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Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen

Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back At Ellen

Like a bee to honey, controversy seems drawn to Ellen DeGeneres.

In this piece, ‘Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen’, we’re counting down the times when stars didn’t shy away from serving Ellen a slice of humble pie.

We’ll journey through a maze of awkward interviews, pointed tweets, and candid confrontations that left viewers wide-eyed.

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From Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter defense to Dakota Johnson’s unforgettable party confrontation, these celebs weren’t pulling any punches.

So buckle up, it’s about to get bumpy in this rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of Ellen’s storied career.

Key Takeaways

  • Celebrities have criticized Ellen’s behavior, expressing disappointment and calling her out for mistreatment.
  • Several celebrities have shared negative experiences with Ellen, accusing her of being rude and difficult to work with.
  • Ellen has conducted controversial interviews with various celebrities, leading to uncomfortable moments and backlash.
  • Ellen’s apology received mixed reactions from celebrities, with some criticizing it as insincere while others showed support for her.

Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Defense

Ashton Kutchers Twitter Defense

When allegations of a toxic work environment on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ surfaced, actor Ashton Kutcher didn’t hold back, swiftly coming to the defense of an employee via Twitter. Kutcher’s tweet, a mash-up of shock and loyalty, was the tweet equivalent of a soap opera gasp, leaving the public in suspense.

His defense, although admirable, didn’t do much to sway the public perception of Ellen’s character. In fact, it seemed to deepen the lines of division in the sand. On one side, Ellen’s reputation as the ‘Queen of Nice,’ now teetering on the edge of extinction. On the other side, a barrage of accusations painting a less flattering picture.

Through it all, Kutcher stood firm, his tweet a beacon of support amidst a sea of controversy.

Katy Perry’s Disappointment

Katy Perrys Disappointment

Second on the list is pop star Katy Perry who publicly voiced her disappointment with Ellen’s behavior amid the controversy. Katy’s disappointment was as hard-hitting as her high notes, and it created quite the buzz! She was less ‘Firework’ and more ‘Dark Horse’, expressing her displeasure without mincing words.

But don’t worry, she didn’t ‘Roar’! Instead, she chose to use her ‘Wide Awake’ wisdom to constructively criticize Ellen, hoping for positive change. The impact on Ellen’s career and show? Well, it’s like a Perry pop song – it made waves! With a celeb like Katy expressing disappointment, it struck a chord with fans. Ratings dipped, sponsors blinked, and the show’s future looked as uncertain as a Katy Perry’s haircut.

Talk about a ‘Teenage Dream’ turned nightmare!

Kevin Hart Stands With Ellen

Kevin Hart Stands With Ellen

In stark contrast to Katy Perry’s disappointment, comedian Kevin Hart took a stand, publicly defending Ellen amid the swirling controversy. He might’ve been a teensy bit taller on that stand, but who’s counting? Hart’s support certainly stirred the celebrity pot. Some applauded his loyalty, while others, perhaps still reeling from Perry’s disillusionment, raised skeptical eyebrows.

Now, the impact of Kevin Hart’s support on Ellen’s public image? That’s a tough nut to crack. Hart’s defense was like a single umbrella in a celebrity downpour of criticism, but it wasn’t completely in vain. Despite the storm, Hart’s support offered a glimmer of hope, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, there’s more to the Ellen saga than meets the eye.

Dakota Johnson’s Party Confrontation

Dakota Johnsons Party Confrontation

Shaking up the celebrity world, Dakota Johnson’s confrontation with Ellen over a birthday party invitation became a viral sensation. Dakota smoothly clapped back at Ellen’s claim of not being invited, stating that Ellen was indeed invited but chose not to attend. This incident added fuel to the claims of Ellen’s insincerity.

The Dakota Johnson party incident impacted Ellen’s reputation in several ways:

  1. It exposed Ellen’s tendency to play the victim, further denting her ‘Queen of Nice’ image.
  2. The incident triggered a wave of celebrities sharing their own awkward encounters with Ellen.
  3. It led to a public questioning of Ellen’s authenticity, affecting her show’s ratings.
  4. Celebrities’ reactions varied widely, with some finding humor in the confrontation while others viewed it as a serious blow to Ellen’s credibility.

Wendy Williams Criticizes Apology

Wendy Williams Criticizes Apology

While Ellen was hoping for redemption with her public apology, TV host Wendy Williams didn’t hold back her criticism, asserting that the apology lacked sincerity. From Wendy Williams’ perspective on the controversy, Ellen’s ‘sorry’ seemed more like a sorry-not-sorry, a half-hearted attempt to smooth ruffled feathers.

Williams, known for her no-nonsense attitude, pulled no punches in her analysis of Ellen’s apology from her viewpoint. She likened it to a bland soup, missing the key ingredient – authenticity. In Wendy’s world, an apology needs to be as real as the latest celebrity gossip. To her, Ellen’s apology was like a low-fat version of her favorite snack – it just didn’t hit the spot.

Lea Thompson’s Rude Encounter

Lea Thompsons Rude Encounter

Although she’s typically known for her sunny disposition, actress Lea Thompson didn’t mince words when she claimed Ellen’s off-camera behavior was downright rude. This Back to the Future star sparked a wave of controversy by implying that Ellen’s nice girl image was nothing more than a facade.

Let’s break down Lea Thompson’s claims:

  1. The Surprise Revelation: Thompson shocked fans when she publicly sided with Brad Garrett, supporting his claims of Ellen’s rude behavior.
  2. The Twitter Bomb: She dropped the Twitter bomb with a simple ‘true story’ response, validating Garrett’s allegations.
  3. The Silence Afterwards: Despite the uproar, Thompson remained tight-lipped, letting her tweet speak for itself.
  4. The Impact: Her actions added fuel to the fire, causing a significant impact on Ellen’s reputation.

Chalk one up for Marty McFly’s mom, folks. She’s not just good at time travel, but also at dropping truth bombs!

Brad Garrett’s Accusations

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Brad Garrett’s accusations against Ellen DeGeneres brought a new level of scrutiny to her alleged mistreatment of staff. Garrett, known for his role on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ didn’t mince words. He claimed Ellen’s behavior was no secret in Hollywood, and that it was ‘common knowledge.’ Ouch! Talk about a punchline that leaves a mark.

The impact on Ellen’s reputation was immediate and substantial. Suddenly, the queen of daytime TV was stripped of her crown. Public perception of Ellen after the controversy shifted. She was no longer the lovable, dancing comedian but a figure mired in controversy. Even her signature signoff, ‘Be kind to one another,’ seemed to mock her.

Garrett’s clapback may have been a sitcom-worthy zinger, but for Ellen, the joke was decidedly on her.

Chris D’Elia’s Call-Out

Chris D'Elia's Call-Out

So, what happened when comedian Chris D’Elia decided to voice his own criticisms of Ellen? Well, in a classic D’Elia style, he didn’t hold back. His public call-out certainly added fuel to the controversy surrounding Ellen.

D’Elia, known for his no-nonsense humor, criticized Ellen’s ‘Queen of Nice’ persona, calling it more of a ‘reign of terror’.

He publicly questioned her sincerity and authenticity, causing quite a stir in Hollywood.

His bold move sparked a range of reactions from celebrities. Some applauded his honesty, while others accused him of adding unnecessary drama.

But Chris stood firm, maintaining that it’s crucial to call out hypocrisy where it exists.

Whether you agree with Chris D’Elia’s behavior or not, his call-out certainly shook up Tinseltown.

Nikkie De Jager’s Uncomfortable Experience

Nikkie De Jagers Uncomfortable Experience

While many celebrities have had positive experiences on Ellen’s show, beauty guru and actress Nikkie de Jager’s visit wasn’t one she’d care to repeat. Nikkie’s tale of an uncomfortable visit to the show shook up the beauty world like a badly-blended contour. It seemed Ellen’s warmth on screen didn’t quite translate off-camera. The cold welcome Nikkie received was a stark contrast to the ‘Queen of Nice’ persona Ellen projected.

This revelation had an unexpected impact on Nikkie de Jager’s career, with fans rallying around her, boosting her already stellar reputation. The public’s reaction to Nikkie de Jager’s experience was a collective gasp of surprise, followed by a wave of support. After all, in the beauty world, it’s not just the makeup that needs to be genuine, it’s the people too.

Mark Ruffalo’s Critique of Apology

Mark Ruffalos Critique Of Apology

Following Nikkie de Jager’s unsettling revelation, actor Mark Ruffalo’s critique of Ellen’s apology added another layer to the growing controversy.

Mark Ruffalo’s criticism was straightforward and unyielding, calling Ellen’s apology less than sincere.

His response was shared widely, causing a ripple effect that further tarnished Ellen’s reputation.

  1. Ruffalo’s Reaction: He wasn’t buying Ellen’s apology, suggesting it lacked authenticity.
  2. Public Response: His criticism resonated with many, adding fuel to the fire.
  3. Ellen’s Reputation: This incident chipped away at her ‘queen of nice’ image.
  4. Impact on Ellen’s Career: The controversy, amplified by Ruffalo’s critique, stirred speculation about the future of her show.


As the ‘Queen of Nice’s’ crown teeters, celebs aren’t shy about dishing out a royal roasting. From Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter defense to Dakota Johnson’s party confrontation, these top 10 clap backs are as spicy as a jalapeno popper.

Ellen’s world has become a circus of controversy, with every tweet and interview another high-wire act. But whether this ringmaster can tame the lions of public opinion – well, that’s a show we’re all waiting to see.

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