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Top 10 Video Games Perfect for the Holidays

As snowflakes start to fall, there’s nothing better than curling up with ‘Dead Rising‘ and battling some Christmas-themed zombies. This article uncovers the ‘Top 10 Video Games Perfect for the Holidays’, a handpicked selection of titles that perfectly blend the holiday spirit with exciting gameplay.

Top 10 Video Games Perfect For The Holidays

From the peaceful snowfall in ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’, nostalgic adventures in ‘Banjo Kazooie’, to the immersive narratives in ‘God of War Ragnarok‘ and ‘Spider-Man Miles Morales’, there’s something for everyone.

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Whether you’re a solo gamer or planning a family tournament with ‘Mario Kart‘, this list promises a festive gaming experience that’s as unique and memorable as your holiday traditions.

Key Takeaways

  • Holiday-themed games such as Dead Rising and Animal Crossing New Horizons are perfect for celebrating the holidays, with festive decorations and Christmas gear to be used as weapons or for home decoration.
  • Multiplayer party games like Mario Kart and It Takes Two are great for playing with family and friends during the holidays, providing a fun and memorable gaming experience.
  • Action-packed games like Bayonetta 2 and Batman Arkham Origins offer intense and thrilling gameplay set during the holiday season, with larger than life bosses and iconic villains to battle against.
  • Nostalgic games like Banjo Kazooie provide a trip down memory lane for Nintendo 64 fans, with winter-based levels and classic platforming adventures to enjoy during the holidays.

Dead Rising: A Festive Apocalypse

Dead Rising A Festive Apocalypse

In Dead Rising, you’ll find yourself immersed in a festive, albeit apocalyptic, holiday season, using Christmas gear as weaponry to fend off hordes of the undead. This game puts a jolly spin on festive zombie slaying, as you navigate through a shopping mall teeming with the undead. Decked out in yuletide decorations, the mall serves as the perfect battleground for some holiday-themed carnage.

From giant candy canes to Christmas wreaths, the game offers an array of holiday themed weaponry to keep the undead at bay. Whether it’s bashing zombies with a Nutcracker or impaling them on a Christmas tree, Dead Rising ensures that your holiday season is filled with cheer, laughter, and a whole lot of zombie slaying.

This game truly captures the spirit of the holidays… in its own unique, undead way.

Animal Crossing: Holiday Home Decor

Animal Crossing Holiday Home Decor

Switching gears from zombie-slaying, our second holiday-themed game, Animal Crossing New Horizons, lets you embrace the festive spirit by decorating your virtual home with charming Christmas memorabilia. This game’s DIY Holiday Crafts feature allows players to create their own holiday decorations, offering endless possibilities for festive home decor. Coupled with regular Seasonal Events like Toy Day, where players can gather and celebrate together, this game becomes a perfect virtual holiday getaway.

This holiday season, let Animal Crossing New Horizons transport you to a world filled with Christmas cheer and merriment.

Mario Kart: Holiday Racing Fun

Mario Kart Holiday Racing Fun

During the festive season, there’s nothing quite like a thrilling race around the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario Kart, a game that’s sure to bring everyone together for some holiday fun. With its whimsical tracks and comical items, it’s as cheerful and vibrant as a holiday party.

Here are some tips and favorite tracks for holiday races:

  • Rainbow Road, with its sparkling lights, is a festive favorite. Just be careful not to skid off the sides!
  • Try using the Snowman item on Sherbet Land, it’s perfect for creating icy obstacles for your opponents.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the Holiday Star. It can turn a last-place racer into a cheerful holiday champion overnight!

It Takes Two: Co-op Christmas Challenge

It Takes Two Co Op Christmas Challenge

While you’re enjoying the holiday season, don’t miss out on ‘It Takes Two‘, a co-op game that’ll truly test your teamwork and communication skills. This game brings the holiday spirit to life with its festive decorations and themes. The co-op challenges in ‘It Takes Two’ are designed to foster teamwork, with each level introducing new mechanics that require both players to work in sync.

The charm of ‘It Takes Two‘ lies in its ability to blend challenging gameplay with a heartwarming story. It’s the perfect game to play during the holidays, providing fun, laughter, and a dash of Christmas magic.

Bayonetta 2: Christmas Carnage

Bayonetta 2 Christmas Carnage

For those craving holiday-themed, action-packed excitement, Bayonetta 2’s Christmas carnage won’t disappoint. The game’s Christmas setting is atmospheric and detailed, immersing players in festive cityscapes while they battle enemies with Bayonetta’s festive weapons. It’s a unique twist on the typical holiday gaming experience, combining action, fantasy, and the holiday spirit.

To fully enjoy Bayonetta 2’s Christmas carnage, consider:

  • Exploring the Christmas setting thoroughly, appreciating the game’s attention to detail.
  • Experimenting with Bayonetta’s festive weapons, each offering unique gameplay mechanics.
  • Balancing the action with the game’s story, which offers moments of holiday warmth amid the carnage.

Batman Arkham Origins: Christmas in Gotham

Batman Arkham Origins Christmas In Gotham

If you’re looking to spend your holidays in a snowy Gotham City, Batman Arkham Origins won’t disappoint. It’s an action-adventure game where the impact of Christmas themes in video games is evident. The festive backdrop of a wintry Gotham, adorned with Christmas decorations, sets a unique atmosphere.

The game excels in the portrayal of iconic villains. From Joker’s chilling laughter echoing through the snowy streets to Bane’s intimidating presence, it’s a holiday experience like no other.

Get ready for a Christmas adventure with the Dark Knight, battling iconic villains in the snow-dusted streets of Gotham.

Banjo Kazooie: Nostalgic Winter Adventure

Banjo Kazooie Nostalgic Winter Adventure

Dive into the nostalgic world of Banjo Kazooie, a classic game that’ll transport you to a winter adventure filled with puzzles and platforms. This N64 gem is a perfect holiday retreat, offering a whimsical winter wonderland for players to explore. There’s nothing quite like the N64 nostalgia that this game brings, especially during the festive season.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your Banjo Kazooie adventure:

  • Engage with the quirky characters, they’re part of what makes the game so charming.
  • Explore the winter landscapes thoroughly. Hidden items often lurk in the most unexpected places.
  • The puzzles are challenging, but don’t give up! The satisfaction of solving them is worth it.

Perfect for seasoned gamers and newbies alike, Banjo Kazooie is a nostalgic delight.

God of War Ragnarok: Snowy Nordic Saga

God Of War Ragnarok Snowy Nordic Saga

Kratos’ journey in God of War Ragnarok isn’t just an icy Nordic saga, it’s also a perfect match for the holiday season’s snowy ambiance. The game’s frosty landscapes echo the winter season, making Kratos’ snowy battles feel almost festive.

This game doesn’t just offer action and adventure, but also a touching story of familial bonds, with Atreus’ growth playing a significant role. It’s a holiday treat for gamers seeking an immersive, chilly journey.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Festive New York

Spider Man Miles Morales Festive New York

Another game that perfectly captures the holiday spirit is Spider-Man Miles Morales, set in a festive and frosty New York. This game isn’t just about high-flying, web-slinging action, but also embraces the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

The festive activities in Spider-Man Miles Morales include helping citizens with their holiday tasks and even partaking in a Christmas street fair.

The game’s environment is a love letter to New York City, with Christmas cheer visible in beautifully decorated streets, twinkling lights, and falling snow.

An emotional story of family and friendship interwoven with the magic of Christmas makes this game a heartwarming experience.

The impact of Christmas cheer in New York City in Spider-Man Miles Morales gives players a unique blend of superhero action and holiday festivities.

Stray: Holiday Prowl in Dystopia

Stray Holiday Prowl In Dystopia

In a unique holiday twist, Stray offers a different perspective, allowing players to prowl a dystopian cityscape as a cat.

Stray: Cat’s perspective on holiday chaos presents a refreshing angle to conventional gaming. This feline protagonist doesn’t just watch the world go by; it actively manipulates it, navigating the labyrinth of the dystopian city, uncovering secrets, and staying one paw ahead of dangers.

The game’s atmosphere is particularly immersive during the holidays, with festive lights twinkling against the grim backdrop. Stray: Finding warmth in a dystopian winter becomes a compelling quest, as the cat seeks shelter and companionship in the cold, stark world.

This holiday season, Stray offers a poignant and unconventional gaming experience, perfect for those seeking a break from the traditional holiday fare.


So, whether you’re battling it out in a snowy apocalypse in ‘Dead Rising’, or enjoying a peaceful holiday in ‘Animal Crossing’, there’s a game for every festive mood.

Imagine spending Christmas Eve racing friends in ‘Mario Kart’, or exploring a snow-laden New York as Spider-Man.

These top 10 holiday games offer the perfect blend of fun, nostalgia, and festive cheer.

So grab your controller, it’s time to make some merry gaming memories!

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