playful banter with other guests, Carell’s comedic timing was always spot-on.

This fun and lively segment is a testament to Steve Carell’s natural comedic talent and ranks among the top moments of the show.

Chris O’Dowd’s Hilarious Horror

Chris O'Dowd's Hilarious Horror

One unforgettable moment on The Graham Norton Show features Chris O’Dowd’s hilarious look of horror when he accidentally chews on a fly that lands in his drink. This laugh-out-loud episode is also known as the ‘Chris ODowd‘s fly mishap.’

The Irish actor, unsuspectingly sips his drink with the uninvited guest, causing a riot of laughter in the studio. O’Dowd‘s shocked reaction when he realises his mistake, Kristen Wiig’s surprising scare as she witnesses the fly mishap, the studio audience erupting in laughter at the unexpected scene, and Graham Norton’s delight at the unplanned comic moment.

This hilarious incident is a feather in the cap of The Graham Norton Show’s memorable moments, demonstrating the unpredictable nature of live television.

Miriam Marges’ Naughty Narratives

Miriam Marges Naughty Narratives

Shifting from the hilarity of unexpected mishaps, Miriam Marges’ naughty narratives add a layer of audacious humor to The Graham Norton Show’s most memorable moments.

Known for her scandalous anecdotes, Marges never shies away from sharing her most unconventional experiences. Each revelation, more outrageous than the last, leaves the audience and guests in stitches, contributing to the show’s irresistible charm.

One such tale followed the infamous fly incident, where Marges masterfully spun an aftermath narrative, perfectly balancing shock and laughter. Her mischievous storytelling, coupled with her unapologetic honesty, has secured her spot in the show’s unforgettable moments.

Miriam Marges’ scandalous anecdotes remain a testament to the show’s ability to blend humor and surprise, making each episode a delightful treat.


In conclusion, The Graham Norton Show has etched its place in the hearts of audiences worldwide with its hilarious and memorable moments.

From Chris Pratt’s uncanny Essex accent to the shocking tales of Miriam Marges, this show never fails to entertain.

Picture yourself, laughing till you cry at Greg Davis’ hungover mishap – that’s what every episode promises.

It’s more than just a chat show, it’s a powerhouse of entertainment, reminding us why we love television so much.

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