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10 Most Weirdest Pokemon Ever

Delving into the peculiar, embracing the unusual, and celebrating the downright strange, this piece explores the top 10 weirdest Pokémon.

It’s a journey into the eccentric side of the Pokémon universe, showcasing creatures that defy normality and embrace the bizarre.

Top 10 Weirdest Pokemon

From Pokémon with outlandish designs and peculiar abilities to those with curious origins and quirky moves, these top 10 oddballs are a testament to the game’s imaginative spirit.

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So, sit back, relax, and prepare to see the Pokémon world from a whole new, wonderfully weird perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • Pikachu variants have different outfits and themes, such as Cosplay Pikachu, Pikachu Libre, Pikachu Ph.D., Pikachu Pop Star, and Pikachu Rock Star.
  • Some Pokémon have unusual abilities, such as Stunfisk disguising itself as a Poké Ball, Mimikyu hiding under a Pikachu-like disguise, Ditto being able to transform into any Pokémon, Shedinja having 1 HP but being immune to most attacks, and Slaking being lazy and only attacking every other turn.
  • Several Pokémon have strange designs, such as Exeggutor with a long neck and coconut-like heads, Jynx with a humanoid appearance and exaggerated features, Probopass with a large nose and mustache-like rocks, Vanilluxe being an ice cream cone Pokémon, and Klefki being a keychain Pokémon.
  • Some Pokémon have bizarre origins, like Yamask being the soul of a human trapped in a mask, Drifloon being a balloon that kidnaps children, Phantump being a spirit possessing a tree stump, Cofagrigus being a sarcophagus housing a mummy, and Mimikyu being a lonely Pokémon disguising itself as Pikachu.

Pikachu’s Eccentric Variants

Pikachus Eccentric Variants

While most folks are familiar with the classic electric mouse, there’s more to Pikachu than meets the eye, as it’s got a few quirky variants that amp up its charm.

The Pokémon franchise has given Pikachu an array of outfits, each with its own significance. For instance, Pikachu Libre, dressed in a wrestler’s mask, adds a dash of fun to the battling arena. Similarly, Pikachu Ph.D. dons a lab coat and glasses, portraying a scholarly vibe.

The fan favorites aren’t just about aesthetics; they’ve made a huge impact on the Pokémon community, offering enthusiasts more ways to enjoy the game. These unique versions of Pikachu haven’t only diversified gameplay but also deepened fans’ connection to the iconic character, proving that Pokémon’s creativity extends beyond the realm of ordinary.

Pokémon With Unusual Abilities

Pokemon With Unusual Abilities

Even as Pikachu’s variants have stunned fans with their eccentricities, there’s a whole spectrum of Pokémon out there with abilities that are just as unusual, if not more so.

The Top 10 Pokémon with unusual abilities include Slaking, who’s a powerhouse but only attacks every other turn, and Mimikyu, who hides under a Pikachu-like disguise. Stunfisk can even camouflage itself as a Poké Ball. And who can forget Ditto, the Pokémon that can transform into any other Pokémon? It’s truly a fascinating world of unusual abilities.

But the peculiarities don’t stop there. The Top 10 Pokémon with peculiar battle mechanics include Shedinja, who only has 1 HP but is immune to most attacks, and Ditto, again, who can copy an opponent’s moves and stats.

Pokémon With Strange Designs

Pokemon With Strange Designs

Moving on to Pokémon with strange designs, there’s no shortage of outlandish character creations in the Pokémon universe. Unconventional Pokémon designs are everywhere, giving the franchise an eccentric charm that’s hard to resist.

  1. Take Vanilluxe, for instance, an ice cream cone Pokémon that’s as sweet as it’s peculiar.
  2. Or Klefki, a keychain Pokémon that’s surprisingly efficient in battles.
  3. Let’s not forget Exeggutor, a walking palm tree sporting a comical number of faces.

These design oddities aren’t limited to appearances. They also have surprising origins. Yamask, a ghost-type, represents a soul trapped in a mask. Drifloon, a seemingly innocent balloon Pokémon, has a sinister habit of kidnapping children.

These strange designs and eerie origins make the Pokémon universe both fascinating and delightfully weird.

Pokémon With Bizarre Origins

Pokemon With Bizarre Origins

We’re now diving into the world of Pokémon with truly bizarre origins, which truly underscore the imaginative and sometimes unsettling creativity behind this beloved franchise.

Take, for instance, Yamask, a Pokémon born from the soul of a deceased human. Talk about unconventional evolution methods in Pokémon!

Also, who can forget the disturbing lore of Drifloon, a balloon-like Pokémon known for kidnapping children? It’s quite the contrast to the mysterious and enigmatic Legendary Pokémon like Giratina, who dwells in an alternate dimension.

Then there’s Mimikyu, a lonely Pokémon disguising itself as Pikachu to be loved. These strange origins are a testament to the creators’ boundless imagination and their ability to keep fans intrigued, amused, and sometimes, a little creeped out.

Pokémon With Odd Typings

Pokemon With Odd Typings

Diving deeper into the weird and wonderful world of Pokémon, the odd typings of certain pocket monsters certainly add a unique twist to the game dynamics. Pokémon with unconventional elemental types and rare dual typing combinations often catch trainers off guard.

  1. Lanturn is a Water/Electric type, a combination that’s as shocking as it’s rare. It’s a beacon in the deep sea and a nightmare for Water and Flying types.
  2. Gyarados, surprisingly, is a Water/Flying type despite its dragon-like appearance. This unusual combo makes it incredibly vulnerable to Electric attacks.
  3. Ferrothorn, with its Grass/Steel typing, is a prickly problem for trainers, with a slew of resistances that make it tough to take down.

These odd typings make Pokémon battles unpredictable, keeping trainers on their toes!

Pokémon With Unique Evolution Methods

Pokemon With Unique Evolution Methods

Beyond the realm of unusual typing, there’s a fascinating aspect of Pokémon evolution that’s sure to astound even seasoned trainers.

Some Pokémon require unique conditions for their evolution to occur. Take Inkay, for example, who embraces the ‘upside down evolution’. This quirky cephalopod only evolves into Malamar when you level it up, but with a twist – literally! You need to flip your gaming device upside down.

Another peculiar method is the ‘beauty condition evolution’, exclusive to Feebas. This humble fish transforms into the elegant Milotic, but only when it’s considered beautiful. This is achieved by maximizing its beauty condition through Pokéblocks or Poffins.

These unique evolution methods add an extra layer of mystery and charm to the wonderful world of Pokémon.

Pokémon With Quirky Moves

Pokemon With Quirky Moves

In the world of Pokémon, there’s never a dull moment, especially when it comes to their unique abilities and moves. Some Pokémon showcase the top 10 weirdest Pokémon moves that not only surprise but also entertain the players.

  1. Smeargle’s Sketch: Smeargle can copy any move with its Sketch ability, making it unpredictable in battles.
  2. Shuckle’s Power Trick: This move switches Shuckle’s defense and attack stats, transforming it into a surprising powerhouse.
  3. Metronome by Togepi: This move can randomly use any move in the game, leading to unexpected results.

Even the bizarre moves of legendary Pokémon are fascinating. For instance, Arceus’s ‘Judgment’ changes type depending on the plate it holds, adding an element of surprise to each battle.

These quirky moves contribute significantly to the charm and unpredictability of Pokémon battles.

Pokémon With Strange Pokedex Entries

Pokemon With Strange Pokedex Entries

With entries that’ll leave you scratching your head, the Pokedex’s descriptions of certain Pokémon don’t shy away from the strange and eerie. Take Banette, for instance. This Ghost-type Pokémon was once a plush doll, discarded and forgotten, which somehow came to life. Fueled by a grudge against the child who abandoned it, Banette roams the streets at night, seeking revenge.

Then there’s Mimikyu, a ghostly Pokémon so terrifying that it must hide under a cloth to avoid causing fright. Its disguise, oddly enough, mimics the popular Pokémon Pikachu. This is a survival tactic for Mimikyu; it’s rumored that seeing its true form could cause a mysterious illness or even death.

These weird Pokedex entries add an extra layer of intrigue to the Pokémon world.

Peculiar Legendary Pokémon

Peculiar Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokémon certainly aren’t exempt from the Pokémon world’s oddities. Just take a look at some of the peculiar legendary Pokémon featured on the Top 10 Weirdest Pokemon – YouTube list:

  1. Necrozma: With its ability to absorb light and transform into different forms, it’s no wonder Necrozma made the cut.
  2. Hoopa: Hoopa’s ring abilities, which allow it to warp space and summon objects or even other Pokémon, are quite unusual.
  3. Zygarde: Composed of multiple cells that can assemble into different forms, Zygarde is a unique and strange addition to the Pokémon universe.

These legendary Pokémon add a touch of the bizarre to the game, capturing players’ curiosity with their peculiar abilities and forms.

Pokémon With Unusual Battle Mechanics

Pokemon With Unusual Battle Mechanics

While many Pokémon follow traditional battle mechanics, there’s a select group that defies the norm with their unusual abilities and strategies. Take Shedinja, for instance. This odd bug/ghost Pokémon has a weird battle mechanic: Wonder Guard. Despite having only 1 HP, it’s immune to any attack that isn’t super-effective.

Then there’s Slaking, a Pokémon with immense strength made unpredictable by its Truant ability, causing it to loaf around every other turn.

Unusual transformations also add a twist to battles. Aegislash can switch between its attack-focused Blade Forme and defense-oriented Shield Forme, altering its stats significantly.

And let’s not forget Ditto. With its Transform ability, it can copy an opponent’s appearance and moves, turning the tide of battle.

These Pokémon truly shake up the traditional battle formula.


In this cosmic dance of oddities, Pokémon sure knows how to keep us on our toes. From Pikachu’s eclectic wardrobe to the peculiar combat quirks, the Pokémon universe remains a treasure trove of peculiarities.

We’ve embarked on a whimsical journey, unraveling the bizarre and the uncanny. It’s a testament to the unfettered creativity that fuels this beloved franchise.

So here’s to the strange – may these weird wonders continue to keep the Pokémon world delightfully unpredictable.

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