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Things to Do in the Holidays for 12 Year Olds

Pondering over perfect plans for your preteen during the holidays?

It’s not an easy task, especially when you’re dealing with a 12-year-old who’s torn between child-like fun and teenage interests.

From crafty Christmas DIYs, frosty outdoor adventures, to cozy indoor book clubs, there’s a multitude of activities that could keep them occupied, entertained and even subtly educated.

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So, where should you start?

Keep on, and you’ll uncover a treasure trove of ideas that will turn your child’s holiday season into a memorable adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • DIY Crafts and Projects: Encourage 12-year-olds to engage in creative DIY crafts and projects during the holidays, such as crafting DIY holiday decorations or building a fort or treehouse.
  • Holiday Events and Activities: Suggest exploring local holiday events, visiting a museum or zoo, or hosting a movie marathon as fun activities for 12-year-olds during the holidays.
  • Learning and Education: Encourage 12-year-olds to continue learning and education during the holidays by organizing a book club, starting a science project, or learning a new instrument.
  • Outdoor Activities and Sports: Recommend engaging in outdoor sports, trying out photography, or exploring nature as exciting activities for 12-year-olds during the holidays.
  • Food and Culinary Activities: Suggest cooking and baking fun or volunteering for a cause related to food and culinary activities as ways for 12-year-olds to enjoy the holidays.

Crafting DIY Holiday Decorations

handmade festive decorations for holidays

While you’re enjoying the holiday season, why not take the opportunity to get creative and make your own DIY holiday decorations? Crafting DIY holiday decorations can be one of the most enjoyable holiday activities. It’s a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your home.

A family activity website can provide a wide range of ideas for holiday family crafts. You can make your own ornaments, wreaths, and other festive crafts. This isn’t just a great way to bond with family and friends, but also a cost-effective way to add festive flair to your home.

The possibilities are endless, from handmade garlands to creative centerpieces. You can showcase your creativity and style in a unique and festive way.

Exploring Local Holiday Events

local festive celebrations explored

After you’ve decked the halls with your DIY decorations, why not step out and soak up the festive spirit at local holiday events? Houston, in particular, offers a variety of family-friendly activities during the holiday season.

Here’re three must-visit Christmas events in Houston that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Frostival at Discovery Green: Experience a winter wonderland with glittering lights and classic outdoor traditions.
  2. A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Victorian costumes and stunning sets.
  3. Magical Winter Lights Festival: Explore thousands of intricately designed lanterns in various themes.

These holiday activities aren’t only entertaining but also offer a great opportunity to create lasting family memories. So, go ahead and enjoy the festive season in style!

Organizing a Book Club

book club organization tips

Thinking of a fun and educational activity this holiday? Let’s dive into how you can organize a book club that’s perfect for both leisure and learning.

One of the exciting things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds is organizing a book club. Start by defining its purpose – is it for fun, learning, or both?

Choose how often you’ll meet and ensure that time frames allow enough time for reading. Use an activity website that helps in coordinating meeting logistics and discussions.

Set up a system for book selection that encourages diverse genres and perspectives. Complement your sessions with engaging activities like Q&A sessions, themed refreshments, or movie nights for cultural enrichment.

Enjoy reading!

Engaging in Outdoor Sports

active recreation in natural settings

Ready to break a sweat and have a blast this holiday? Outdoor sports, ranging from soccer and basketball to cycling and rollerblading, offer a fantastic way to stay active, develop skills, and enjoy the fresh air.

Here’s a list of recreational activities available to keep you engaged and entertained:

  1. Try adventurous sports like hiking, rock climbing, or skateboarding. They’ll give you a thrill while you’re outside.
  2. Water sports such as swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding are refreshing activities available to residents with access to a water body.
  3. Skill-building sports like tennis, golf, or frisbee can be a blend of fun and learning.

Starting a Science Project

science project initiation process

Looking for a fun and educational way to spend your holiday? Starting a science project could be just the ticket!

First, you’ll need to pick a science topic that grabs your interest. Once you’ve got that, it’s time to brainstorm project ideas.

Use a guide or the internet to gather information and understand your chosen topic thoroughly. The next step is to plan and design your experiment, noting down materials needed and the procedures to follow.

After conducting your experiment, you’ll collect data and analyze the results. The final part of this engaging activity is creating a presentation to showcase your project, complete with visuals and explanations of your findings.

Dive in and enjoy the thrill of discovery!

Learning a New Instrument

exploring musical skills and techniques

How about using the holidays to strike up a new tune by learning to play a musical instrument? It’s a fantastic opportunity for fun, providing a unique blend of challenge and entertainment. You can express your creativity, develop new skills, and even forge new friendships.

Here are three steps to embark on this musical journey:

  1. Choose an instrument that resonates with you. It could be the guitar, piano, drums, or any other you fancy.
  2. Find a tutor or online lessons that suit your learning pace and style.
  3. Practice regularly and enjoy the process. Remember, it’s about having fun!

This can lead to exciting events like band collaborations and cultural and recreational activities. So, why not seize the holidays for learning a new instrument?

Building a Fort or Treehouse

constructing a childhood hideout

Why not switch gears this holiday and dive into a hands-on project by planning and building a fort or treehouse with your buddies?

This is one of the perfect things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds. It’s an opportunity to channel your inner architect, using materials like blankets, cardboard, or wood. Add a touch of creativity with lights, cushions, and personal touches. You could even incorporate secret compartments, rope ladders, or pulley systems for added adventure.

However, safety is key! So, parents should supervise construction and play. This information should provide parents with the guidance they need.

Lastly, make lasting memories by hosting a cozy sleepover or storytelling session in your new hideout.

Cooking and Baking Fun

exploring culinary creativity

While you’re on holiday break, why not whip up some culinary magic and have fun with cooking and baking? This is one of the exciting things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds. You can:

  1. Attend a Mommy Poppins–Powered holiday baking class. Learn new recipes and create festive treats you can share with family and friends.
  2. Join a gingerbread house workshop. Trusted Babysitters and Nannies can help you assemble and decorate your own edible holiday masterpiece.
  3. Host a cookie exchange party. Invite your friends over, bake your favorite cookies, and swap them around for a variety of homemade goodies to enjoy.

Cooking and baking fun await you, so get ready to have a flavor-filled holiday season!

Visiting a Museum or Zoo

exploring cultural and natural exhibits

After you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth with some holiday baking, consider expanding your knowledge with a trip to a museum or zoo. As one of the splendid artistic things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds, these educational trips can be a treasure trove of knowledge and fun. Whether you’re residents of cities or countryside, there’s always something to learn.

Museums Zoos
Explore ancient artifacts Observe various animal species
Engage in interactive displays Learn about animal habitats
Participate in educational programs Understand conservation efforts
Immerse in cultural wonders Connect with nature
Enjoy guided tours Experience exciting workshops

Visiting a museum or zoo not only provides a fun day out but also sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning. So, get ready to broaden your horizons this holiday!

Hosting a Movie Marathon

movie marathon at home

Ready for an epic holiday movie marathon that’s sure to keep you entertained? It’s one of the coolest things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds. Here’s how to go about hosting a movie marathon:

  1. Choose your movie theme. It could be classic Christmas flicks or a thrilling adventure series.
  2. Create a cozy atmosphere. Think holiday decorations, comfy pillows, and heaps of blankets.
  3. Plan a schedule. Include breaks for snacks and fun activities like movie trivia.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and maybe even plan a sleepover. Use your organization User ID to track RSVPs. Who knows, your movie marathon might just become one of the sought-after Christmas Events for Houston.

Now, let’s get the popcorn popping!

Trying Out Photography

exploring the world through photography

Ever thought of stepping into the world of photography this holiday season? It’s a great addition to the list of things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds.

Your Guide to Holiday fun starts with learning photography basics, like composition and lighting. Play with different camera settings, capture diverse subjects, and watch your portfolio grow. It’s a free holiday activity that fuels creativity.

Plus, you can enhance your photos using editing software, adding your personal touch to each shot. Don’t forget to share your work with family and friends. Their feedback will help you improve.

Volunteering for a Cause

giving back to community

How about spending some of your holiday time volunteering for a cause that matters to you? It’s one of the many things to do in the holidays for 12 year olds that’s not only rewarding, but also fun.

  1. Start by choosing an organization that resonates with you. Look through an organization listing, and find one that aligns with your passions.
  2. Once you’ve found your cause, get involved! You might be helping to clean a park, reading to the elderly, or even assisting at an animal shelter.
  3. Reflect on your experience. Volunteering for a cause helps you develop empathy, compassion, and valuable life skills.


So, there’s no shortage of holiday fun for 12-year-olds. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly 80% of kids say they’ve more fun during the holidays thanks to these activities.

From crafting DIY decorations to exploring local events, or even hosting a movie marathon, there’s something for every kid.

So, get out there, or stay in, and make the most of your holiday break. Remember, it’s all about having fun, learning new things, and creating memorable moments!

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