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Things to Never Ask Your Google Assistant

While it’s true that Google Assistant can be a handy tool for answering quick queries or helping keep your schedule organized, there are certain questions you shouldn’t pose to this digital helper.

Things To Never Ask Your Google Assistant

From the invasion of privacy to promoting illegal activities, the range of inappropriate requests is broader than you might think. This isn’t just about manners or decency; there are serious legal implications involved, and they could potentially affect your relationship with this technology.

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So, what exactly shouldn’t you be asking your Google Assistant? Stick around, and we’ll dive into the specifics, outlining the no-go zones that might surprise you.

Key Takeaways

  • Avoid asking for personal details about others or requesting private information that Google Assistant cannot provide.
  • Refrain from seeking advice on illegal activities or asking for professional medical advice beyond the capabilities of Google Assistant.
  • Do not ask Google Assistant to play explicit material or request someone’s password.
  • Respect others’ privacy by not inquiring about someone’s location without their consent.

Inappropriate Google Assistant Queries

Inappropriate Google Assistant Queries

When using your Google Assistant, it’s crucial to avoid making inappropriate queries, as this can lead to misinterpretations, privacy concerns, or even legal issues. For instance, never ask Google Assistant for personal details about others or for any advice on illegal activities. These are clearly inappropriate Google Assistant queries.

Remember, there are things Google Assistant can’t provide, like private information or professional medical advice. Google has set strict guidelines to ensure Assistant responds appropriately to all requests. If you breach these, it can result in serious consequences.

Therefore, be mindful of your requests and always strive to use this tool responsibly. Understanding the ‘things to never ask’ will help you maximize the benefits of Google Assistant while maintaining your privacy and safety.

Privacy-Invasive Questions

Privacy Invasive Questions

Building on the topic of inappropriate queries, it’s important to also be aware of privacy-invasive questions that you should steer clear of when using your Google Assistant.

You might think it’s amusing to ask your voice assistant if it works for the CIA, but it’s best to avoid such queries. Don’t ask OK Google to play explicit material or to reveal someone’s password.

Respect other’s privacy by not inquiring about someone’s location. It’s also inappropriate to ask your Google Assistant about Alexa’s personal opinions or emotions.

Lastly, refrain from asking for ways to hack or cheat online platforms. Remember, your Google Assistant is a tool for convenience, not an accomplice in privacy invasion.

Absurd Requests to Google Assistant

Absurd Requests To Google Assistant

While it’s true that Google Assistant can perform a wide range of tasks, it’s crucial to remember that making absurd requests, such as asking it to partake in illegal activities, provide explicit content, or divulge personal information without consent, isn’t only inappropriate but also a blatant misuse of this technology.

You should never ask your Assistant for things that infringe on someone else’s privacy rights. Limit your requests to harmless tasks, such as asking your Assistant to play music or provide quick facts. Remember, to stay in Google’s good graces, it’s best to use this tool responsibly.

Just like 31 other things you should never ask your Assistant, absurd requests fall into the category of misuse.

Spoiler-Inducing Questions

Spoiler Inducing Questions

Another set of inquiries to steer clear of when using your Google Assistant involves spoiler-inducing questions, which might inadvertently reveal key plot details or twists from movies, TV shows, or books. It’s tempting to ask when you can’t wait to hear what happens next, but it’s a play that can deliver nasty puns and blows to your suspense.

  • ‘Who dies in the next episode?’
  • ‘Did anything happen to this character in the book?’
  • ‘What’s the twist in the movie?’

As per a Reddit user, these queries don’t just spoil the fun but also make magical noises of surprise go flat. Keep your curiosity in check and allow the story to hold the competition for your attention.

Google Assistant and Digital Etiquette

Google Assistant And Digital Etiquette

Just as refraining from spoiler-inducing questions can enhance your entertainment experience, practicing good Google Assistant and digital etiquette can significantly improve the way you interact with this AI tool.

Imagine you’re in a forum called ‘Pills and Promises,’ seeking a cure for insomnia. It’s bad blood to demand, ‘Let me try this sleep technique NOW!’ Similarly, rude or aggressive commands can strain your interaction with Google Assistant. It’s programmed to assist, not to endure ill manners.

Proper digital etiquette is more than just politeness; it’s about fostering a healthy, respectful relationship with technology. So, think twice before you demand, belittle, or swear at your AI partner. Be kind to your Google Assistant, and it’ll work wonders for you.


Remember, Google Assistant is a helpful tool, not a plaything for inappropriate or invasive queries. It’s crucial to maintain digital etiquette and respect boundaries.

As the old saying goes, ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ – this extends to our digital companions too. Use your Assistant responsibly and it’ll serve you well, but misuse it and you might find yourself in hot water.

Let’s all strive for a more respectful, privacy-conscious digital world.

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