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10 Best Revenge Anime to Watch, Ranked with Votes

The theme of revenge, in its myriad forms, has been a compelling narrative force in anime, driving characters into complex and often perilous journeys.

This discussion will focus on the top 10 revenge-themed anime series available on YouTube, examining their unique approaches to this universal theme.

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From the dystopian world of Attack on Titan, where revenge fuels a relentless fight for survival, to the mind-bending drama Death Note, which explores the cost of vengeance in the guise of justice, these series offer viewers a diverse range of vengeance-driven narratives.

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As we navigate through this list, we will uncover the distinctive storylines, rich character development, and profound themes that make these series stand out in the anime landscape.

So, let’s embark on this journey, as we unravel the allure and thrill of these top-rated revenge anime series.

Key Takeaways

  • Revenge-driven plots: Many of these anime feature main characters seeking revenge against their adversaries, adding a gripping and intense element to the storylines.
  • Psychological and intellectual elements: Shows like Death Note and Code Geass offer complex and thought-provoking narratives with psychological mind games, exploration of morality, and strategic battles.
  • Dark and gritty atmosphere: Attack on Titan, Berserk, and Elfen Lied provide a dark and gritty atmosphere through their intense action, emotional character development, and exploration of mature themes.
  • Themes of power and sacrifice: Code Geass delves into themes of power and sacrifice, adding depth and complexity to its narrative.

Attack on Titan: Revenge Unleashed

Attack On Titan

‘Attack on Titan,’ an exemplar of revenge-driven narratives, thrusts its protagonist into a fierce quest for vengeance against the monstrous Titans. It invokes a dark, gritty atmosphere replete with gripping action, suspense, and emotional character development.

Revenge, as a driving force, becomes the lifeblood of the narrative, propelling the main characters into a ceaseless war against their oppressors. The psychological exploration of this trauma and their subsequent thirst for revenge is handled masterfully. It provides a complex, layered depiction of the lengths one will go to seek justice.

This poignant exploration of revenge, trauma, and the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity distinguishes ‘Attack on Titan’ as an intense, deeply nuanced saga. It leaves a profound impact on its audience.

Death Note: Justice and Vengeance

Death Note 2

Continuing the exploration of revenge-driven narratives, ‘Death Note’ presents a unique take on vengeance as it intertwines with concepts of justice and morality. This psychological thriller delves into the mind of the protagonist, Light Yagami, whose thirst for justice morphs into a dangerous game of revenge against criminals.

  • Exploration of morality and justice:
  • Light’s twisted sense of justice questions societal norms.
  • The dichotomy between Light and L’s ideologies.
  • Is the eradication of criminals justified?
  • Psychological mind games:
  • Light and L’s intellectual battles.
  • A deadly game of cat and mouse.
  • Vengeance-driven narrative:
  • Light’s use of the Death Note for revenge.
  • The consequences of such vengeance.

‘Death Note’ is a thought-provoking series that pushes the boundaries of revenge, justice, and morality.

Code Geass: A Tale of Rebellion

Code Geass

Delving into the realm of rebellion and revenge, ‘Code Geass’ offers a compelling narrative where the protagonist, Lelouch, employs strategic manipulation and wit to exact revenge against the Britannian Empire.

The exploration of power dynamics, manipulation, and sacrifice in Code Geass is portrayed exquisitely, revealing a world where the lines of morality are blurred and the cost of revenge is high.

Lelouch’s journey is rife with political intrigue, psychological games, and heart-wrenching sacrifices, mirroring the psychological toll of seeking revenge observed in Elfen Lied.

The series raises profound questions about authority, rebellion, and the consequences of vengeance, making it a must-watch for any anime enthusiast seeking a complex, thought-provoking narrative.

Berserk: A Friendship Betrayed


Immersing viewers in a dark, brutal medieval fantasy setting, ‘Berserk’ tells the harrowing tale of Guts, a mercenary who embarks on a relentless quest for vengeance against his former best friend, Griffith. This anime presents an intense exploration of betrayal, human nature, and the devastating price of revenge.

  • Exploration of Betrayal:
  • Griffith’s betrayal sparks Guts’ quest for revenge.
  • Betrayal is a recurring theme, depicting the destructive impact on relationships.
  • Psychological Journey of the Protagonist:
  • Guts’ psychological journey is marked by pain, determination and growth.
  • His struggle with his inner demons adds depth to his character.
  • Impact of Revenge:
  • Guts’ pursuit of revenge shapes his destiny.
  • The narrative examines the consequences of vengeance on the protagonist’s psyche.

Tokyo Ghoul: Horror and Retribution

Tokyo Ghoul

In the realm of revenge-driven horror anime, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ stands out with its exploration of identity, discrimination, and the pursuit of retribution against the ghoul society that threatens the protagonist’s humanity. The series masterfully intertwines elements of horror and identity, creating a chilling narrative loaded with suspense and surprises.

The protagonist, Ken Kaneki, grapples with his new ghoul identity, highlighting the struggle of an individual caught between two worlds. The consequences of revenge and violence are starkly portrayed, reminding viewers of the cyclical nature of vengeance.

Each battle, each loss, and each triumph in ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ amplifies the costs that characters pay for seeking revenge, ultimately painting a haunting picture of retribution and its toll.

Naruto: The Power of Revenge

Naruto 2

Shifting our focus from the horror-filled, revenge-driven streets of Tokyo Ghoul, we find ourselves in the vibrant yet equally vengeful world of Naruto. Here, the power of revenge fuels not only epic battles but also profound explorations of friendship and determination.

  • The power of forgiveness: Naruto, through unwavering determination, showcases the power of forgiveness, shaping his destiny and the fate of the Ninja world.
  • The consequences of revenge: Characters like Sasuke Uchiha fall into the destructive cycle of revenge, illustrating its disastrous consequences.
  • Transformative journey: Naruto’s journey from a reviled outcast to a revered leader encapsulates the transformative power of perseverance, friendship, and forgiveness.

Thus, Naruto brilliantly unravels the complexity of revenge, highlighting the power of forgiveness and the grave consequences of vengeance.

Vinland Saga: Seeking Retribution

Vinland Saga

Emerging from the vibrant landscapes of Naruto, we delve into the harsh and realistic historical setting of Vinland Saga, where the thirst for retribution fuels a riveting journey of revenge.

This anime offers a meticulous exploration of Viking culture, imbuing a sense of authenticity into the narrative. The protagonist’s relentless pursuit of vengeance against his father’s murderer becomes a powerful conduit for examining the themes of war and its devastating consequences.

Each episode subtly peels back the layers of the Viking society, revealing a world steeped in violence and honor-bound oaths.

Vinland Saga masterfully balances the detailed historical backdrop with a deeply personal revenge tale, resulting in a series that is as intellectually engaging as it is emotionally resonant.

Claymore: Women Against Monsters


Pivoting to a narrative where women are the driving force, Claymore presents a unique revenge tale set in a world ravaged by monstrous Yoma creatures. Essentially, it embodies women empowerment through fierce warriors fighting monsters.

  • Claymore: Women Empowerment, Fighting Monsters

Central to Claymore is the portrayal of women as resilient warriors, representing empowerment in a world fraught with peril. The female characters, with their swords, courageously face monstrous Yoma creatures, thereby showcasing strength and defiance in adversity.

  • Claymore: Complex Female Characters, Moral Ambiguity

The female characters in Claymore are nuanced and multi-dimensional, each carrying their own unique burdens and moral dilemmas. This complexity adds depth to their personalities, making them more relatable and captivating to the audience.

Akame Ga Kill: Overthrowing Corruption

Akame Ka Gill

While Claymore presents a narrative of resilient female warriors fighting monstrous creatures, Akame Ga Kill takes us into the heart of a corrupt world where the main characters seek to exact revenge on the morally bankrupt government officials.

This anime vividly portrays the cost of revenge, as the characters pay heavy personal prices in their pursuit of justice. Overthrowing corruption becomes their primary objective, reflecting the series’ focus on societal issues.

The narrative is steeped in tension and moral ambiguities, forcing viewers to question the ethics of their actions. Akame Ga Kill presents a dark, yet compelling view of a society riddled with corruption, creating a deeply engaging story that resonates with its audience.

It’s a poignant examination of the lengths one would go to exact revenge and the profound consequences it entails.

Elfen Lied: The Price of Revenge

Elfen Lied

Delving into the dark and psychologically intense narrative of Elfen Lied, we encounter a protagonist driven by a profound desire for revenge that paints a grim picture of the severe repercussions of past trauma. The price of revenge is steep, as the series highlights, leading to a cycle of violence and bloodshed.

  • The Consequences of Vengeance:
  • The protagonist’s wrath is destructive, causing collateral damage in her wake.
  • Her pursuit of revenge is a double-edged sword, healing her wounds while inflicting others.
  • The Price of Revenge:
  • Revenge comes at a cost, often leading to isolation and a loss of humanity.
  • It’s a consuming force, driving individuals to commit unthinkable acts.
  • The Painful Cycle:
  • The anime shows how vengeance can perpetuate a cycle of violence, suggesting the need for empathy and understanding instead.


In the realm of animated narratives, these top 10 revenge anime series profoundly illustrate the labyrinth of vengeance, each echoing a distinct hue of retribution. They enthrall viewers with their intricate character arcs and gripping storylines, serving as a canvas where power, sacrifice, and corruption dance their relentless waltz.

Through their unyielding quest for justice, they underline the haunting paradox of revenge – a fire that consumes both the guilty and the avenger, leaving behind an indelible mark on the tapestry of their existence.

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