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15 Epic Anime Moments of the Century (So Far)

With over 100,000 anime episodes produced this century, it’s no surprise that there have been countless epic moments. But which scenes stand out above the rest?

The ‘Top 15 Epic Anime Moments of the Century (So Far)’ takes you on a thrilling journey through the most unforgettable instances.

Top 15 Epic Anime Moments Of The Century So Far

Whether it’s Naruto’s iconic Nine-Tails battle, Eren’s chilling first Titan transformation, or Luffy’s awe-inspiring Gear Second, each moment is sure to stir up nostalgia and excitement.

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It’s not just a trip down memory lane, but a celebration of the extraordinary storytelling that’s made anime a global phenomenon. So, sit back and get ready to relive the magic and adventure of the century’s best anime moments.

Key Takeaways

  • The anime series mentioned in the background have numerous epic moments that have captivated audiences.
  • These moments include intense battles, emotional reunions, shocking revelations, and sacrifices made by the characters.
  • These epic moments contribute to the overall popularity and acclaim of the anime series.
  • The list showcases a variety of genres, from action-packed shows like ‘Naruto’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ to thought-provoking series like ‘Death Note’ and ‘Psycho-Pass’.

Naruto’s Transformative Nine-Tails Battle

Narutos Transformative Nine Tails Battle

Naruto’s Nine-Tails transformation battle, a heart-stopping spectacle in the anime series, marked a pivotal turning point in his journey as a shinobi. This epic fight showcased his raw power, courage, and unwavering determination. It also opened the door to Naruto’s emotional reunion with his parents, a tear-jerking moment that deepened his character.

The transformation battle wasn’t just about physical strength; it was an emotional battlefield that tested Naruto’s resilience. This moment parallels Eren’s battle against the Armored Titan. Both characters, driven by their strong will and desire to protect, face seemingly insurmountable odds.

Eren’s battle, like Naruto’s, is a testament to the determination and courage that define their characters. These pivotal moments shape these heroes’ journeys and leave indelible marks on anime history.

Eren’s First Titan Transformation

Erens First Titan Transformation

Marking a major turning point in the ‘Attack on Titan’ series, Eren’s first transformation into a Titan isn’t just a spectacle of raw power, but also a testament to his unwavering determination and courage in the face of adversity.

The ‘Eren’s Titan Transformation: Impact and Significance’ couldn’t be overstated as it not only changed the tide of battle but also the course of humanity’s struggle against the Titans.

  • The transformation revealed Eren’s unique ability to shift into a Titan, offering a glimmer of hope for humanity’s survival.
  • It highlighted the deeply embedded themes of sacrifice and resilience in the series.
  • It marked ‘The Evolution of Eren’s Titan Powers’, setting the stage for his future development and crucial role in the narrative.

This epic moment continues to resonate with fans, symbolizing his unwavering will to fight.

Luffy’s Epic Gear Second Utilization

Luffys Epic Gear Second Utilization

Unleashing his Gear Second technique for the first time, Luffy’s epic showdown with Blueno in ‘One Piece’ not only stunned viewers with its sheer intensity, but it also signaled a significant power-up for the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain.

Luffy’s gear second strategy, which involves pumping his blood at an accelerated rate to increase his strength and speed, turned the tide of the battle in his favor. The impact of gear second on Luffy’s fights is immense, offering him a critical edge against stronger opponents.

It’s an adrenaline-fueled spectacle, as Luffy’s body envelops in steam, his attacks become blisteringly fast and his strength skyrockets. This moment cemented Luffy’s status as a formidable fighter, leaving a lasting impression on all ‘One Piece’ fans.

Goku’s Super Saiyan Debut

Gokus Super Saiyan Debut

Following Luffy’s remarkable power-up, another unforgettable transformation in the anime world is Goku’s Super Saiyan debut in ‘Dragon Ball Z’. This iconic moment not only marked a shift in Goku’s power level, but also set the stage for the evolution of Saiyans in the series.

  • Goku’s Super Saiyan debut was a turning point, transforming him into an almost invincible warrior.
  • The debut showcased Goku’s indomitable spirit, pushing his limits in the face of despair.

This epic moment also paved the way for future transformations in the series, much like Naruto’s transformative Nine Tails battle.

In essence, Goku’s Super Saiyan debut is a testament to the series’ theme of surpassing one’s limits, leaving a lasting impact on anime fans worldwide.

Ed’s Heartbreaking Alchemical Sacrifice

Eds Heartbreaking Alchemical Sacrifice

Shifting the spotlight to ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’, we witness an equally epic and emotional moment when Ed performs a heartbreaking alchemical sacrifice. It’s a scene that still strikes a chord with many.

Ed’s sacrifice significance lies in his decision to trade his alchemy—the very thing defining him—to retrieve his brother Al’s body. This sacrifice not only demonstrates Ed’s selflessness, but also his growth from a boy dependent on alchemy to a man who values human connection over power.

The impact on the story is monumental, reinforcing the central theme of equivalent exchange while also underlining the profound bond between the Elric brothers. It’s a moment that never fails to leave viewers misty-eyed, forever etched in anime history.

Light’s Devious Death Note Scheme

Lights Devious Death Note Scheme

In the world of ‘Death Note’, Light’s cunning plan to outsmart L stands as one of the most epic moments in anime history. This twist showcases Light’s strategic genius, as he meticulously crafts a scheme to misdirect L and prove his innocence.

His plan involves relinquishing ownership of the Death Note, causing him to lose all memories associated with it. He manipulates Rem, a Shinigami, into writing L’s real name in her Death Note, leading to L’s demise. Light regains his memories and ownership of the Death Note after touching it again.

This intricate plan underlines the depth of Light’s strategic genius. However, the consequences of Light’s actions become problematic, leading to his eventual downfall, making it a key moment in anime history.

Gon’s Powerful Transformation

Gons Powerful Transformation

Another moment that’s etched in anime history is Gon’s dramatic transformation during his fight with Neferpitou in ‘Hunter x Hunter’. This scene, brimming with raw emotion and power, marked a turning point in the series. Fed up with his enemy’s cruel actions, Gon taps into a terrifying level of strength, changing his appearance drastically.

The aftermath of Gon’s transformation is equally impactful, leaving him physically and emotionally drained. It’s a price he’s willing to pay for revenge. This sequence mirrors the psychological impact of Akane’s discovery in ‘Psycho-Pass’. Both characters grapple with harsh realities, their reactions altering their courses dramatically.

These moments serve as stark reminders of the intense battles anime characters often endure, leaving lasting impressions on viewers.

Ichigo’s Unleashing of Hollow Power

Ichigos Unleashing Of Hollow Power

One of the most epic moments in ‘Bleach’ is when Ichigo unleashes his Hollow power for the first time. This gripping scene marks Ichigo’s hollow power awakening, a pivotal point that drastically impacts his character development.

The transformation is a visual spectacle, featuring Ichigo’s body morphing into a white-masked creature with enhanced strength and agility.

This moment signifies a deep internal struggle within Ichigo, as he grapples with his newfound power and the dual nature of his existence.

His hollow transformation also ignites a change in his relationships, as allies and enemies alike reassess their ties with him.

The unleashing of Ichigo’s Hollow power isn’t just a turning point in the plot, but a defining moment in his journey towards understanding himself.

Deku’s One For All Initiation

Dekus One For All Initiation

Few anime moments have been as impactful as Deku’s initiation into One For All in ‘My Hero Academia’. This moment, pivotal in Deku’s growth as a hero, has him transitioning from a powerless dreamer to a burgeoning superhero, symbolizing his first step in a journey filled with determination and challenges.

The impact of Deku’s One For All on his relationships is profound. It strains his friendship with Bakugo, who sees Deku’s newfound power as a threat to his own superiority. Yet, it also forges unbreakable bonds with classmates like Uraraka and Todoroki, who recognize his courage and resolve.

It’s a turning point, not just for Deku, but for ‘My Hero Academia’ as a whole, setting the stage for epic battles and emotional highs to come.

Archer’s Unanticipated Betrayal

Archers Unanticipated Betrayal

In the realm of ‘Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works’, Archer’s shocking betrayal truly stands out, setting off a chain of events that drastically shakes up the series’ dynamics. Archer, initially an ally, reveals his true motives – a desire to erase his own existence – by betraying his master Rin and attempting to kill his past self, Shirou.

  • Archer’s motives are revealed, causing a rift in the team dynamics
  • The betrayal leads to a climactic confrontation between Archer and Shirou
  • Archer’s redemption comes in the form of his sacrifice to protect Rin, signifying his change of heart

The impact of Archer’s betrayal on Shirou is profound, challenging his ideals and leading to their final, intense confrontation. This epic turn of events reshapes the narrative, making it a top anime moment of the century.

Lelouch’s Geass Unleashed

Lelouchs Geass Unleashed

With a mere gaze, Lelouch’s life takes a dramatic turn when he obtains the power of Geass in the anime ‘Code Geass’. This power, capable of bending anyone’s will, transforms him from a high school student into a revolutionary leader. However, Lelouch’s Geass isn’t without dire consequences. The more he uses it, the more he loses sight of his humanity, leading to a tragic downfall.

Yet, his fall serves a greater purpose, echoing the significance of Akane’s discovery in ‘Psycho-Pass’. Both unravel the ugly truth behind their worlds, challenging the systems that control them.

In the end, Lelouch’s Geass unleashed isn’t just about power, but also the cost of wielding it. It’s a moment that’s both epic and poignant, making it one of the century’s most memorable.

Spike’s Showdown With Vicious

Spikes Showdown With Vicious

Why shouldn’t Spike Spiegel’s climactic showdown with Vicious in ‘Cowboy Bebop’ be considered one of the most epic anime moments of the century?

As the culmination of Spike’s redemption arc, it’s a moment that’s been brewing since the series’ inception.

Vicious, with his tragic past, provides a fitting adversary, their shared history adding layers of complexity to their final encounter.

The showdown is a poetic ending to Spike’s journey, symbolizing his acceptance of his past and readiness to face whatever future holds.

Vicious’ tragic past adds depth to his character, making him more than just a villain.

The fight’s choreography, combined with its emotional resonance, creates a moment that’s as visually impressive as it’s narratively satisfying.

It’s an unforgettable scene that encapsulates the depth and maturity of ‘Cowboy Bebop’.

Kirito’s Dual-Wielding Revelation

Kiritos Dual Wielding Revelation

Kirito’s revelation of his dual-wielding abilities in ‘Sword Art Online’ stands as a landmark moment in the series, delivering both surprise and excitement to fans. This unique skill set, known as ‘Starburst Stream’, added a thrilling twist to the already nail-biting combat scenes. Kirito’s dual wielding technique significantly impacted SAO’s gameplay, providing him an edge in battles and boosting the adrenaline rush for viewers.

In comparison, Akane’s disturbing discovery in ‘Psycho Pass’ society also left a lasting impact. Uncovering the dark truth behind the Sibyl System, she unearthed the dystopian reality under the guise of a utopian society.

Both moments, though contrasting, highlight the crucial role of revelations in shaping an anime’s narrative, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next twist.

Tanjiro’s Marked Demon Slayer Evolution

Tanjiros Marked Demon Slayer Evolution

How did Tanjiro’s evolution into a Marked Demon Slayer in ‘Demon Slayer’ redefine his character and impact the overall storyline?

Tanjiro’s demon slayer training was a pivotal part of his development. It honed his skills and fostered his determination to protect humanity from demons, especially his sister, Nezuko.

His Marked status signaled his extraordinary potential and dedication. It served as a testament to his growth and the trials he overcame.

The mark also amplified his abilities, enabling him to take on stronger demons. This heightened the stakes in battles, making them more thrilling.

Lastly, Tanjiro’s bond with Nezuko deepened. His evolution underscored his commitment to saving her, adding emotional depth to the story.

Tanjiro’s evolution was a game-changer, enriching his character and the series’ narrative.

Akane’s Disturbing Sybil System Discovery

Akanes Disturbing Sybil System Discovery

In the psychological thriller anime ‘Psycho-Pass’, Akane’s shocking discovery of the truth behind the Sybil System serves as a major turning point in the narrative. This realization introduces Akane’s moral dilemma, as she grapples with the knowledge that the system she’s been upholding isn’t as just as she believed it to be.

The Sybil System, initially presented as a flawless method of maintaining public order, is revealed to be a network of criminally asymptomatic brains. These brains decide the fate of society, raising questions of morality and justice.

The consequences of the Sybil System become a haunting theme throughout the series, as Akane wrestles with her duty to enforce the law and her newfound understanding of its disturbing truth.


As we journey through these monumental anime moments, we’re reminded of the raw, breathtaking power of this art form.

From Naruto’s fiery transformation to Ed’s heartrending sacrifice, these scenes whisk us into realms where dreams and nightmares intertwine.

They stoke the embers of our imagination and tug at our heartstrings, leaving us awestruck and yearning for more.

Let’s celebrate the magic of anime, a tour de force that continues to shape our century, one epic moment at a time.

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