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Things to Do in Uni Holidays

Like a painter before a blank canvas, you stand on the precipice of your uni holidays, a world of possibilities spread out before you.

It’s tempting to let the days slip by in a haze of late mornings and lazy afternoons, but you’ve got the chance to sculpt these idle hours into something more meaningful.

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Sure, you could catch up on Netflix or lounge by the pool, but imagine using this time to broaden your horizons, to learn something new or hone a skill. How might you transform these fleeting weeks into a launchpad for your future?

Stay tuned to discover some of the most rewarding ways to spend your uni holidays.

Key Takeaways

  • Seize work placement opportunities to gain valuable experience in your chosen industry and earn extra cash.
  • Pursue additional qualifications through certificate courses, study abroad programs, and practical training opportunities.
  • Utilize your free time during uni holidays to enroll in winter/summer classes and delve deeper into subjects you love.
  • Embark on adventures and travels to explore different cultures, connect with family and friends, and make a meaningful impact through volunteer abroad opportunities.

Exploring Work Placement Opportunities

seeking work placement opportunities

Dive right into the heart of your chosen industry by seizing work placement opportunities during the uni holidays, not only to earn some extra cash but also to gain invaluable experience that could set you apart in the competitive job market after graduation.

Make your summer count by getting a summer job or a summer internship. You might even consider going abroad for a new job, broadening your horizons while adding valuable work experience to your resume.

This is your chance to earn money and to put your knowledge into practice. Remember, these aren’t just part-time jobs, but opportunities to work in your desired field. These experiences could provide a launching pad for your career, giving you a head start post-graduation.

Pursuing Additional Qualifications

expanding skill set further

Why not spice up your uni holidays by pursuing additional qualifications, such as a certificate course, to pad out your skill set and open up new job opportunities? If you’re looking to make money during your uni holidays or get a head start in your career, this could be the perfect time to hone your skills.

Consider these options:

  • Study Abroad programs to broaden your horizons and experience new cultures.
  • Short, focused certificate courses in fields like hospitality, retail, or sports.
  • Practical training opportunities in sectors such as tourism or security.
  • Part-time or casual jobs to earn extra money and gain practical experience.

Enrolling in Winter/Summer Classes

year round enrollment in courses

Have you ever thought about packing your uni holidays with extra learning? Utilize your free time during the summer break to dive into winter/summer classes. It’s not just about filling time, it’s about maximizing it. You can save time in your degree by pushing ahead, or delve deeper into a subject you love.

It’s time to study a foreign language or that intriguing elective. Perhaps studying abroad at another university has always been a dream? The summer months are your perfect opportunity. Make a plan, looking at your university’s offerings, and consider the workload.

Adventure and Travel Ideas

exciting travel suggestions and adventures

Now, let’s consider an exhilarating twist to your uni holidays: embarking on adventures and travels, both abroad and in your own backyard! It’s the perfect opportunity to try a new experience, make new friends, and maybe even make money if you land a new job in another country.

Here are 62 ideas to get you started:

  • Time to explore international travel. Go on a cultural immersion trip, learn a new language, and gain unique experiences.
  • Take a bike ride across your own country. Discover its hidden gems, from bustling cities to tranquil countryside.
  • Connect with family and friends. Spend quality time and create memories.
  • Volunteer abroad. It’s meaningful, impactful, and a great addition to your CV.

Maximizing Internship Experiences

optimizing learning and growth

While you’re broadening your horizons with travel and adventures during your uni holidays, don’t overlook the potential for growth and experience that internships offer.

Maximizing internship experiences isn’t just about making money; it’s about stepping into a new job world, learning new things, meeting new people, and contributing to a good cause.

Summer is the perfect time to dive into internships. Make sure to research and reach out to companies that pique your interest. It’s an ideal time to make friends in your desired industry, and who knows, these connections may prove beneficial in your future career.


So, go ahead, make the most of your uni holidays! Remember, ‘time and tide wait for no man’.

Grab that internship, enrol in that class, or embark on that thrilling adventure. It’s your time to shine, to learn, to explore.

Create memories, gain skills, and make connections. These experiences won’t just enrich your life, they’ll make you a standout in your future career path.

So, seize the day and start planning your next uni holiday adventure!

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